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DarkNet Child Trafficking scammer, Identity thief, Con artist, Fraudster, disruptor of social causes who targets social activists through cyberharassment in order to defame and discredit them.


Antonio Lopez aka Kree Love, Narcissist

Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez

Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez

Antonio Lopez, the 30 year old American who is impersonating Kree Love, a 16 year old teenager, constantly puts his narcissism on display for all to see.

He seems to be quite convinced that he’s the center of everyone’s universe and isn’t happy until he becomes that center usually using the most negative means available to him.

He seems to be quite incapable of understanding that positive behavior can attract positive attention which is better than negative attention.

It seems to be the negative attention he needs and wants and goes out of his way to instigate.

Yet, to hear him tell it, he’s just a poor little innocent victim of ‘evil’ people who just ‘hate’ him for no reason and are all ‘out to get him’ and never acknowledges his role in instigating these dramas.


There is an interesting quote from the book, The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout which is reminiscent of what has become a rather consistent feature of Antonio aka Kree’s online behavior. It’s an enlightening read. I’m not saying he’s a Sociopath. I’m not qualified to judge. I am saying that the behavior I’ve observed is consistent with the descriptions of sociopathy and psychopathy that I’ve read and narcissism is a key, component part of both.

“The most reliable sign, the most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy.

I first learned this when I was still a graduate student in psychology and had the opportunity to interview a court-referred patient the system had already identified as a “psychopath”.


I asked, “What is important to you in your life? What do you want more than anything else?” I thought he might say “getting money” or “staying out of jail” which were the activities to which he devoted most of his time.

Instead, without a moments hesitation, he replied, “Oh, that’s easy. What I like better than anything else is when people feel sorry for me. The thing I really want more than anything else out of life is peoples pity.” —The Sociopath Next Door by M. Stout. Chapter 6. pp.107.

The above explains the following recent whiny post from Antonio pretending to be Kree where he cries about jealous people. Lol. He’s engaging in projection to win sympathy and manipulate the stupids into doing his bidding.

Kree's Narcissism and Projections

Kree’s Narcissism and Projections

As you saw in the previous post, the evidence was clear that he was the one who instigated the cyberharassment and cyberstalking campaign against Jamie and according to the various chats this was because HE flew into a jealous rage over the fact that the other person had a better gaming rig than he did. That fact that he was the one who instigated the cyberharassment is evidence in and of itself that he was the one who flew into a jealous rage and not Jamie.

Now, he’s trying to claim that everyone else is ‘jealous’ of him because he allegedly has money. Um okay. Lol. All the evidence that has been shown and the evidence I will be showing demonstrates that it was Kree (Antonio) who instigated these dramas, not his victims, and it was Kree (Antonio) who kept them going using various strategies.

In addition, I haven’t seen any evidence that he has any money. Lol. I have no idea whether he does or doesn’t.

So, these allegations are just more pathological lies.

Hilarious ones, but lies the same.

This guy doesn’t have a clue what a joke he is and what a joke he’s publicly making of himself.

And I’m just getting warmed up. 😀

Happy Holidays Kreepy.

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Kree Love: Evidence of Lies

Antonio F. Lopez aka Kree Love

Antonio F. Lopez aka Kree Love

Kree Love aka Antonio Lopez, a 30 year old American impersonating a 16 year old UK teenager thinks it’s acceptable to post libel as well as instigate other stupid people to post his libel and to harass those who stand up to his cyberbullying and abuse.

I will not only be responding with the facts but the actual evidence which supports the facts.

Stupid people will believe what they choose to believe no matter what facts or evidence is presented to them so this blog isn’t directed to them.

This blog is directed to those who do care about truth and care that there are tards running around on the Internet whose sole goal appears to be to defame and discredit honest social activists who are engaged in productive activity in an effort to improve our world.

Anyone can become a victim of these cyberbullies’ lies, including their own ‘friends’. In fact, most of the social activists listed on Michael Babcock’s defamatory site instigated by Kree Love were, at one time, ‘friends’ with this group.

Kree Love has a history of cyberbullying, and then playing the victim. Much of the evidence of his past cyberbullying which focused on teenagers who were gamers, has been removed by him. However, many of the responses to his abuse remain online because his victims who stood up to his abuse did not remove their responses.

Do a search for KingSamLopez, KingSam15 (his alias at the time he was cyberbullying teenagers) and Jamie McKinley, the teenager this 30 year old adult was cyberbullying. At the time the cyberbullying was occurring ‘Kree’ was in his early 20s. Still an adult cyberbullying teens. There’s still some remnants left.

One of the things that’s quite amusing in these searches is that it becomes quite clear, quite quickly that these teenagers tech skills far exceed Kree Love’s alleged ‘expertise’ in IT by a mile. 😀

This, in and of itself explains why an alleged ‘IT expert’ needs to (desperately) recruit people with skills. That doesn’t stop him from using the basic skills he does have to target a person who trusts him enough to go on Skype (which gives him their IP address) and is also non-technical so naively clicks on an image with an .exe extension and ends up getting keylogged. He admitted publicly on Twitter to having committed this criminal act.

Kree Love alleged to this person that he was the victim of cyberbullying in high school but this person has also caught him in various lies and says so:

Kree Love's lies

Kree Love’s lies











He also claims that he was cyberbullied by a teen (at the time) gamer named Jamie McKinley, but Jamie McKinley has exposed that lie. Here we have an image of ‘Kree’ trying to recruit people to cyberbully Jamie McKinley because he ‘hates him’. Apparently his altercation with Jamie began when they had an argument about whose gaming rig was better. Lol. Kree Love aka Antonio Lopez under the alias, KingSam15 then appears to have flown into a jealous rage and recruited his friends to target Jamie.







Here is a second image of him spreading his lies about Jamie, but in this one he’s playing the victim card, probably because he doesn’t know these people and wants to con them into supporting him.

Kree lying on Google Groups edited





As you can see they weren’t buying Kreepy’s lies in this group either. Lol.

Note that in this posting Kree Love aka Antonio Lopez under the alias KingSam15, makes the following admissions:

1. Jamie McKinley succesfully identified him. (Note that he has been identified by Jamie and his friends as Antonio Lopez.)

2. The image that he has been displaying in his profile isn’t him. That image is similar but not identifical to the real Kree Love and has no resemblance to the image posted at the top of this post which I have been told has been verified as the real person.

3. He has been harassing them by having 720 of their YouTube accounts shut down (while whining about being cyberbullied Lol).

4. Note that he claims that he’s concerned about posting Jamie’s information but posts it anyway and then attempts (and fails) to recruit people to target Jamie.

Jamie won this battle.

This resulted in Antonio Lopez stealing Kree Love’s identity, changing his alias, and going into hiding. Coincidentally he hooked up with ID Chief at the same time as the following image demonstrates. ID Chief was shut down last year.

National ESL   101  Krazium   Player   USA   Electronic Sports League 1










Kree Love thinks nothing of manipulating people that may well be mentally ill and therefore vulnerable into doing batshit things that serve his personal agenda.

It’s sad for the person that Kree’s manipulating because their batshit craziness is on public display to be laughed at by pretty much everyone. It says a lot about the despicable and completely morally bankrupt person that Kree Love aka Antonio Lopez is.

There are a series of YouTube videos that are quite bizarre in content and indicate a seriously disturbed mind. The fact that so many similar videos were posted could indicate a serious obsessive disorder of some sort.

Before I post anything here about them I will be passing them on to a shrink to review. It’s possible that this person needs to be hospitablized.

Unlike Kree Love, I don’t find the abuse and manipulation of the mentally ill amusing.

More exposures to come …

Click on the images to enlarge them for reading. 

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Heather Martin of Saskatoon’s Defamatory Libel

Heather Martin of Saskatoon

Heather Martin of Saskatoon

Heather Martin is one of Kree Love’s newest monkey recruits. She is a Registered Nurse at a large Saskatoon Hospital. She is also the author of a vitriolic hate blog singling out Kevin Annett as the main target of her cyberharassment campaign.

Several blogs have been started by different people to address this abuse and object to her harassment of Kevin Annett, a well-known and well-respected social activist as well as other social activists. Those blogs are listed in the blog links on the left.

She has also engaged in cyberstalking Kevin Annett by following him onto Facebook groups that she would otherwise have no interest in joining simply so that she can lurk, spy and spread her poisonous lies about Kevin on to those groups.

For example, she has a serious hate-on for atheists and yet you’ll find her in every single atheist group that Kevin has joined on Facebook as of November, 2013.

Her main strategy appears to be to spew numerous wild-eyed, baseless and unsubstantiated allegations/accusations about her targets, providing numerous irrelevant screenshots which don’t support the allegations she is making and in some cases actually refute them, much like Kree Love’s other monkey, Michael Babcock.

Cyberharassers, cyberbullies and cyberstalkers all use the same strategies so this isn’t surprising and it isn’t surprising that Kree Love is recruiting others who are already doing what he’s doing. He’s just too chickenshit to put himself in the frontlines so he wants to have his monkeys take the heat for him.

Unfortunately for Kree Love, I’m onto his scam and will be ensuring that he’s kept in the front lines whether he likes it or not.

He’s the one behind all of this drama and I will ensure that he has to face the consequences of that.

Heather has numerous other deceptive strategies she employs up her sleeve as well. I’ll be covering them over a period of time here and demonstrating them as she uses them.

In fact, when I come across people like Heather Martin it always crosses my mind that if these tards spent as much time and energy actually researching a topic and critically analyzing it, using sound logic and reason, as they do inventing bizarre fabrications, irrational, self-serving conclusions, and creating the pretense that they did the research by fabricating book lists, etc., they might actually come up with something productive.

And this is where you can see the difference between the intentionally stupid like Heather and those who are ignorant. Ignorance can be cured with education, critical thought and reasoning. Stupidity unfortunately can’t because it’s either a conscious act or it’s a biological trait. And deception is always the name of the game for the stupid. They can’t function any other way.

If she is willing to go to such bizarre, extreme and vindictive lengths to target someone so personally and so viciously online one can only wonder what she is capable of if she should come across a patient she develops a hate-on for.

I can’t even imagine what she might be capable of doing.

I’d feel very sorry for that patient and encourage them to file a law suit against any hospital that would hire such a person.

Here’s what WikiSpooks has to say about Kevin Annett, the person this woman has chosen to defame:

Kevin D. Annett (aka. Kevin McNamee-Annett, and Eagle Strong Voice born 1956 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian writer and former minister of the United Church of Canada. He has authored three books about Canadian aboriginals – Love and Death in the Valley, Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust and Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor.

His treatment at the hands of the Canadian Establishment over his persistent, selfless advocacy for the indiginous populations of Canada, is an object lesson in the gross self-seving dishonesties, corruptions and hypocricies of power.

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Michael Babcock’s Defamatory Libel

Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster

Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster

Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster aka CoderHyguru is Kree Love’s  dancing monkey. (Antonio F. Lopez has been impersonating UK teen, Kree Love since 2010) On the one hand he claims Kree Love is a liar while on the other hand foolishly spreading Kree Love’s lies and targeting all of the people that Kree Love wants to have targeted.

He is responsible for a new defamatory libelous web site targeting 11 social activists and innocent people who have had nothing to do with Kree Love’s drama. I expect that more will be added as time goes on. This campaign, as well as the people selected for targeting on that web site, was instigated entirely by Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez, in my opinion. At least the majority of the people there are there because Kree Love wants them there.

I’ll elaborate on this more when I start publishing the evidence posts.

Kitty Hundal is listed on this web site because Babcock stupidly fell for a lame trick which made him jump to the conclusion that she had created a blog about him. She hadn’t.

The blog Babcock is all butthurt about was created by Timothy E. Wheeler, the person who initially exposed the DarkNet Child Trafficking scam that Antonio F. Lopez, while impersonating UK teen Kree Love initiated. This fact is obvious to anyone who knows the players (Babcock does) and isn’t a completely braindead tard (like Babcock is). The template used is a commonly used one and available on Blogger.

Babcock falls for stupidity quite regularly. In fact, the stupider something is, the greater the likelihood is that Babcock will hop on the bandwagon and flog it. Case in point: Babcock also stupidly fell for Kree Love’s lies, and despite the fact that he knows that Kree Love lies, self-servingly believes him when it suits him.

These days you can find him whining incessantly and quite self-righteously about others harassing his girlfriend and her children but has no problem harassing innocent women and family members of his victims when it suits him or targeting innocent people and making them his victims. His web site is the evidence of that. He stupidly blames Kitty Hundal for that as well despite the fact that she told him she had no involvement whatsoever in targeting anyone’s family or friends and there isn’t a shred of evidence that she did. Lol. Paranoid much there Babcock or did you fall for another lame trick that anyone with a brain would see through?

Here’s how low things get with Babcock:

  1. He steals a person name; buys or locates a free domain; uses that person name as the domain name. (He’s done this several times now).
  2. He either iframes a pro-pedo site to deceptively imply that the person is a pedo in order to defame them (He did this once and it’s being hosted on Kree Love’s hosting site).
  3. Or, he fills the site with defamatory libel, lies, misrepresentations, irrelevant screenshots which he claims is evidence of his libel but which more often than not either have nothing to do with his allegations and sometimes even refute them. The current one is currently hosted on Blogger since he lost his accounts on all of the other ones because he posted defamatory libel. Some people never learn. Lol.
  4. He posts the links and files in thousands of places across the Internet apparently acting on the batshit assumption that the more places he posts them the more true his lies become. ROFL. Must be magic.
  5. He puts the files in torrents on thousands of sites under the targets name along with defamatory libelous descriptions on the same batshit assumption that the more places they appear the more true they must be.
  6. He has also mined people’s IP addresses and then used them to attempt to hack or disrupt those people’s personal computer networks and pcs.

Michael has demonstrated over and over by his history that he enjoys cyberharassment campaigns and will jump on board at the drop of a hat.

Cyberharassment is a long time habit with Michael Babcock and he’s targeted numerous people on the Internet with vicious and vitriolic hate campaigns including individuals, community groups, wrestling groups, etc. over a period of years now, on his own, and long before he became Kree Love’s monkey.

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Kree Love’s Defamatory Libel

Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez

Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez

Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez fosters delusions of personal grandeur about his IT and programming skills.

He identifies himself as an ‘expert’ despite the fact that he is, in reality, a high school dropout with questionable qualifications.

30 year old adult Antonio F. Lopez, has been impersonating UK teenager, Kree Love online since 2010.

Even if he did have the qualifications he claims to have, taking a course doesn’t make anyone an expert. While claiming to be a programmer he’s unable to differentiate between a Flash and WordPress site as evidenced on a dox where he alleges that the Anonygrans web site is WordPress.

He has instigated and is behind a full-fledged cyberharassment campaign that targets numerous and increasing numbers of social activists. Names are being added to the list quite regularly.

He’s become particularly obsessed with Kitty Hundal whom he targets directly, and every single defamatory libelous post attacking Kitty Hundal as well as those linked to and published on his GoDaddy web site are the result of his interventions and prodding whether directly or indirectly through his little cult of followers.

Those individuals who were actually responsible for exposing his DarkNet Child Trafficking scam are being targeted by his dancing monkeys and not him directly. Ironically Kreepy doesn’t seem to care about the people who actually exposed his DarkNet Child Trafficking scam.

He prefers to obsess and focus on Kitty Hundal after fabricating numerous lying allegations to rationalize targeting her and making her the focus of his abuse, while ignoring everyone else except when he wants to bait recruits into joining this cyberharassment scam. Then he will target Tim, and reel the recruits in based on their hatred of Tim so that he can redirect them to target Kitty.

All allegations that Kreepy has made to justify his harassment of her by playing the victim card have been irrefutable exposed as lies.

Kree Love’s campaign allegedly started as a response to the exposure of his DarkNet Child Trafficking scam by someone else. Rather than take that person on, Kree Love, being the coward that he is, invented lies about Kitty Hundal to turn her into his victim and blamed her for the exposure of the scam despite the fact that she had irrefutable evidence to support her claim that she had nothing to do with it and the person who did do it admitted to doing so publicly.

After initiating this campaign and getting a response he changed his tune and started falsely accusing Kitty Hundal of being obsessed with him simply because she responded to his baseless attacks with a healthy dose of truth. Unfortunately for him Kitty Hundal has the evidence that irrefutably demonstrates that he instigated this campaign. All of this evidence will slowly be revealed and provided on this blog until he has all of the lies removed starting with those on his own web site.

Kree Love’s allegations consist entirely of complete fabrications, deceptions, misrepresentations, and projections of what appears to be a description of his own mental state and mentally instability onto to Kitty Hundal.

He also flagrantly and knowingly lied when he accused her of sending numerous harassing emails to him. She didn’t and has evidence that all their communications were friendly. Since his attacks began there have been no private communications nor will there be. He has never provided a shred of evidence that she ever sent harassing communications to him. The ‘evidence’ he provides is deceptive and consists of the communications he received from the other person.

Since then his lies have expanded and become even more disconnected with reality and bizarre.

He appears to be desperately trying to associate himself with or appear to be like Kitty Hundal’s real stalker. Lol. He’s concocted an entire fantasy associated with this which he vomits around Facebook. ROFL Kitty Hundal doesn’t get caught up in Kree Love’s fantasia’s and sees him as nothing more than a wannabe, an obvious coward, and a joke. Albeit a loudmouthed, noisy joke which does have to be responded to.

Ignorance reigns supreme on the Internet so the truthful response to his lies and defamatory libels has to be heard as well.

His cyberharassment campaign has expanded in recent months and his two monkeys, Michael Babcock and Heather Martin have been posting all sorts of nonsense targeting innocent social activists and others based on Kree Love’s paranoid delusions and lies.

He is instigating this targeting of numerous and increasing numbers of social activists by proxy. That is, through his shills, Thomas Schroeder (alias Thomas Cook), Christopher Joseph Erwin (alias Jason Steele), et al.

Through them he incites and manipulates fools like Michael Babcock, Heather Martin and others to target these social activists.

This way he can enjoy watching the fight without being subjected to any potential fallout.

Much like those truly sick individuals who organize dog and chicken fights.

He has numerous scams afoot and floats new one’s regularly.

He’s recently started being a little more careful about the public claims he makes regarding his qualifications as you can see by his Twitter profile change. The top one is newer, the bottom is the older one.

However, rumor has it that he’s still claiming he has those skills and at those levels.

Yet he has to bribe hackers to target Kitty Hundal by putting her name on a Proscription List and offering BTCoins to ‘erase her from the Internet’. Lol.

Yes he’s an Internet Loon. No question.

Kree Love finally changes his skill set.

Kree Love finally changes his skill set.


Kreepys alleged qualifications

Kreepys alleged qualifications


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