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Bully: Adult Kree Love, Dallas TX impersonator of Teen Kree Love, UK. Documentation of Harassment 2. Updated

Bully: Adult Kree Love, Dallas TX impersonator of Teen Kree Love, UK. Documentation of Harassment 2. Updated

Please note that while the information in this post has been updated and is current, the rest of the blog posts have not been updated with new information except where noted. Any new information has only been added here.

Updated. March 31, 2019 Emick information

Updates are edits. January 19, 2017 because Kree’s monkey, Babcock is so desperate for cash he can’t leave me out of this BS

Updated. February 21, 2016 to document a recent upsurge in activity and a new image.

Updated. December 14, 2014 to document extortion.

Updated. January 23, 2014 to enhance as well as add more comments to the end.


Kree Love, 30+ year old adult from Dallas Texas, Indian Grocery Store employee, and impersonator of 17+ year old UK teen, Kree Love, has been engaging in cyberharassment/stalking for several years as I’ve indicated in previous posts. He’s picked up various cohorts along the way. The people he’s been working closely with in this campaign are: Jennifer Emick, Timothy E. Wheeler (aka Timm Wheeler), Thomas Schroeder (aka Thomas W. Cook), Christopher Erwin (aka Jason Steele) and Michael Babcock (aka N2KMaster, CoderHyGuru) and others who come and go.

There is a difference between normal online arguments and full-fledged cyberharassment campaigns as I’ve demonstrated in previous blog posts. Normal people do not engage in lengthy and persistent cyberharassment and cyberstalking campaigns consisting of outright fabrications that last for years on end (2013 to date).

In a post I wrote and published last year on my personal blog, I explain the difference between various Internet traditions like Trolling, Doxing and Social Engineering and how they differ from Cyberharassment. Cyberharassers like Kree Love abuse these methods in order to pursue their online harassment campaigns and then try to extract ‘street cred’ for themselves by exploiting those terms.

In this post I will only be publishing small extracts from chats and other material which is available in a more complete and detailed form on this web site with screenshots of the actual conversations.


This began in November 2012, when Kree attempted to recruit me and other people associated with Anonymous anti-pedophilia social activism on Facebook into his DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam which he tried to sell as a ‘sting’.

Most of us rejected this recruitment attempt because we preferred to see the Pedos in prison rather than extort money from them and let them continue to abuse children.

However, I left on friendly terms and maintained a friendly relationship with him fully expecting that he and anyone he recruited would eventually find themselves in jail, given that it was an obvious extortion and not a ‘sting’ as he claimed.

He had asked me not to tell Timothy E. Wheeler about his activities. I agreed and didn’t say anything to Timm Wheeler.

There are, however, some interesting things about this recruitment attempt that should be pointed out.

In October, 2012, he had mentioned that he had found a paying job. So when he attempted to recruit me, I asked him if he was being paid to do this. I was wondering if this was the paying job he had referred to previously.

[11/3/2012 7:41:19 AM] Kitty Hundal:is someone paying you to bring them down?

[11/3/2012 7:41:26 AM] Kree Love: not bring them down.

[11/3/2012 7:41:36 AM] Kree Love: to massivly scam a bunch of pedos out of 500k.

[11/3/2012 7:41:38 AM] Kree Love: a month.


[11/3/2012 7:42:11 AM] Kree Love: and basically

[11/3/2012 7:42:21 AM] Kree Love: we’ve created a store

[11/3/2012 7:42:24 AM] Kree Love: which sells children

It’s pretty clear here that this is the paying job.

So my questions are:

Who would pay adult, Kree Love from Dallas, impersonating UK teen, Kree Love, to do this and why?

What was the ultimate goal of this paying job?

Was it to scam (extort) pedos? Or, Was it to entrap certain people associated with Anonymous, particularly anti-pedophilia activists?

The end result would likely have been the latter as a result of the first if everything had played itself out. That is, if those of us targeted for recruitment, who weren’t direct personal friends of Kreepy, had agreed to participate.

We didn’t.

For me, it was more important to have the pedos in prison so that they couldn’t continue abusing children. Clearly for Kree and crew, the money was more important and the abused children didn’t matter.

In my opinion, the only people who would take issue with anti-pedophilia activists and have an interest in discrediting them would be pedophiles. So, I have to wonder ….

However, I don’t know the answers to those questions. All I can say based on the facts that I currently have is that it’s clear by the conversation, that he was being paid to recruit people to participate in a DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam. The fact that his biggest ally is Jennifer Emick also says a lot.

After Kree’s attempts to recruit anti-pedophilia social activists, over a period of a couple of months, were met with failure, Timothy Wheeler claimed that he had discovered Kree’s criminal activity and was going to expose it. According to both him and Kree, they had an angry exchange of emails which lasted a couple of weeks.

I knew nothing about any of this while it was happening other than Kree’s attempt to recruit me to participate in the scam by falsely alleging it was a sting and my friendly and polite refusal in November. After which I continued to have friendly interactions with Kree  and said nothing to Timm as per my agreement with Kree.

On February 8, 2013, despite several friendly exchanges with Kree and no indication from him or Tim that anything was wrong, I went to a Facebook group that we were all members of at that time and found the following item posted to the group.

Kree Love: “I’d like to give a round of applause to Timm Wheeler and Kitty SoftPaws Hundal for consistently threatening me over the past week or two. But for Kitty, many thanks for attempting to destroy an Echelon operation, and I hope you enjoy your Dox this weekend.”

Now, I knew absolutely nothing about what he was talking about. Timothy Wheeler hadn’t shared any information with me. Kree hadn’t shared any information with me and I was caught completely by surprise by these false accusations. I hadn’t threatened Kree in any way. I hadn’t even communicated with him during the previous two weeks. Nor had I done or said anything about Echelon (which is essentially a fantasy of Kree’s).

So, I had no idea why or what had triggered this.

When I asked, Thomas Schroeder aka Thomas W. Cook’s response was to engage in lame attempts at ‘trolling’, since he doesn’t know what trolling is. Essentially, he refused to provide any information about these allegations or evidence to support them. Kree later appeared and did the same.

Since I hadn’t even communicated with Kree over the previous two weeks before the Feb. 8, 2013 post, and since Kree refused to provide any evidence, It was obvious to me that Kree was lying for some reason and whatever evidence he might have had was fabricated by him, otherwise he would have shown it to me.

If he was honest and just mistaken, because someone had been engaging in a deception by using my name in communications, Kree would have provided that and I would have had something to investigate. The fact that he didn’t provide that and hasn’t to this date, was one indicator that he was lying.

It’s come to my attention that he is distributing a password protected pastebin behind the scenes filled with malicious lies and distortions which he’s not willing to have me see. So, it’s obviously fabricated and he’s afraid that I’ll be able to refute it and expose yet another lie. Both Kree and his dancing monkey, Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster / CoderHyguru, like to fabricate evidence because their lies are so bizarre that no-one will believe them unless they do.

At this point I had no idea what he meant by attempting to ‘destroy an Echelon operation’.

Essentially Echelon is a fantasy of Kree’s who appears to have spent a little too much time on gaming servers. It doesn’t exist.

Finally after a lengthy going back and forth which continued into the next day, on February 9, 2013, Kree finally revealed that it was related to his DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam. At this point I explained that I had not said anything to anyone including to Timothy Wheeler about his scam.

Timothy Wheeler had apparently been posting the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam price list that Kree had created on Twitter and Facebook. I was unaware of this at the time.

Timothy Wheeler later joined the thread and stated that I was not the one who provided the information to him, it was someone else.

However, Kree insisted that it had to be me because he allegedly hadn’t provided anyone with the document outside of the people listed in his Skype group at the time he added me. This came out in a Facebook chat initiated by Christopher J Erwin aka Jason Steele in an attempt to intimidate and harass me into ‘confessing’. Since I hadn’t done what I had been accused of there was nothing to confess and I made that clear to the numerous participants that had been added to the discussion.

This was his second fabrication since there were in fact two men who were not in the group at the time I was there who Kree attempted to recruit and to whom he sent the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam price-list. And there was a third man who was in the group when I was there but also rejected the recruitment attempt as well. So, there were four possibilities for the leak altogether.

This fabrication has now been exposed because Timothy Wheeler outed the person who gave him the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam price-list.

[2/8/2013 5:25:23 PM] Timothy Wheeler: kk… just get me that link pls.. perhaps some fear will help save Kree.. I”m putting some ‘ SE’ plays out there.. he just may have you to thank if it is not too late.. but just lay low , I appreciate that tidbit of info, I just need a direction to point the gun most times

[2/8/2013 5:29:54 PM] *** Brian Johnson sent EchelonPrices.pdf ***

There is a voice recording of the interaction on this web site as well.

Antonio F. Lopez, impersonating Kree Love and exchanging the PDF with BJ

Kree Love exchanging the PDF with Brian Johnson

Antonio F. Lopez, impersonating Kree Love providing a sample communication with a buyer to BJ

Kree Love providing a sample communication with a buyer to Brian Johnson

Michael Babcock also, mistakenly, outed the fact that another person had told Connie Wierick about both the scam and the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam pricelist long before Timothy Wheeler had sent her the pricelist. So, both Connie and her friend not only knew about the scam but had a copy of the pricelist.

Babcock is obsessive about posting every single chat and email exchange he has engaged in with anyone publicly on paste-bin or other similar sites. He did this with a chat he had with Connie. He then, provided Timothy Wheeler with the link in one his rage email exchanges with Timothy Wheeler.

In addition I saw a communication between Timothy Wheeler and the third person where he explained what happened in his interaction with Kree.

I have screenshots of the these last two as well but at this point all we need is the above to demonstrate that Kree lied. He had indeed given the price list to someone who was not in the group when I was there and it was that person who provided Timothy Wheeler with the information about the scam and gave Timothy Wheeler the DarkNet Child Trafficking Price List.

Kree knew this then, knows this now and knows perfectly well there is no reason to drag me into this absurd drama. Since the reasons were fabricated from the start, the motivation behind the harassment was also fabricated. The real motivation is extortion and the only target is me (irrespective of Babcock’s incessant whining about Timm which is all just a big show).

He and his little cult of followers, Thomas Schroeder aka Thomas W. Cook, Michael Babcock and others, ignore Timm (Timothy E.) Wheeler for the most part which is ironic because he was the one who actually exposed the scam and put all of this in motion.

Jennifer Emick is a friend of both Timm Wheeler and Kree Love and inserted herself into this fight. That alone should tell you all you need to know.

Kree continues to use Timm as bait to recruit people who hate him and then divert them into targeting me instead of Timothy Wheeler who is the person they claim to actually have issues with. They do this despite the fact that I no longer associate with Tim.

Since Brian Johnson was outed by Timothy Wheeler, he has also been targeted quite viciously by various people who I believe were incited by Kree through his shills to target him.

Given this attitude of Kree’s from the start, it isn’t surprising to me in the least that he refuses to accept my very reasonable offer, that if he removes the lies about me (including everything he’s had his ‘friends’ post), I’ll deactivate the blog posts exposing him and walk away from it all.

He would then be free to go after Timothy Wheeler if he chooses to. After all, that is what he’s claiming that he wants to do after he’s ‘taken me out’. It is, of course, just another lie. Timm was part of their scam and just pretending to be a ‘victim’ and my ally.

The only reason Babcock continues to post this stuff is that he is hoping to get money from Kree. So Kree is complicit whether he posts the material himself or whether others do it for him.

Kree is a seriously disturbed cyberharasser/stalker and extortionist who enjoys targeting people. He has no interest in Tim and doesn’t care that his DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam was exposed.

He just needed an excuse to target someone but he’s too much of a little pussy to target anyone directly. He’s enjoying the success he achieved at manipulating certain fools into targeting Brian Johnson.

He’s being less successful with me because I’m forcing him to stay in the forefront and not letting him sidetrack me into fights with others and frankly he’s just not very good at it technically or socially given all the alleged expertise he claims in IT and Social Engineering.

He couldn’t convince anyone to do it for free other than a bunch of equally incompetent failures who are contributing more to discrediting him than they are helping him. Lol.

So, he started to offer a bounty on me, not Timm. When I pointed out that not offering a bounty on Timm exposed the lie that Timm was his target, then he added a lower bounty on Timm. Eventually he made the bounty equal but continues to divert attention away from Tim and towards me. Not that he’ll ever actually pay out what he’s promising. If you believe that you deserve to be conned by Kree.

Babcock is actually dumb enough to believe that and that is the only reason Babcock continues to target me despite the fact that I’ve ignored his provocations for a couple of years.

Now, note how Kree pretends below that he’s the poor victim here.

Given the facts above, it’s patently obvious he’s just a pathological liar who will say pretty much anything to rationalize his cyberharassment campaign and win over recruits to do his dirty work for him.

I have done nothing but defend myself against his and his cohorts ongoing and very malicious lies and misrepresentations.

As of, December 2014, the bounty has been increased to a maximum of $50BTC or 50BTC. Note that there is only way to render someone “redundant and unable to rebroadcast.” In a screenshot further down this page Kree indicates that he could get someone from “Ft Meade to do it for less” (Fort Meade is a US army base). His intent is pretty clear here in the original bounty. The new bounty can be seen at the bottom of this post.

Kree Love posts bounty on Kitty Hundal

Kree Love posts bounty on Kitty Hundal

Kreepys offer of bitcoins to target Kitty Hundal is accepted

Kree’s offer of bitcoins to target Kitty Hundal is accepted

Of course, this is all bullshit but that fact doesn’t stop crazies from taking him up on the offer as you can see from the screenshot above, below, and in other areas of the site where people did indeed accept his offer but simply didn’t do what he actually wanted them to do so they never received a penny from him to my knowledge. They engaged in cyberharassment and ‘doxing’.

Doxing someone who doesn’t hide and openly has their real information online is rather lame and pathetic.

The only unpublished information they located was my address and phone number because my provider illegally sold that information to White Pages despite the fact that I was paying to have it unlisted.

Updated. February 21, 2016.

Kree did violate federal as well as state law in several states by posting that unpublished information with associated defamatory libel on Doxbin. Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster / CoderHyguru / Lili Alpert, et al has also violated Canada’s Criminal Harassment and CyberBullying laws (passed in 2015) by posting Kree’s libel about me, the unpublished address/phone number, his own libel and defamation, and my images (without my permission). They have also incited the trolls targeting Kevin Annett to target me as well. Heather Martin doesn’t want to get sued so she has removed some of her lies (one of her cohorts outed her and publicly stated that she pushed him into lying and spreading those lies everywhere). So, instead she’s been chatting with other trolls like herself and playing the victim. Those trolls are now jumping on board this bandwagon, encouraged and nudged behind the scenes by the Kreepy Kult (currently Kree Love (Dallas TX – NOT the UK teenager), Thomas Schroeder (aka Cook), Timm Wheeler, Michael Babcock, and others).

Updated. January 23, 2014.

Things that make you go Hmmmm. Not what I would call real evidence, especially given the bullshit these guys shovel, but interesting nonetheless to those familiar with my fictionalized memoir, From The Shadows

Kree admits contact with CR edit1

Kree admits contact with CR who was alive at that time

Also note, I am not Tim and evidence of Tim’s activities has nothing to do with me.

It’s their sick Bait and Switch game. It’s the only way they can recruit anyone to target me because most people don’t know me and those that do know me actually like me for the most part or at least don’t hate me with the same passion that numerous people hate Tim with.

So, the Bait and Switch scam goes like this:

  1. Tim does something like send harassing emails. For example, this started when Tim Wheeler and Kree were fighting and there was a nasty email exchange between Tim and Kree. I was not a part of this and knew nothing of it.
  2. The Tards accuse me of it. Yet in that first post, Kree is falsely accusing me of harassing him for two weeks. It was Tim who did what Kree was accusing me of doing and Kree knew this when he fabricated his lie: “Kree Love: “I’d like to give a round of applause to Timm Wheeler and Kitty SoftPaws Hundal for consistently threatening me over the past week or two.”
  3. Provide evidence of Tim doing it. All of the evidence Kree provided (much later – not at the time) consisted of Tim’s emails. Not a single communication from me during those two weeks was ever provided and never has been to this date. They don’t exist. There were none.
  4. Tim had cc’d someone else in those emails. That cc account wasn’t mine.

Believe it or not some people really are stupid enough to buy all of this and it doesn’t occur to them to ask why these Tards are trying to incite everyone to target me when they have no evidence that I have done anything to them other than expose the constant lies and harassment they are subjecting me to.

Ironically, they also don’t ask why their own nemesis, Tim, appears to be virtually excluded from the harassment other than with the odd token posting intended to reinforce the Bait and nothing more.

And, ironically, instead of doxing Tim, who Babcock allegedly hates, he’s busy trying to dox me and get dirt on me simply because he stupidly thinks there’s money in it for him. He’s too mentally ill or stupid to realize that Kree is a con artist and isn’t going to pay him a dime no matter what he does.

Questioning these inconsistencies in Kree’s behavior and allegations as well as the behavior and allegations of the others, would require some intelligence and the Tards don’t exactly run in intelligent circles nor do they seek those people out. The stupider … the better.

Mentally ill like I believe Babcock is? Even better as far as they are concerned.

Note that all cyberharassers, stalkers, and bullies are mentally ill but often in different ways depending on their stalking profile.

Update: December, 2014.

In November, 2014, Kree finally came out with his end game. Extortion.

Within weeks of Kree publishing his extortion demand, his cohort Jennifer Emick started tweeting nonsense about me and falsely attempting to associate me with someone else she had targeted for harassment. This was simply an attempt to manipulate those individuals who were her allies in that campaign to target me as well.

I confronted her little scam publicly on Twitter and notified her and Kree that they would never receive a dime from me to stop their cyberharassment and cyberbullying against me, by pinning a copy of the extortion attempt to my Twitter profile. I refuse to kneel down to extortionists.

Antonio F. Lopez

Kitty Hundals response to Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez extortion attempt

Note the lame attempt (this is a standard con from Kree’s playbook) to win sympathy by playing the victim yet again. No threats were ever issued to Kree. He was asked by a friend to cease and desist his cyberharassment of me. He used this opportunity to play out his end game. The extortion attempt. I have never libeled Kree nor have I said anything about his business publicly so he has no claims against me where that is concerned. I, on the other hand, have plenty of evidence against him.

The image below is the extortion attempt and the second image below states the new amount of 50BTC to a maximum of $50K USD all couched in nonsense in an effort to make himself look like an innocent victim. As you can see by all of the hard evidence in this blog in this and other posts, Kree is far from being an innocent victim. He is the perpetrator and has himself violated Criminal Codes in the US and UK both places he’s lived in since this campaign began and to date.

Kree Love Extortion

Kree plays the victim (no death threats were issued just a warning from a friend to stop his cyberharassment of me.


Updated. February 21, 2016.

Kree Love Dallas Texas

Kree Love Dallas Texas

June 15, 2016. Jennifer Emick started running around explicitly spreading the libel that I was a ‘pedophile’ defender. And note, that the “teenager” was 30 yo Kree Love of Dallas, TX who at that time was impersonating a UK teen with the same name. This appears to have been in response to my support of Jacob Appelbaum.

Screenshots added March 31, 2019 because snitches refuse to let this dead horse die.


Emick’s targeting of Barrett Brown. BB was arrested in March, 2012, charged, convicted and spent several years in jail after this. partial

From: Barrett Brown’s article:


Source: Barrett Brown Jim B = Jim Butterfield, HBGary and infinitysnake is Jennifer Emick. Here she identifies the number of people in her snitch crew.

The campaign against me started in November, 2012. The above screenshots plus Emick’s “friendship” with Tim and Kree indicates the following:

  1. Emick was likely involved from the very beginning
  2. Organized the campaign specifically to target me
  3. Stayed in the background until it became obvious it was failing

Who paid her to do it and to contract other snitches to participate? The Feds/Contractors in the US? Or did CR’s cult contract her to do it as Kree implies in this screenshot which was also shown above? CR’s cult are the one’s I wrote about in my fictionalized memoir and who have been stalking and persecuting me since I was 16.

Kree admits contact with CR edit1

Kree admits contact with CR edit1

More to come …

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Bully: Michael Babcock. The PDF Lie Exposed

Bully: Michael Babcock. The PDF Lie Exposed

Michael Babcock’s lies are pathological and ongoing. He continues to insist that the DarkNet Child Trafficking scam Price List PDF created by 30 yo Kree Love of Dallas, TX,  while impersonating UK teen Kree Love, is a fake despite attempts on my part to patiently explain the technology to him. He’s basically a computer hobbyist and has taught himself how to be adept at committing computer crimes using existing software, some of which he’s figured out how to make minor modifications to. According to his personal delusions of grandeur about himself, this makes him the ‘guru of the internet’. Lol.

After I exposed his fake pedo site which he set up to frame someone I’ve decided to put the PDF lie to bed as well.

So, here is the process I followed and the relevant screenshots.

1. I asked Brian Johnson to send me the original copy of the PDF that Kree sent him, which he later sent to Timothy E. Wheeler (aka Timm Wheeler), and asked him to send it to me through Skype which is how he originally sent it to Tim thereby duplicating the exact same process.

2. He sent it to me last night (Wednesday, April 9, 2014).

3. In addition he sent me a screenshot of Kree sending him the PDF as well as a sample communication that Kree was proposing he use as part of the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam. I can verify directly that same process was conducted with me and am therefore able to back Brian’s claim that this is truthful. There were two other people who also went through a similar process with Kree.

Here are the screenshots which can be independently verified as original, accurate representations, if necessary. Nothing has been tampered with and this can be proven.

The first two are 30 yo Kree Love impersonating UK teen Kree Love sending the PDF to Brian Johnson as well as the sample communication.

Antonio F. Lopez while impersonating UK teen Kree Love sends the PDF to Brian Johnson

Antonio F. Lopez while impersonating UK teen Kree Love sends the PDF to Brian Johnson


This third one is Brian Johnson sending the DarkNet Child Trafficking Price List PDF to me, Kitty Hundal, for the Forensic Analysis I wanted to do on it. The date below is April 8, however, I was unavailable when Brian was online and trying to send it. I didn’t download it until the evening of April 9, 2014. This fact is verified in the MetaExtractor image below which provides the creation date and time of the document when it was saved on my system.

Brian sending me the PDF for Forensic Analysis

Brian sending me the PDF for Forensic Analysis

4. I downloaded a free, open source software called MetaExtractor which extracts the metadata from PDFs. Metadata is basically just data which describes data. That is it’s data about the document itself rather than the data in the document.

I made a copy of the original document and placed it in a separate folder because I wanted to ensure that I had an original available in case MetaExtractor made any modifications to it to indicate that it had been analysed.

I opened it in Adobe Reader to verify that it was the correct file.

I ran the copy of the EchelonPrices.pdf file through MetaExtractor and received the following results:

I have hidden the empty fields and removed the Path field to protect my privacy. All the relevant data is there.

File Modified Date confirms that the file was copied on April 9, 2014 as I indicated above.

File Access Date confirms that I opened the file on April 9, 2014 as I indicated above to ensure that I was analyzing the right file.

File Creation Date is the date and time the file was downloaded to my computer. April 9, 2014.

FileName is the original name assigned to the PDF: EchelonPrices.pdf

Created is the creation date of the original file and was extracted from the PDF. As the image indicates the original creation date was November 5, 2012.

Modified is the modified date of the original file and was extracted from the PDF. As the image indicates the modification date was November 6, 2012.

Page count is 1

Producer Application (refers to the Computer) the document was created on was a MAC OSX 10.6.8 Quartz.

MetaExtractor Forensic Analysis of the EchelonPrices.PDF Results

MetaExtractor Forensic Analysis of the EchelonPrices.PDF Results


The original document was created on November 5, 2012 and the modification occurred on November 6, 2012. The modification occurred long before Tim claims that he was aware that the file existed.

The only person, in November, 2012, in that group of people that Kree was attempting to recruit that used a MAC was 30 yo Kree Love impersonating UK teen Kree Love.

Timothy E. Wheeler claimed to be unaware of the DarkNet Child Trafficking scam at that time, however, one has to wonder how he knew who to contact to get this information so quickly.

Tim began exposing the DarkNet Child Trafficking scam by distributing the Price List on February 8, 2013 after Brian Johnson sent him the PDF.

Follows is the text of the exchange (Note that Timm Wheeler was asked to provide an original screenshot but never complied with the request.):

[2/8/2013 5:09:58 PM] Brian Johnson: I really appreciate it, more than you may know, THANK YOU 🙂
[2/8/2013 5:25:23 PM] Timm Wheeler: kk… just get me that link pls.. perhaps some fear will help save Kree.. I”m putting some ‘ SE’ plays out there.. he just may have you to thank if it is not too late.. but just lay low , I appreciate that tidbit of info, I just need a direction to point the gun most times
[2/8/2013 5:29:54 PM] *** Brian Johnson sent EchelonPrices.pdf ***
[2/8/2013 5:32:25 PM] Brian Johnson: Is that the right one?
[2/8/2013 5:39:56 PM] Timm Wheeler: Yep
[2/8/2013 5:40:04 PM] Brian Johnson: :
[2/8/2013 5:40:06 PM] Brian Johnson: 🙂
[2/8/2013 5:40:21 PM] Timm Wheeler: thank YOU …

Here is a screenshot of the original document Brian Johnson sent me for Forensic Analysis on April 9, 2014.

As you can see the document is identical to the one that Tim was distributing and the one included in the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam Alert PDF warning anti-pedophilia social activists about the scam.

Screenshot of the original and untouched DarkNet Child Trafficking scam Price List

Screenshot of the original and untouched DarkNet Child Trafficking scam Price List

Note that I had to open it in a Sandbox to create this image because when I opened it originally it dropped a Trojan on my system. My spyware picked it up right away and removed it. This was just a precaution to ensure that it didn’t happen again.

Hard evidence. Hard facts. Liars exposed.

Here is a link to the free open source tool I used: MetaExtractor

Critique of Babcock’s ‘analysis’

The program that Babcock used to ‘analyse’ the PDF is called PDFResurrect (Linux only version). While it’s a good program, Babcock’s analytical skills are sorely lacking. So, he misinterpreted the results, either intentionally or because he’s just an idiot. Either is possible and both is likely. What is unlikely is that PDFRessurect’s results were different from mine, if he analysed the original file. He didn’t. He analysed a version of the file that Tim Wheeler had uploaded to Google Docs on Feb. 13, 2013.

Babcock’s results (not his absurd ‘analysis’) actually confirms this fact:

Producer Application (refers to the Computer) the document was created on was a MAC OSX 10.6.8 Quartz.”

which leads to this conclusion:

“The only person, in November, 2012, in that group of people that Kree was attempting to recruit that used a MAC was 30 yo Kree Love impersonating UK teen Kree Love.”

Babcock's output from PDFRessurect

Babcock’s output from his PDFRessurect software

There is a different ModDate showing in Babcock’s output and yet the document, which Babcock deceptively doesn’t provide on his web site, is identical to the one I have shown you in this blog. The one included in this blog is the one that was distributed everywhere.

One possible explanation for this new ModDate might be that Google used to convert PDFs it uploaded to Google Drive to their version. They may still do that. Since Babcock didn’t display the version he ‘analysed’ on his web site, it’s impossible to know for sure why that discrepancy exists.

He did display this which provides you with a partial image of the document. If you compare the following background document in the image with the original complete document image I’ve provided above they’re pretty much the same. No differences are visible.


And no I don’t do posting for Tim (as per Babcock’s blog where he claims I’m the ‘main poster’). Pretty much everything I have posted regarding this topic was in defence of myself against the lies being spread by Babcock, Kree, Emick and their cohorts. That’s the only time I post, as a response to their lies.


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