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Bully: Michael Babcock. One ‘Sick’ Dude. Updated

Bully: Michael Babcock. One ‘Sick’ Dude. Updated

Updated. January 22, 2013 and January, 2018.

Mikey (Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster, CoderHyguru, Lilli Alpert) is probably one of the most twisted people I’ve ever met online, second only to Kreepy (Kree Love  impersonating UK teen, Kree Love).

He goes to the most bizarre and extreme lengths in his harassment campaigns. Right now he’s desperately trying to earn the bribe Kreepy offered to have all of my sites shut down and to have me ‘suppressed’.

Funny given Kreepy’s claims of his personal l33t h8x0r status. Lol. Essentially Kreepy expects everyone to buy his delusions of grandeur regarding the computer system he claims to have as well as the skills he alleges he has, while at the same time to buy his con that he needs to bribe someone to bring down my sites.

Bringing down my various web sites is something that should be a fairly simple task for Kreepy if he really is as l33t as he claims and really does have the system he claims he has. I’m not buying it though. Why? Because as I said if he had all that and was as skilled as he claims he wouldn’t need to hire anyone.

The ‘suppression’ part is a different matter and one which would be impossible unless the person killed me. No-one’s going to do that for 5BTC even assuming that they were stupid enough to believe that Kreepy would actually pay them. Lol.

Anyway, I recently created a backup blog on another site which I have not publicized at all. It’s purpose is simply to be ready if Kreepy and his little cyberharassment kult succeed in conning my current site into shutting me down for exposing their harassment and criminal activity.

I haven’t even finished it yet. There is still quite a bit of work to do on it because the imports from this site to the other site aren’t very good.

And yet, today, out of the blue I have received over 400 hits on the About page of my new blog within a very short period of time..

Bizarre for a blog that hasn’t even been publicized… until I read one of Michael Babcock’s rage emails sent to me today where he accuses someone else of using a hit blaster on their site.

Oh. The. Irony.

Babcock is well known for the fact that he is the one who uses Hit Blasters to increase his hits and Fake Followers software on his Twitter site and Fake Friends software on his Facebook pages. This is his thing. His Modus Operandi. He gives himself away with it.

Now, the fact that he would hit my brand new, unfinished blog which hasn’t even been publicized yet is an indication that he’s planning to file a false complaint alleging that I did it.

How sick and twisted is that? Seriously.

However, don’t forget that he’s also the one who created that Fake Pro-Pedo web site using a domain name that contained another persons name to frame that social activist and fabricate evidence that his lies about him were true.

And he’s obsessively publishing numerous almost identical blogs all over the place attacking me and 11 others amongst other things.

I suspect that he’s desperately trying to earn the ‘bounty’ Kreepy has offered to ‘suppress me’ and ‘remove all my content’.

So, is it surprising? No.

Unfortunately for Mikey, my own counter registers the hits correctly. 🙂

Good luck with your scams and cons on Kreepy’s behalf, Mikey. You’ll be lucky if you ever see a dime. Even if you succeeded. ROFL.

Michael Babcock Raging And Projecting About Hit Blasters

Michael Babcock Raging And Projecting About Hit Blasters

Updated. January 22, 2013.

Mikey’s latest scam has been to flood various sites with derogatory and racist videos. He sees it as ‘winning’. Winning what? I don’t know you’ll have to ask him. He’s the one with the delusions of personal grandeur and fantasies.

So, on YouTube we got them removed because they were derogatory and racist. Since Babcock appears to have a rather serious obsessive compulsive disorder, he can never post just one. He posted 6. When we got those 6 removed, he has now posted double that number. We’re in the process of getting those removed and he’s now listed several other sites where he’s planning to post them.

This is not normal behavior. Normal people do not do these things. Normal people do not obsess in these ways. This is a mental illness. Stalking and harassment, whether it’s online or offline is the symptom of this mental illness. It’s the effect. What happens as a result of the person being mentally ill.

This is his pattern of behavior and, in my opinion, it is clear cut evidence of an obsessive compulsive (repeated postings) with paranoid delusions (he’s ‘losing’ when we get the libelous videos removed) and delusions of personal grandeur (refers to self as ‘baddest man on the Internet’). And that’s aside from what appears to be quite a serious cognitive disorder, that is, his inability to read and comprehend simple english. OTOH, it’s also possible that he just suffers from the psychological disorder of pathological lying as well. (Claims that I don’t have the academic training and background I say I do)

Another indicator of mental illness is that not only does Mikey tell these pathological lies but they are, without exception, easily disproven by anyone. The Bone Yard Tards just high five him because the lies are self-serving and they don’t actually care what the truth is.

For example, all anyone has to do to check my qualifications is go to my LinkedIn profile and search my College. It’s easily found. In fact, I have 3 College Diplomas. This one is just my most recent.

I think Mikey and Kreepy are just jealous.

Here’s an idea, maybe they should stop wasting their time being Tards on the Internet and get an education instead?


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Bully: Michael Babcock’s Lame Attempt To Intimidate Me Fails. Lol. Updated

Bully: Michael Babcock’s Lame Attempt To Intimidate Me Fails. Lol. Updated

2 Updates have been made to this post, February 10 & February 13.

Computer criminal, cyberbully/harasser/stalker, Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster, CoderHyguru, Lilli Alpert, NoCock pretends to be Anonymous and threatens me on with Anonymous Hive retaliation.

What a joke!

Mikey Iz so skeered.

According to him I’m ‘scheduled for deletion’. ROFL.

And note that I’ve never claimed to be part of the Anonymous ‘Hive’ or ‘Collective’ and have even explicitly stated on this blog that I’m an outsider who supports the concept of Anonymous and promotes Ops that I agree with and nothing more.

Nor have I lied about anything or ‘begged’ Anonymous for help.

Mikey. I don’t need any Anonymous white knights to rescue me. I’m not a damsel in distress. I’m a woman who runs with the wolves. Not that I expect you to understand what that means. Lol.

I simply pointed out that these Tards were making Anonymous look bad by attacking numerous innocent people with frame-ups, lies, misrepresentations and smear campaigns and suggested that Anonymous openly and publicly disassociate from them.

I don’t tell Anonymous what to do. I express my opinion and then it’s up to the Collective or the Hive to make their own decisions on how they want to handle these situations.

Babcock needs to hone up on his reading and comprehension skills. His inability to grasp the english language is quite astounding for a person who only speaks english. This, unfortunately, doesn’t stop him from spouting his garbage.

Here are the comments I made that drove Babcock to make his batshit crazy threat. Kitty Hundals comments Kitty Hundals comments

Babcock simply proved with his threat and other idiotic claims below that the concerns that I raised were true.

He makes a lame attempt at establishing credibility by smearing another person by misrepresenting a difficult situation that she’s been dealing with and making a mountain of that particular, completely irrelevant, and unrelated molehill.

This is typical of these cyberbullies who have no truth to back up their actual pathological lies against people and resort to digging up irrelevant ‘dirt’ and using that to assassinate people’s characters.

They seem to think that if they can find some dirt and prove that’s true then everyone will believe all their unsubstantiated lies. No-one said they were rational.

In the end, it’s nothing more than a lame tactic to deflect attention away from all the other lies they’re spewing for which they have zero evidence.

How do I know this is Babcock? His signature is in his inability to put a coherent thought together. The others are like this as well but each has their own style of incoherence. Lol.

This is his.

Follows is his threat and my response.

Michael Babcock threatens Kitty Hundal with Anonymous Hive retaliation

Michael Babcock threatens Kitty Hundal with Anonymous Hive retaliation


My blog detailing Antonio F. Lopez aka Kree Love’s ongoing cyberharassment/bullying/stalking campaign against me will be delayed. There’s a lot of material and I need to prioritize it and structure it. So it will take a little longer to get that one published.

Update. February 10. Awww Poor Mikey’s crying. ROFL.

Mikey’s delusions, incoherence, and inability to read and comprehend english are demonstrated yet again.

He keeps claiming that I confessed to some lie in the screenshots above. Good luck finding that confession. It doesn’t exist. Lol. That’s his delusion and reading comprehension issue.

He also can’t seem to make up his mind whether he’s responding to me or another person (most likely Tim (Timm) Wheeler) since he jumps back and forth and doesn’t identify what he’s talking about or the person he’s addressing.

I’ve posted it below. Good luck trying to follow anything he’s saying and make sense of it. No-one other than the Bone Yards can follow these lunatic ravings. Lunatic minds think alike. This guy needs some serious help.

For example:

1. There is no admission from me that I lied.

2. Nowhere did I say that the Bone Yard was Babcock’s group.

3. I have never tried to ‘get into Krees pants’. ROFL (that one’s hilarious – it’s what someone else (most likely Tim (Timm) Wheeler) is being accused of doing – not me)

4. I have never met, spoken to, or even interacted with Evie.

The links go to mainstream media newspaper articles. Last time I looked none of us are professional journalists ROFL. (In 2015, years after this was posted, I now write opinion pieces and reviews for Independent Media).

5. Then suddenly he switches into talking about a ‘he’ which is probably who he was talking about all along but he’s so incoherent you can’t actually tell. (most likely Tim (Timm) Wheeler)

6. Then he posts a screenshot of a comment that I didn’t approve and starts whinnying about it. Well first of all there is no inherent right to lie in Free Speech so I don’t feel any obligation to post flagrant, demonstrable lies. That’s not censorship anymore than arresting a person who shouts ‘fire’ in a movie theatre is. Defammatory Libel is a criminal offense in Canada. It’s not censorship to refuse to publish it.

7. Then he conflates Tim (Timm) Wheeler’s blog with mine. I am the one and only person running this blog. How many hits he gets has nothing to do with how many hits I get. And the number of hits I get isn’t the business of the Bone Yard Tards. I have been publishing my hit rate on my FB wall and I’m perfectly happy with it as are others.

8. And, lastly, this is Michael projecting since I didn’t say anything remotely similar to or that could even be interpreted as: “Her game is now, “How dare you post the findings on me, if you do I’ll tell everyone you’re a great big meanie”. This is his and the Bone Yard Tards game. Not mine.

To someone who isn’t a Tard it’s patently obvious that I’m simply promoting the blog link which exposes these crazies since that is a thread they created to directly attack me and others.

I await Michael’s next frothing at mouth rage rant with popcorn in hand. LOL.

To view the image below, click on it. When it opens in a new tab, click it again to enlarge it so that you can read it if you want to read Michael’s lunatic ravings. Seriously. I kid you not. This guy sounds like he’s completely off his rocker and there isn’t a shred of coherency in the entire thing.

Michael Babcocks crying

Michael Babcocks crying

UPDATE 2. February 13.

Yep Mikey had another lunatic rage fit. ROFL! This one was hilarious and demonstrates clearly what a pansy he is. Essentially he’s blaming me for literally everything that Tim (Timm) Wheeler has done to him and he’s even lying about a lot of the things that have allegedly been done. I don’t know what Tim (Timm) Wheeler does but I’m certainly not aware of a lot of the things he’s alleging. Nor have I changed a single word I’ve said about anyone. The fact that Mikey can’t comprehend what he reads and constantly either misinterprets it or intentionally fabricates convenient lies around what’s said isn’t my problem.

In addition, there’s a lot of well-founded evidence-based suspicion that Tim Wheeler has never actually been a target and that he has been working with the Kreepies from the beginning. Many believe this whole thing was just a lame attempt to set a whole bunch of innocent social activists up to either just smear and discredit us or in my case engage in extortion (which actually occurred).

At any rate, it’s their game to constantly change and reinvent their story not mine. Anyone who has followed these happenings knows that I’m completely consistent in my positions and they don’t change other than my naive belief that Wheeler was an ally. He isn’t and apparently never has been. Some of what Mikey is alleging has already been demonstrated as complete fabrications  Past experience tells me he just fabricating more lies. He does that whenever one set of lies has been exposed. He just moves on to fabricate more.

Essentially he uses the same FAIL strategy that Kree Love of Dallas TX, impersonating UK teen Kree Love follows.

They’re both too chickenshit to take on their real nemesis so they target all sorts of other innocent people instead.

I have done nothing to either of these Tards except defend myself against their constant barrage of pathological lies, harassment and now I’m exposing their lies and frame-ups of innocent social activists. I don’t agree with everything those social activists say and do either. That doesn’t mean they deserve to be bullied and abused for it. I have also demonstrated irrefutably in some cases that the specious allegations being made against these social activists, including myself, are lies being supported by frame-ups.

This is why the Tards are going full on batshit.

All Bullies hate to be exposed and it’s drives them completely nuts when someone succeeds in doing that. So they resort to all sorts of strategies to mitigate including fail attempts to mock the truths that have been revealed.

The reality is that if you do a good enough job of exposing them they can’t mitigate and that’s what brings on the frothing lunatic rages and threats and attempts to mock the truth (despite the fact that it’s patently obvious to any rational observer that the exposures are true).

You can see the lunatic rage demonstrated by the email below along with a new set of threats in a lame attempt to shut me up. That isn’t going to happen until every single lie posted by these guys is removed..It really is that simple. If they want me to ‘walk away’ then remove the lies and I will happily walk away.

I never wanted this fight in the first place. I was dragged into it and thrown into the middle of the ring by the Kree Love who lied intentionally to justify it.

Now Babcock is doing the same thing. Well there are consequences to that behavior.

Suck it up boys or remove the lies.

All I really have to say in addition to that, and to both of them, is to grow a pair. Act like men instead of little crying babies and deal directly with Tim (Timm) Wheeler (which you haven’t done since it’s quite likely you’re working together). I have nothing to do with what he does and they’ve both been told that repeatedly. Their intentional stupidity and ignorance isn’t my problem.

Note that I’ve ignored all of Babcock’s responses on AnonNews and have not responded to this following email. Nor will I. I don’t see the point of bothering to try to reason with lunatics who are raging. There is nothing to be gained by that.

From the email:

“You want a bully so damn bad Kitty, congrats, I’ll give you one, and I’ll make sure you never sleep, eat or have a moments peace to your name again.”

” By the way, just to let your  loser ass know something……Telegraph Journal…… Game on bitch…. Gonna be a great piece about how these 2 disgraced lawyers are helping and aiding criminal elements claiming they are all “anonymous”. Well fuck your Anonymous, fuck your mask, fuck your lies.”

Well at least he’s not pretending to be #Anonymous now and threatening me with being ‘scheduled for deletion’. ROFL.

More crying and threats from Michael Babcock

More crying and threats from Michael Babcock


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