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Bully: Adult Kree Love, Dallas TX impersonator of Teen Kree Love, UK. Documentation of Harassment 2. Updated

Bully: Adult Kree Love, Dallas TX impersonator of Teen Kree Love, UK. Documentation of Harassment 2. Updated

Updated and edited. January 19, 2017 because Kree’s monkey, Babcock is so desperate for cash he can’t leave me out of this BS

Updated. February 21, 2016 to document a recent upsurge in activity and a new image.

Updated. December 14, 2014 to document extortion.

Updated. January 23, 2014 to enhance as well as add more comments to the end.


Kree Love, 30+ year old adult from Dallas Texas, Indian Grocery Store employee, and impersonator of 17+ year old UK teen, Kree Love, has been engaging in cyberharassment/stalking for several years as I’ve indicated in previous posts. He’s picked up various cohorts along the way. The people he’s been working closely with in this campaign are: Jennifer Emick, Timothy E. Wheeler (aka Timm Wheeler), Thomas Schroeder (aka Thomas W. Cook), Christopher Erwin (aka Jason Steele) and Michael Babcock (aka N2KMaster, CoderHyGuru) and others who come and go.

There is a difference between normal online arguments and full-fledged cyberharassment campaigns as I’ve demonstrated in previous blog posts. Normal people do not engage in lengthy and persistent cyberharassment and cyberstalking campaigns consisting of outright fabrications that last for years on end (2013 to date).

In a post I wrote and published last year on my personal blog, I explain the difference between various Internet traditions like Trolling, Doxing and Social Engineering and how they differ from Cyberharassment. Cyberharassers like Kree Love abuse these methods in order to pursue their online harassment campaigns and then try to extract ‘street cred’ for themselves by exploiting those terms.

In this post I will only be publishing small extracts from chats and other material which is available in a more complete and detailed form on this web site with screenshots of the actual conversations.


This began in November 2012, when Kree attempted to recruit me and other people associated with Anonymous anti-pedophilia social activism on Facebook into his DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam which he tried to sell as a ‘sting’.

Most of us rejected this recruitment attempt because we preferred to see the Pedos in prison rather than extort money from them and let them continue to abuse children.

However, I left on friendly terms and maintained a friendly relationship with him fully expecting that he and anyone he recruited would eventually find themselves in jail, given that it was an obvious extortion and not a ‘sting’ as he claimed.

He had asked me not to tell Timothy E. Wheeler about his activities. I agreed and didn’t say anything to Timm Wheeler.

There are, however, some interesting things about this recruitment attempt that should be pointed out.

In October, 2012, he had mentioned that he had found a paying job. So when he attempted to recruit me, I asked him if he was being paid to do this. I was wondering if this was the paying job he had referred to previously.

[11/3/2012 7:41:19 AM] Kitty Hundal:is someone paying you to bring them down?

[11/3/2012 7:41:26 AM] Kree Love: not bring them down.

[11/3/2012 7:41:36 AM] Kree Love: to massivly scam a bunch of pedos out of 500k.

[11/3/2012 7:41:38 AM] Kree Love: a month.


[11/3/2012 7:42:11 AM] Kree Love: and basically

[11/3/2012 7:42:21 AM] Kree Love: we’ve created a store

[11/3/2012 7:42:24 AM] Kree Love: which sells children

It’s pretty clear here that this is the paying job.

So my questions are:

Who would pay adult, Kree Love from Dallas, impersonating UK teen, Kree Love, to do this and why?

What was the ultimate goal of this paying job?

Was it to scam (extort) pedos? Or, Was it to entrap certain people associated with Anonymous, particularly anti-pedophilia activists?

The end result would likely have been the latter as a result of the first if everything had played itself out. That is, if those of us targeted for recruitment, who weren’t direct personal friends of Kreepy, had agreed to participate.

We didn’t.

For me, it was more important to have the pedos in prison so that they couldn’t continue abusing children. Clearly for Kree and crew, the money was more important and the abused children didn’t matter.

In my opinion, the only people who would take issue with anti-pedophilia activists and have an interest in discrediting them would be pedophiles. So, I have to wonder ….

However, I don’t know the answers to those questions. All I can say based on the facts that I currently have is that it’s clear by the conversation, that he was being paid to recruit people to participate in a DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam. The fact that his biggest ally is Jennifer Emick also says a lot.

After Kree’s attempts to recruit anti-pedophilia social activists, over a period of a couple of months, were met with failure, Timothy Wheeler claimed that he had discovered Kree’s criminal activity and was going to expose it. According to both him and Kree, they had an angry exchange of emails which lasted a couple of weeks.

I knew nothing about any of this while it was happening other than Kree’s attempt to recruit me to participate in the scam by falsely alleging it was a sting and my friendly and polite refusal in November. After which I continued to have friendly interactions with Kree  and said nothing to Timm as per my agreement with Kree.

On February 8, 2013, despite several friendly exchanges with Kree and no indication from him or Tim that anything was wrong, I went to a Facebook group that we were all members of at that time and found the following item posted to the group.

Kree Love: “I’d like to give a round of applause to Timm Wheeler and Kitty SoftPaws Hundal for consistently threatening me over the past week or two. But for Kitty, many thanks for attempting to destroy an Echelon operation, and I hope you enjoy your Dox this weekend.”

Now, I knew absolutely nothing about what he was talking about. Timothy Wheeler hadn’t shared any information with me. Kree hadn’t shared any information with me and I was caught completely by surprise by these false accusations. I hadn’t threatened Kree in any way. I hadn’t even communicated with him during the previous two weeks. Nor had I done or said anything about Echelon (which is essentially a fantasy of Kree’s).

So, I had no idea why or what had triggered this.

When I asked, Thomas Schroeder aka Thomas W. Cook’s response was to engage in lame attempts at ‘trolling’, since he doesn’t know what trolling is. Essentially, he refused to provide any information about these allegations or evidence to support them. Kree later appeared and did the same.

Since I hadn’t even communicated with Kree over the previous two weeks before the Feb. 8, 2013 post, and since Kree refused to provide any evidence, It was obvious to me that Kree was lying for some reason and whatever evidence he might have had was fabricated by him, otherwise he would have shown it to me.

If he was honest and just mistaken, because someone had been engaging in a deception by using my name in communications, Kree would have provided that and I would have had something to investigate. The fact that he didn’t provide that and hasn’t to this date, was one indicator that he was lying.

It’s come to my attention that he is distributing a password protected pastebin behind the scenes filled with malicious lies and distortions which he’s not willing to have me see. So, it’s obviously fabricated and he’s afraid that I’ll be able to refute it and expose yet another lie. Both Kree and his dancing monkey, Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster / CoderHyguru, like to fabricate evidence because their lies are so bizarre that no-one will believe them unless they do.

At this point I had no idea what he meant by attempting to ‘destroy an Echelon operation’.

Essentially Echelon is a fantasy of Kree’s who appears to have spent a little too much time on gaming servers. It doesn’t exist.

Finally after a lengthy going back and forth which continued into the next day, on February 9, 2013, Kree finally revealed that it was related to his DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam. At this point I explained that I had not said anything to anyone including to Timothy Wheeler about his scam.

Timothy Wheeler had apparently been posting the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam price list that Kree had created on Twitter and Facebook. I was unaware of this at the time.

Timothy Wheeler later joined the thread and stated that I was not the one who provided the information to him, it was someone else.

However, Kree insisted that it had to be me because he allegedly hadn’t provided anyone with the document outside of the people listed in his Skype group at the time he added me. This came out in a Facebook chat initiated by Christopher J Erwin aka Jason Steele in an attempt to intimidate and harass me into ‘confessing’. Since I hadn’t done what I had been accused of there was nothing to confess and I made that clear to the numerous participants that had been added to the discussion.

This was his second fabrication since there were in fact two men who were not in the group at the time I was there who Kree attempted to recruit and to whom he sent the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam price-list. And there was a third man who was in the group when I was there but also rejected the recruitment attempt as well. So, there were four possibilities for the leak altogether.

This fabrication has now been exposed because Timothy Wheeler outed the person who gave him the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam price-list.

[2/8/2013 5:25:23 PM] Timothy Wheeler: kk… just get me that link pls.. perhaps some fear will help save Kree.. I”m putting some ‘ SE’ plays out there.. he just may have you to thank if it is not too late.. but just lay low , I appreciate that tidbit of info, I just need a direction to point the gun most times

[2/8/2013 5:29:54 PM] *** Brian Johnson sent EchelonPrices.pdf ***

There is a voice recording of the interaction on this web site as well.

Antonio F. Lopez, impersonating Kree Love and exchanging the PDF with BJ

Kree Love exchanging the PDF with Brian Johnson

Antonio F. Lopez, impersonating Kree Love providing a sample communication with a buyer to BJ

Kree Love providing a sample communication with a buyer to Brian Johnson

Michael Babcock also, mistakenly, outed the fact that another person had told Connie Wierick about both the scam and the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam pricelist long before Timothy Wheeler had sent her the pricelist. So, both Connie and her friend not only knew about the scam but had a copy of the pricelist.

Babcock is obsessive about posting every single chat and email exchange he has engaged in with anyone publicly on paste-bin or other similar sites. He did this with a chat he had with Connie. He then, provided Timothy Wheeler with the link in one his rage email exchanges with Timothy Wheeler.

In addition I saw a communication between Timothy Wheeler and the third person where he explained what happened in his interaction with Kree.

I have screenshots of the these last two as well but at this point all we need is the above to demonstrate that Kree lied. He had indeed given the price list to someone who was not in the group when I was there and it was that person who provided Timothy Wheeler with the information about the scam and gave Timothy Wheeler the DarkNet Child Trafficking Price List.

Kree knew this then, knows this now and knows perfectly well there is no reason to drag me into this absurd drama. Since the reasons were fabricated from the start, the motivation behind the harassment was also fabricated. The real motivation is extortion and the only target is me (irrespective of Babcock’s incessant whining about Timm which is all just a big show).

He and his little cult of followers, Thomas Schroeder aka Thomas W. Cook, Michael Babcock and others, ignore Timm (Timothy E.) Wheeler for the most part which is ironic because he was the one who actually exposed the scam and put all of this in motion.

Jennifer Emick is a friend of both Timm Wheeler and Kree Love and inserted herself into this fight. That alone should tell you all you need to know.

Kree continues to use Timm as bait to recruit people who hate him and then divert them into targeting me instead of Timothy Wheeler who is the person they claim to actually have issues with. They do this despite the fact that I no longer associate with Tim.

Since Brian Johnson was outed by Timothy Wheeler, he has also been targeted quite viciously by various people who I believe were incited by Kree through his shills to target him.

Given this attitude of Kree’s from the start, it isn’t surprising to me in the least that he refuses to accept my very reasonable offer, that if he removes the lies about me (including everything he’s had his ‘friends’ post), I’ll deactivate the blog posts exposing him and walk away from it all.

He would then be free to go after Timothy Wheeler if he chooses to. After all, that is what he’s claiming that he wants to do after he’s ‘taken me out’. It is, of course, just another lie. Timm was part of their scam and just pretending to be a ‘victim’ and my ally.

The only reason Babcock continues to post this stuff is that he is hoping to get money from Kree. So Kree is complicit whether he posts the material himself or whether others do it for him.

Kree is a seriously disturbed cyberharasser/stalker and extortionist who enjoys targeting people. He has no interest in Tim and doesn’t care that his DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam was exposed.

He just needed an excuse to target someone but he’s too much of a little pussy to target anyone directly. He’s enjoying the success he achieved at manipulating certain fools into targeting Brian Johnson.

He’s being less successful with me because I’m forcing him to stay in the forefront and not letting him sidetrack me into fights with others and frankly he’s just not very good at it technically or socially given all the alleged expertise he claims in IT and Social Engineering.

He couldn’t convince anyone to do it for free other than a bunch of equally incompetent failures who are contributing more to discrediting him than they are helping him. Lol.

So, he started to offer a bounty on me, not Timm. When I pointed out that not offering a bounty on Timm exposed the lie that Timm was his target, then he added a lower bounty on Timm. Eventually he made the bounty equal but continues to divert attention away from Tim and towards me. Not that he’ll ever actually pay out what he’s promising. If you believe that you deserve to be conned by Kree.

Babcock is actually dumb enough to believe that and that is the only reason Babcock continues to target me despite the fact that I’ve ignored his provocations for a couple of years.

Now, note how Kree pretends below that he’s the poor victim here.

Given the facts above, it’s patently obvious he’s just a pathological liar who will say pretty much anything to rationalize his cyberharassment campaign and win over recruits to do his dirty work for him.

I have done nothing but defend myself against his and his cohorts ongoing and very malicious lies and misrepresentations.

As of, December 2014, the bounty has been increased to a maximum of $50BTC or 50BTC. Note that there is only way to render someone “redundant and unable to rebroadcast.” In a screenshot further down this page Kree indicates that he could get someone from “Ft Meade to do it for less” (Fort Meade is a US army base). His intent is pretty clear here in the original bounty. The new bounty can be seen at the bottom of this post.

Kree Love posts bounty on Kitty Hundal

Kree Love posts bounty on Kitty Hundal

Kreepys offer of bitcoins to target Kitty Hundal is accepted

Kree’s offer of bitcoins to target Kitty Hundal is accepted

Of course, this is all bullshit but that fact doesn’t stop crazies from taking him up on the offer as you can see from the screenshot above, below, and in other areas of the site where people did indeed accept his offer but simply didn’t do what he actually wanted them to do so they never received a penny from him to my knowledge. They engaged in cyberharassment and ‘doxing’.

Doxing someone who doesn’t hide and openly has their real information online is rather lame and pathetic.

The only unpublished information they located was my address and phone number because my provider illegally sold that information to White Pages despite the fact that I was paying to have it unlisted.

Updated. February 21, 2016.

Kree did violate federal as well as state law in several states by posting that unpublished information with associated defamatory libel on Doxbin. Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster / CoderHyguru / Lili Alpert, et al has also violated Canada’s Criminal Harassment and CyberBullying laws (passed in 2015) by posting Kree’s libel about me, the unpublished address/phone number, his own libel and defamation, and my images (without my permission). They have also incited the trolls targeting Kevin Annett to target me as well. Heather Martin doesn’t want to get sued so she has removed some of her lies (one of her cohorts outed her and publicly stated that she pushed him into lying and spreading those lies everywhere). So, instead she’s been chatting with other trolls like herself and playing the victim. Those trolls are now jumping on board this bandwagon, encouraged and nudged behind the scenes by the Kreepy Kult (currently Kree Love (Dallas TX – NOT the UK teenager), Thomas Schroeder (aka Cook), Timm Wheeler, Michael Babcock, and others).

Updated. January 23, 2014.

Things that make you go Hmmmm. Not what I would call real evidence, especially given the bullshit these guys shovel, but interesting nonetheless to those familiar with my fictionalized memoir, From The Shadows

Kree admits contact with CR edit1

Kree admits contact with CR who was alive at that time

Also note, I am not Tim and evidence of Tim’s activities has nothing to do with me.

It’s their sick Bait and Switch game. It’s the only way they can recruit anyone to target me because most people don’t know me and those that do know me actually like me for the most part or at least don’t hate me with the same passion that numerous people hate Tim with.

So, the Bait and Switch scam goes like this:

  1. Tim does something like send harassing emails. For example, this started when Tim Wheeler and Kree were fighting and there was a nasty email exchange between Tim and Kree. I was not a part of this and knew nothing of it.
  2. The Tards accuse me of it. Yet in that first post, Kree is falsely accusing me of harassing him for two weeks. It was Tim who did what Kree was accusing me of doing and Kree knew this when he fabricated his lie: “Kree Love: “I’d like to give a round of applause to Timm Wheeler and Kitty SoftPaws Hundal for consistently threatening me over the past week or two.”
  3. Provide evidence of Tim doing it. All of the evidence Kree provided (much later – not at the time) consisted of Tim’s emails. Not a single communication from me during those two weeks was ever provided and never has been to this date. They don’t exist. There were none.
  4. Tim had cc’d someone else in those emails. That cc account wasn’t mine.

Believe it or not some people really are stupid enough to buy all of this and it doesn’t occur to them to ask why these Tards are trying to incite everyone to target me when they have no evidence that I have done anything to them other than expose the constant lies and harassment they are subjecting me to.

Ironically, they also don’t ask why their own nemesis, Tim, appears to be virtually excluded from the harassment other than with the odd token posting intended to reinforce the Bait and nothing more.

And, ironically, instead of doxing Tim, who Babcock allegedly hates, he’s busy trying to dox me and get dirt on me simply because he stupidly thinks there’s money in it for him. He’s too mentally ill or stupid to realize that Kree is a con artist and isn’t going to pay him a dime no matter what he does.

Questioning these inconsistencies in Kree’s behavior and allegations as well as the behavior and allegations of the others, would require some intelligence and the Tards don’t exactly run in intelligent circles nor do they seek those people out. The stupider … the better.

Mentally ill like I believe Babcock is? Even better as far as they are concerned.

Note that all cyberharassers, stalkers, and bullies are mentally ill but often in different ways depending on their stalking profile.

Update: December, 2014.

In November, 2014, Kree finally came out with his end game. Extortion.

Within weeks of Kree publishing his extortion demand, his cohort Jennifer Emick started tweeting nonsense about me and falsely attempting to associate me with someone else she had targeted for harassment. This was simply an attempt to manipulate those individuals who were her allies in that campaign to target me as well.

I confronted her little scam publicly on Twitter and notified her and Kree that they would never receive a dime from me to stop their cyberharassment and cyberbullying against me, by pinning a copy of the extortion attempt to my Twitter profile. I refuse to kneel down to extortionists.

Antonio F. Lopez

Kitty Hundals response to Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez extortion attempt

Note the lame attempt (this is a standard con from Kree’s playbook) to win sympathy by playing the victim yet again. No threats were ever issued to Kree. He was asked by a friend to cease and desist his cyberharassment of me. He used this opportunity to play out his end game. The extortion attempt. I have never libeled Kree nor have I said anything about his business publicly so he has no claims against me where that is concerned. I, on the other hand, have plenty of evidence against him.

The image below is the extortion attempt and the second image below states the new amount of 50BTC to a maximum of $50K USD all couched in nonsense in an effort to make himself look like an innocent victim. As you can see by all of the hard evidence in this blog in this and other posts, Kree is far from being an innocent victim. He is the perpetrator and has himself violated Criminal Codes in the US and UK both places he’s lived in since this campaign began and to date.

Kree Love Extortion

Kree plays the victim (no death threats were issued just a warning from a friend to stop his cyberharassment of me.


Updated. February 21, 2016.

Kree Love Dallas Texas

Kree Love Dallas Texas

Summer, 2016. Jennifer Emick started running around explicitly spreading the libel that I was a ‘pedophile’. Screenshots available. This appears to have been in response to my support of Jacob Appelbaum.

More to come …

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What Is CyberBullying?

Cyber bullying (cyber-bullying, online bullying) is the use of electronic information and communication devices such as e-mail, instant messaging, text messages, blogs, mobile phones, pagers, and defamatory websites to bully or otherwise harass an individual or group through personal attacks or other means, and it may constitute a computer crime.

Cyberbullying is willful and involves recurring or repeated harm inflicted through the medium of electronic text. According to R.B. Standler (2002)[1]bullying intends to cause emotional distress and has no legitimate purpose to the choice of communications. Cyberbullying can be as simple as continuing to send e-mail to someone who has said they want no further contact with the sender. Cyberbullying may also include threats, sexual remarks, pejorative labels (i.e., hate speech)

The term cyberbullying was first used by Canadian educator Bill Belsey, creator of the Web site Other terms for Cyber-bullying are “electronic bullying,” “e-bullying,” “sms bullying,” “mobile bullying,” “online bullying,” “digital bullying,” or “Internet bullying.” —CyberBullying Wiki

Irrespective of what these people want to call themselves to establish Internet street cred in order to give themselves a veneer of ‘coolness’ or what they claim to be in their real lives in order to give themselves a veneer of credibility or authority, what they actually are is nothing but goons and criminals.

Cyberbullying is indeed a computer crime when one examines the various facets of what it is the cyberbullies actually do. Increasing numbers of countries and regions are including it in their criminal codes.

Now, let me just be clear that, in my opinion, there’s a difference between hacktivism and computer crimes.

Historically, civil rights movements have broken laws which were unjust or covered up corruption. The Hactivists represent the new civil rights movements and I don’t consider them criminals. What they are doing has a socially redeeming goal whether that’s exposing corruption, enforcing transparency, or using dDos or interruptions of service to protest (virtual sit-ins).

That said, let’s examine the actual demonstrable activities of some of the people engaging in other computer crimes while engaging in the computer crime of cyberharassment..

Note that these people have, for the most part, committed multiple computer crimes. In the case of some, numerous computer crimes. I am only focusing on the single most obvious one they’ve committed and the one that is easiest to prove.

They also make the same allegations about others but have never explicitly and publicly demonstrated that I or most of the other people they’ve targeted have done the things they claim. All they do is screech their lies and frame people with obvious frame-ups that anyone with half a brain should be able to see through.

They have some evidence against Timothy E. Wheeler (aka Timm Wheeler). Everything else, particularly the allegations about me, Kitty Hundal, is exaggerations, misrepresentations of innocent events, blatant lies or fabrications. They use the evidence that they do have against Timm Wheeler to attempt to establish credibility with their bullshit and lies against me.

Since Timm also has a lot of people who dislike him for various reasons, he’s the bait they use to recruit people to target everyone else.

In my opinion, it appears to be a good cop / bad cop style scam with Timothy E. Wheeler colluding actively with Kree Love of Dallas, TX / Antonio F. Lopez, and Thomas Schroeder aka Cook behind the scenes.

Here’s how it plays out:

  1. Tim harasses Babcock (who, in my opinion, may be mentally unstable).
  2. Timm links to this blog and / or quotes liberally from it and / or play others games intended to create the false impression, with Babcock, that I am involved in and supporting Tim’s harassment campaign against him (which, of course, I am not).
  3. Once Tim gets Babcock good and riled up, Babcock joins The Boneyard group to elicit help from the Kreepies.
  4. The Kreepies point Babcock in my direction by falsely blaming me for Tim’s harassment of Babcock.
  5. Babcock now starts targeting me and forgets about Tim.
  6. The scam is engaged.

This pattern has played itself out numerous times since 2013, is well-established and has been demonstrated in other areas of this blog with supporting screen shots. In fact, it started out in exactly the same way. Tim allegedly harassed Kree and Kree targeted me based on lies he fabricated. Kree got caught in all of the lies he used to justify targeting me and they have all been exposed here with hard evidence.

1. Antonio F. Lopez

Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez

Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez

Antonio is a 30 year old American who moves back and forth from the US to the UK. When in the UK he usually lives with his mother in Oxford.

He is impersonating a 16 year old UK teenager named Kree Love online.

He is familiar with details of Kree Love’s biography which he has established as his own and has identification in Kree Love’s name.

The real Kree Love is a teenager who ran away from home when he was 15 and joined the Occupy London group living in their encampment. He was interviewed by the media, photographed at the time and claimed to be 18. This was a story he told consistently to any members of the Occupy London group he associated with as well. Presumably he just didn’t want to deal with the potential fall out if anyone found out he was a runaway. He’s an attractive and apparently bright young man who probably has no idea what is being done to his name and reputation online.

Given that both Antonio F. Lopez and Kree Love’s mothers live in the same area it’s quite likely, in my opinion, that Antonio actually knows Kree Love and that access is probably what he was able to take advantage of whether it was by stealing his identification or by conning the teenager into giving him permission to use it.

Either way, it’s a computer crime because the real Kree wasn’t old enough to give permission when he was under 16 and whether he would be considered old enough to give permission at the age of 16 is dependent on the law in the UK.

That’s not a question that I can answer.

The details on how I know this and the evidence collected will appear in another blog in a few days.

Antonio has impersonated others as well when he created fake Facebook accounts in order to cyberstalk people. His latest was an attempt to friend my Facebook page and join Jay Marshall’s anti-pedophilia Facebook group,Op Scarecrow, by creating a fake profile of an existing real life Florida artist. I won’t tell you what mistakes were made and how Jay and I exposed him because, in this particular case, doing that will simply give him what he needs to cover his tracks better next time and we don’t want that.

All criminals have defining modus operandis and impersonating real people is Antonio’s MO.

He has also committed numerous other computer crimes including fraud, cons, theft, and claiming professional expertise in areas where he either just has a basic knowledge or may have no knowledge at all.

His claims to be a programmer were exposed as false rather quickly when he was unable to identify my Anonygrans web site in his defamatory and false dox on Doxbin as a Flash site and claimed it was a WordPress site.

His posting of the Doxbin dox is a violation of the California Penal Code where he has lived. While he has removed the sub-domain he intially posted it on to make it available on ClearNet, the defamatory libel and personal information which violate the California Penal Code still exists in Doxbin and has been copied and published to numerous sites and locations by his cohort (who has publicly admitted numerous times that he was acting on Antonio’s (known as Kree Love) behalf and with Antonio’s information. Antonio (under the name Kree and while impersonating a UK teen) has also publicly admitted that he posted that dox on Doxbin as well and has provided links on Twitter and Facebook to both the Darknet site and the site which makes it available on Clearnet as well as his own sub-domain. ( – illegal to use my name without my permission as well).

He was running a defamatory libelous blog attacking me directly with some pretty vicious and unsubstantiated lies like alleging that I’m a ‘child stalker’ as well as using the typically demagogic strategy of taking things out of context and misrepresenting them. This was removed after his cohort in crime consulted a lawyer. My guess is that he was wisely advised to remove his libel because I could sue him for that. In actual fact I still can. He’s done demonstrable damage. His cohort Babcock has not removed those same false allegations from his sites, nor have those he recruited removed similar false allegations from their sites.

Since Babcock has admitted that he has been acting on Kreepy’s behalf that makes Kreepy as liable for Babcocks actions as Babcock is. And if, what I suspect is true about Babcock, (that he’s seriously mentally ill) Kreepy will be solely responsible for all of Babcocks acts since he instigated a mentally ill person to commit those acts.

Antonio was part of the RIP Tards and appears to get a great deal of pleasure out of hurting people.

Antonio, impersonating Kree Love, also claims that he wants to be Fed double agent. Getting paid from both sides presumably. From a Skype Chat with another person:

[3/11/12 10:41:31 AM] Kree Love: It would cost me

[3/11/12 10:41:40 AM] Kree Love: $2800 to get an online associates degree

[3/11/12 10:41:43 AM] Kree Love: from Salford University [Editor: ref to (Corrected from Stanford)]

[3/11/12 10:41:53 AM] Kree Love: in Counter Terrorism

[3/11/12 10:41:57 AM]Kree Love: which allows me to apply for jobs

[3/11/12 10:42:02 AM] Kree Love: in the NSA and FBI.


[3/11/12 10:48:24 AM] Kree Love: CHUNDER MOTHERFUCKER

[removed]: you gonna work for them ? You MF traitor

[3/11/12 10:48:33 AM] Kree Love: Nein.

[3/11/12 10:48:37 AM] [removed]: I got your MF bitch

[3/11/12 10:48:48 AM] Kree Love: I’ll just double agent for a bit.


[3/11/12 10:55:01 AM] Kree Love: I just want to be legally allowed to carry a fully armed supressed handgun on the streets of New York and London

[3/11/12 10:55:04 AM] Kree Love: wearing a suit.

This chat log and most of the chat logs on this site were provided by Timothy E. Wheeler (aka Timm Wheeler).

2. Heather Martin

Heather Martin of Saskatoon CyberBully

Heather Martin of Saskatoon CyberBully

Heather is a 43 year old Registered Nurse employed at a large Saskatoon Hospital, who engages in what used to be considered a hate crime in Canada but is still considered a crime. Committing Defamatory Libel in Canada is a Criminal Code offense. Cyberstalking is considered Criminal Harassment.

She runs a defamatory libelous and vitriolic hate blog targeting a single individual, well known and well respected, anti-pedophilia social activist Kevin Annett.

She engages in cyberstalking Kevin to groups that he’s a member of and which she has no interest (she’s religious, has demonstrated a vitriolic hatred of atheists in her blog, yet joins atheist groups that Kevin is in).

She spreads rumors behind the scenes consisting of vicious and unsubstantiated allegations about Mr. Annett in order to convince others both to remove their support of him and his social activist causes and to defame him.

Since she started that blog, others have created similar style blogs targeting her in, in the same way, in retaliation. While I don’t agree with that style of retaliation one can hardly blame people for reacting to her abuse against Mr. Annett so strongly.

If anyone defends Kevin, their name, along with the most vicious and unsubstantiated defamatory libel will be added to her hate blog as mine has and others like First Nations social activist and member of AIM, Charley Brown.

Here’s what WikiSpooks has to say about Kevin Annett, the person this woman has chosen to defame:

Kevin D. Annett (aka. Kevin McNamee-Annett, and Eagle Strong Voice born 1956 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian writer and former minister of the United Church of Canada. He has authored three books about Canadian aboriginals – Love and Death in the Valley, Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust and Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor.

His treatment at the hands of the Canadian Establishment over his persistent, selfless advocacy for the indiginous populations of Canada, is an object lesson in the gross self-seving dishonesties, corruptions and hypocricies of power.

Filing false police reports and complaints against those she doesn’t like is also standard practice for Heather and something that she has publicly admitted to on the Internet. When those false reports and complaints get ignored because … well … they’re false, she decides that the person she filed them against must be under RCMP protection and an agent. Lol. Seriously.

Reader Questions Regarding Kevin Annett  Alfred Webre    Eric Jon Phelps  Dec. 2  2012

Heather appears to be a person with a hair trigger temper and a vindictive mean streak. It doesn’t take much to get her going and attempts to reason with her will be met with failure.

I know. I tried.

Heather’s modus operandi is misrepresentation combined with outrageous lies that have shock value.

One of Heather’s past cohorts has now come forward and publicly admitted that Heather instigated their malicious lies against Kitty Hundal. The direct quote follows:

“I, JJ can offer nothing but allegations insinuations and lies as evidence and proof. I am not well.

I lied about Kitty Hundal Pagan Media and so many other people who did not deserve my lies.

Heather Martin and Lydia White Calf fault. They made me do it against my will.”

3. Michael Babcock

Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster CyberBully

Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster CyberBully

Michael is 30 years old claims to have a job now and yet still manages to spend hours on his computer in Cambridge Narrows, (outskirts of Moncton) New Brunswick.

He considers himself a l33t h8x0r and Guru of the Internet. He has no formal training in IT but has picked up a few tricks of the trade as a hobbyist and thinks he knows more than people who have had years of training and experience on the job and in the industry.

Most, if not all of that time appears to be spent committing computer crimes of various types including the framing of one of the people on their hit list to support their lies that he’s a pedophile by creating a fake site using his name as the domain name. I discuss this in detail and provide evidence in the post, CyberBullies: How Far Will They Go?

In the area of computer crimes I will accept the fact that he is far more skilled and adept at committing computer crimes than I am since I’m not a criminal and don’t commit computer crimes. I admit that my knowledge is severely lacking in that particular area of expertise. Lol.

He, like Heather, admits publicly to filing false police reports and complaints against people he obsesses about.He, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to notice or care that he’s being ignored by these agencies and it doesn’t stop him from obsessively filing more. He’s been doing this all year and including me in these reports completely without cause, despite the fact that I have explicitly told him that I had nothing to do with these incidents and he has no evidence that I did.


This plus the following are the demonstrable indications that he appears to suffer from sort of extreme obsessive disorder.

For example, it wasn’t enough for him to post one dox to a site where the pastes could not be removed unless the original poster kept a special delete link provided at the time of the original posting.

In fact, it’s never enough no matter what the situation.

He used an autobot to flood the site with thousands of false, defamatory libelous pastes calling someone a pedophile and me and others pedophile enablers for no other reason than we associate with him.

Using an autobot to flood a site with data, in and of itself a criminal offense. He admitted doing this in an email. OTOH the likelihood that would have cared or charged him is nil.

Shortly after Michael did that the site was confiscated by Interpol and the owners arrested. I have no idea what the impact of Interpol seeing thousands of posts calling me a pedophile enabler will have on me or even worse the impact it will have on the person being falsely accused of being a pedophile.

Everything Michael does he does to extreme which indicates that he may have some very serious, untreated psychological issues.


What is rather unusual in this particular situation is that Michael Babcock (like Antonio F. Lopez impersonating UK teen Kree Love), appears to be focusing his attention on the author, Kitty Hundal. I have done nothing to harass him and was also innocent of the false allegations made by Antonio when he began this cyberharassment campaign. Both have been virtually ignoring Timm Wheeler who is the one who continues to focus his entire attention on them and keeps this campaign in motion.

Why Wheeler feels it necessary to harass Babcock whenever Babcock leaves the picture can only be answered by him and is anyone’s guess.

Initially, Kitty Hundal simply mentioned Babcocks name with no other information on the now defunct web site.

Wheeler created several blogs attacking Babcock for his abuse publicly during a period when Babcock took a hiatus from the fighting and Kitty Hundal and Babcock had negotiated a truce.

After being harassed by Timm Wheeler for several months Babcock returned to the scene but exclusively targeted Kitty Hundal and appeared to be under the false impression that she had participated in Wheelers harassment campaign. Despite numerous efforts to convince him he was wrong he continued to ignore Timm and target Kitty.

Babcock was not included as a main figure in this cyberharassment group until he began targeting Kitty Hundal exclusively with malicious defamatory and libelous allegations and postings libeling her in hundreds of sites across the web.

While Kitty Hundal and Timm Wheeler were both declared to be targets of Antonio (Kree) and Babcock, no-one in that cyberharassment group has actually targeted Timm in the way that they have focused their attention onto Kitty.

This indicates that Timm Wheeler is not, nor has he ever been, a real target for that group.

The real target has always been Kitty Hundal.

Various people have indicated that they believe that Timm Wheeler may have set Kitty Hundal up for this harassment campaign and that he is actually continuing to work with Antonio F. Lopez (aka Kree Love) behind the scenes. He goes into hiding whenever he’s successful at making Kitty Hundal the focus of attention.

The pattern of behavior:

1. Timm Wheeler (aka Timothy E. Wheeler) targets Babcock with harassing emails, sending him copies of my defending myself and others (including Tim) from Babcock’s lies.

2. Timm Wheeler appears to be intentionally giving Babcock the impression that Kitty Hundal is somehow involved in this harassment against him.

3. Babcock returns to the scene, angry, and focuses his attention on targeting Kitty Hundal.

4. Timm Wheeler goes into hiding.

5. Timm Wheeler comes out of hiding only when Kitty Hundal is not being targeted by anyone.

This behavior does support the belief that others have suggested is true. That Timm Wheeler and Antonio’s (Kree Love) group are actually working together to target Kitty.

Recently an extortion attempt was made publicly. That attempt has been documented in the updated post:

Bully: Antonio F. Lopez impersonator of Kree Love. Documentation of Harassment 2. Updated

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Bully: Jennifer Emick. Update

Bully: Jennifer Emick. Update

Updated on January 7 to include flow chart created by a follower of th3j35t3r.

Updated on January 9 to include the reference to an article verifying that Sabu was not first identified by Emick and Backtrace Security as she claims.

What better way to start the New Year 2014 than by starting with one of the Internet’s well-known and infamous cyberbullies.

Jennifer Emick aka Narco Troll aka AsherahResearch, et al. She’s infamous because she’s not only managed to piss off Anonymous but apparently likes to stalk th3j35t3r on a regular basis and/or his friends and followers. In fact she seems to have the unique ability of being able to piss off all kinds of people regularly.

When I asked her directly on her @asherahresearch twitter feed why she hated him so much and wondered if the reason might be that she’d never been able to ID him. Her reply was that he was allegedly obsessing about her. 

The problem with her spin of being the persecuted one is that if someone actually bothers to check out the @greenman995 feed, which is one of her socks, it’s quite obvious that she’s the one constantly instigating the harassment and she’s pretty abusive about it. He ignores her for the most part and responds occasionally to point out a hypocrisy or a lie and then moves on.

The following flow chart created by a follower of th3j35t3r is an amusing but fairly accurate depiction of what actually occurs. Lol.

Narco Troll (see: Bully: Jennifer Emick)

Narco Troll (see: Bully: Jennifer Emick)

The obsession is clearly hers, so reality and the evidence, as usual isn’t consistent with Ms. Emick’s storyline.

At the bottom of this post there’s an image containing the @greenman995 feed just to give you an idea of the abuse heaped on th3j35t3r, et al, daily by this one sock account of Emick’s. Or you can just click on the link above. Note that she has other socks and there are other people that she allies with to keep th3j35t3r pot stirred. Read about Marsden, a serial stalker who tried to seduce him and Ortega.

There’s been a great deal written about Emick (just follow the numerous links I’ve embedded here and you’ll eventually get the whole story) but a summary of who she is and what she does or at least what she would like to be doing, is probably best described here:

Backtrace, now operating under a different name, specializes in what you might call tattling. Snitching. Ratting people out … It’s a simple business plan: she digs up the dirt and sells it. — This Is What Happens When Anonymous Tries To Destroy You

Note that Ms Emick isn’t above adding a few lies, misrepresentations, deceptive spins, etc. to the dirt she allegedly digs up.

Jennifer Emick is 41 years old, from the Mid-West and is a house wife and mother. After being fired from Backtrace she started Asherah Research, her own version of Backtrace with much the same business plan but no obvious structure. She appears to be using the Backtrace domain for a blog where she uses her company name, Asherah Research Group.

The web site for Backtrace Security has been suspended.

In the case of th3j35t3r, she is certainly engaging in cyberbullying and harassment as well as encouraging others to participate. Twitter is full of an overwhelming number of examples of these types of exchanges.

For example, @greenman995, Emicks sock Twitter account, intentionally provoked th3j35t3r with this Tweet shown below, when he was promoting the blog post I wrote about the constant harassment he’s subjected to on Twitter. So, @greenman995 instigated this exchange with a personal attack on both th3j35t3r and myself.

Now note that it is just my association with th3j35t3r and nothing more that provoked this so it really doesn’t take much to get some people going. Obsessive much?

The linked to articles provide evidence of Jennifer Emick’s:

1. Crimes

2.. Obsessive hate-ons, harassments, deceptions and lies.

Even her claims to having been the one who doxed Sabu have been refuted in this Daily Dot article, Leaked arrest warrants suggest Sabu wasn’t the only FBI mole in Lulzsec

“The FBI had already obtained Monsegur’s IP address during a hack of a business referred to in the warrants “corporation-1.” This challenges earlier reports that he was first identified by a web security company called Backtrace Security.”

I can’t think of anything more inhumane, psychopathic and just downright evil than someone spending their entire life doing nothing but digging dirt up on (or fabricating lies about) people so that you can destroy them without some legitimate reason. There are some people who spend all their time doing damage to others that need to be put out of action or need some strong deterrents. That isn’t the same thing as targeting people who you don’t like or you disagree with, with this type of harassment.


Since there was so much abuse being directed towards me by Jennifer Emick on her Twitter stream I have decided to do an update.

All I have to say about this is that Jennifer Emick is quite shameless and will go to any lengths to discredit those who criticize or object to her bullying behavior, including spreading outright lies about them. Psychopaths frequently use social activism as a cover but give themselves away when they contradict themselves self-servingly over and over again.

The explanation to the deceptive misinterpretations and other garbage spewing from Ms. Emick’s mouth can be found here: From The Shadows, a fictionalized memoir by Kitty Hundal (If the link is broken, the direct url is ).

Only the crazy would be unable to differentiate between a person who is simply describing in detail the acts of a crazy person and one whose behavior is crazy. This is likely why Jennifer is unable to comprehend this simple fact and tries to kill the messenger with her bullying and abuse completely unconcerned as to the consequences of her behavior on others.

She attacks me for what she thinks I’ve written without any objective, verifiable evidence that I’ve demonstrated any behavior that could be defined as ‘crazy’ simply to discredit me for challenging her.

I have demonstrated directly and through the links that she has an active and current history as a cyberharasser, cyberbully, cyberstalker against those she doesn’t like for any reason, none of which have to be legitimate other than in her own mind.

Thanks for proving that everything said in this blog and those linked to it, about you is true.


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The CyberBullies: How Far Will They Go? 2

The CyberBullies: How Far Will They Go? 2

In recent weeks, Brian Johnson, a Facebook anti-pedophilia social activist has been the focal point of much of the abuse currently being heaped on quite a few of us. Why? Who knows? Irrational people are irrational so you can’t expect to find a rational reason.

My guess is that ‘Peter Pan’ (as he’s becoming known on Facebook) and his shills have set Brian up to be targeted. ‘Peter Pan’ is 30 year old American Kree Love of Dallas Texas, who is impersonating a 16 year old UK teen, Kree Love. Kree is the only one with a real motivation to go after Brian, as far as I know.

However, Kree is quite the chickenshit and prefers to set others up to do his dirty work for him either directly or through his shills because:

1. he can’t take what he so easily dishes out to others.

2. he and his shills, like Thomas Schroeder (aka Thomas Cook, Juliet Biehl and numerous others) are quite incompetent whether it’s technically or socially and as a result not very good at doing this stuff themselves. They can be convincing to the stupid who don’t check anything out or verify it or have some self-serving reason to buy their bullshit.

3. Brian is well-connected in FB Anon circles and is one of the few people I know of who managed to pull off creating a group of over 10000 members in just a few weeks. His own friends list numbers in the thousands and he doesn’t have to fake his numbers by using software that adds fake friends, like the RatKrew has been known to do.

As a result, like ‘Peter Pan’, Kreepy has had to skulk around and manipulate the stupid into doing his dirty work for him whether it’s by convincing a group like ClownSec or by stealing members from these existing groups that are easy for the shills to manipulate.

Unfortunately, while Michael Babcock does have some criminal computing skills and is crazy enough to be easily manipulated, he’s also a loose cannon who will snitch on anyone given the opportunity and so is completely untrustworthy to work with in any capacity. ALL convos will end up on pastebin. While he smugly and self-righteously runs around talking about OpSec, he doesn’t understand real OpSec.

He, like Kreepy, are good at hiding their IPs because they’re criminals and need to hide. Good OpSec is a lot more than just hiding one’s IP and it has little to do with hiding one’s identity. It’s something good Hactivists pay attention to and understand.

Since Michael is really just a necessary evil at this time, they keep looking for others that are more controllable so that they aren’t relying on him when he does the inevitable ‘stab them in the back’ routine..

ClownSec, MTA and BTY (Kage) have turned out to be the easiest for the RatKrew to control. ClownSec went down first and brought MTA and BTY (Kage) down with them later. Essentially they’ve just become stooges and goons for the #RATKREW which isn’t that much smarter than they are.

The RatKrews set ups and deceptions are usually pretty obvious for anyone who uses their brain to see through so that really says quite a lot about those who don’t see through them.

The evidence of that stupidity is the hit list they’ve come up with and the bizarre reasons that people have been placed on it. Most are there because of the RatKrew. None of the actual allegations they make against anyone on the hitlist are true and none can be substantiated in any way. For example, they call people pedophiles and post as evidence, irrelevant criminal records related to drug possession.

Um yeah. That makes sense … to an idiot. Lol.

Or they provide fabricated evidence that they don’t publicize because it is fabricated and they don’t want the person they’re lying about to be able to challenge it. Like the pedophile site Babcock created to frame one of the people on the hit list. Or the evidence they’re circulating alleging that I’m a ‘child stalker’.

Yep. Their evidence sure sounds legit. Imma buy that load. Lol.

They’ve collected other irrelevant, useless information on some people, all of which is completely unrelated to the false accusations, and they declare that evidence when it’s actually just being used to spin a smear from and is usually something innocent and innocuous without the bullshit spin. Lol.

They all turned themselves into a joke when they joined up with the RatKrew and have gone full on retard since.

Brian has been the main focus of their cyberharassment campaigns in the last few weeks and as usual the person with the motivation to target Brian is Kreepy (Kree Love Dallas TX).

So the shills have been busy lobbying and the goons have been busy harassing.

They’ve also been escalating this into some pretty vicious real life harassment.

The following is only one single incident, a swatting, and involved the police because the cyberharassers dragged the police into this. There have been others which didn’t involve the police (to our knowledge) mainly because Brian isn’t a snitch and didn’t want to involve the police no matter how ugly things got.

1. A female voice, presumably someone in the cyberharassment circle, called the State Police and pretended to be Brian’s aunt.

2. She claimed that two ‘big black men’ were breaking into Brian’s parents home where Brian is living temporarily.

3. Brian was at work and his parents were home alone.

4. The State Police called the local police and sent them to Brian’s parents home.

5. The State Police then called the home when the police had stationed themselves outside and asked if there had been a break-in.

6. The parents said that there hadn’t been.

7. The State Police notified the parents of the large police presence outside the home (6 patrol cars).

The investigating officers who attended the home then questioned the parents in order to find out what was going on. The parents explained the situation that Brian was dealing with in detail and all of that information is now in police hands.

No doubt those involved will blame Brian’s parents for ‘snitching’ because they are incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions and the situation that they created which could only have had this result. It couldn’t have ended any other way because even without having the information, the crimes that were committed were serious enough that the police would have pursued it.

As Brian said, ‘They fucked themselves over real good this time.” (paraphrased).

Congrats ladies. Hope you enjoy being the princesses you will no doubt be turned into when you get arrested, charged and convicted for this one.

Since this is in the hands of the police I don’t want to interfere in what is probably an active police investigation by publishing information identifying those involved so will be withholding it until they’re arrested. When arrests occur I will provide more details and all of their identifying information.

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Bully: Dan Cooper/Dan Carol

Bully: Dan Cooper/Dan Carol

We are still verifying his real identity. Dan Cooper/Dan Carol/Kaptn Fahkin Kage is just a few of several aliases he uses on Facebook, however, his MO is quite consistent.

We don’t think this is the person who uses the Kage alias. We think this person used the Kaptn Fahkin Kage alias to manipulate us into believing it’s Kage. We’re not buying it.

1. He hates anti-pedophilia activists so we are beginning to suspect that he may be a pedophile.

2. He uses extreme and deceptive methods to frame anti-pedophilia social activists to make them look like they are pedophiles.

Let me give you a recent example of a stunt he played on me. I expect that you will be seeing numerous photoshopped screenshots in groups that I’m not a member which will allege to be evidence of my ‘child stalking’ based on this so I may as well expose it from the start 🙂

This is what crazy people do and remember that these are the people Jennifer Emick is using as her trusted sources for the deceptions she uses to attack me on Twitter. ROFL. She should be ashamed of herself but she won’t be.

The strategy that Dan Cooper/Dan Carol/Kaptn Fahkin Kage  uses

1. He’ll hit your Page or Account with innocuous but leading comments.

2. He then waits for you to respond. He may make quite a few and bury them, presumably so that you don’t know what he’s going to use against you. Although he doesn’t always do this and in this case he didn’t.

3. After you respond and give him something he can use, he deletes all of his comments and then deletes the fake accounts he used.

He has someone screenshotting them for him but wants to remove them so that you don’t get a chance to get screenshots of them.

This makes it easy for him to photoshop the shots and create deceptions to set you up and difficult for you to defend yourself.

Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten that there is such a thing as Email Notifications. Mine are turned on. Yes it’s a bit annonying but worth it in circumstances like this because I always have evidence of these communications.

On Jan 1, he posts the following item to the following post. Since he removed it I can’t show both together..



Okay so the link to the post, ‘The Cyberbullies: How Far Will They Go, 1‘ is the top one. The current alias of Kaptn Fahkin Kage (no, it isn’t Kage) responds to that post with the comment, ‘I’ve gone further.’.

I respond sarcastically here with something along the lines of: ‘Really? Then maybe you should drop your picture so I can do a special Page about you?‘ referring, of course to the anti-bullying blog.

He now sends me a link to an almost nude picture of a young adult male that he uploaded to his page which looks similar to someone that we think might be him but we have no confirmation at this time. He also makes the comment attached to the picture, ‘As per your request, toots’.

Well … No. I didn’t request that and he knows perfectly well I didn’t.

And so, the deception begins:


Again I make a sarcastic comment: ‘You need a bra, sweetie.’

The image, comments and account were all deleted almost immediately after I looked. I’m assuming he waited for me to comment and once I did removed everything after screenshotting it.

Now it isn’t Rocket Science to see how:

1. screenshots of the first two comments with one minor touchup like excluding or changing which main post the comments are associated with could change the entire meaning of what was said.

2. which picture the second comments are associated with (changing to a teenager) might be taken out of context and misrepresented to make me look like a ‘child stalker’.

Kreepy has a huge credibility problem these days. Everyone’s demanding proof of his pathological lies. He’s left with no other choice but to get his shills to convince others to fabricate frame-ups. Especially since his lame attempts to discredit me haven’t worked with anyone other than Jennifer Emick (which really tells you all you need to know about her level of stupid. Lol).

Of course this one’s going to be as big a FAIL as the other ones. ROFL.

We’ve established that this is this particular persons pattern of behavior. He does this regularly to people. I’m not the first and he does indeed run around self-righteously pontificating about how evil certain people are based on the screenshots that he set them up for.

We also know that he associates with Kree Love (Antonio F. Lopez) and was on the Bone Yard under different aliases.

So, we’re working on identifying him and when we do he’ll appear here.

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Bullying the Bullies?

One of the topics I want to cover in this blog is strategies for dealing with cyberharassment since both the professionals and the victims already know the ‘ignore it and it will go away’ mantra doesn’t work.

Well, given that the professionals really don’t seem to have solid ways of treating people with anti-social personality disorders, especially psychopathy and sociopathy (similar but different) we don’t really have much to work with.

So, there are a lot of people out there standing up to bullies and they’re using different strategies. In my opinion, this is a really good thing because we have the opportunity to explore exactly what works and what doesn’t so that we can eventually come up with actual methodologies for dealing with these abusers quickly.

At the moment, they have free reign to abuse people for years on end and often the same people. Some of the teenagers who committed suicide had been subjected to bullying by the same person(s) for years before they finally gave up and ended it all.

This situation needs to end.

Since the cyberharassers targeting me and other social activists have decided to flood the Internet with bullshit about us my strategy has become to start this blog. My plan is to systematically expose their explicit lies, misrepresentations, frame-ups and defamatory libel in order to clear people’s names as well as alert people not only to who these cyberbullies are but to the strategies they employ.

While there is a problem with this approach and that is that it gives other cyberharassers ideas, the benefit to educating people on what to look for in these situations outweighs the problem, in my opinion. Especially since I’m also giving people the ways and means to investigate the truth.

Anyone who read the CyberBullies: How Far Will They Go? post is now armed with the information they need to investigate a claim like this properly. They are also armed with the knowledge and can be prepared for the fact that these cyberharassers will go to extreme lengths to attack and defame people. This reality won’t take them by surprise.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Other people are using other approaches.

Oisin Sweeney, the author of Hackers on Steroids, talks about how he infiltrated the RIP Tards who were targeting Facebook Memorial pages of grieving families whose children had died. He both identified the individuals involved and disrupted the groups from within. In some cases, these individuals ended up getting arrested. He also talks about the strategies he used to deal with the pedophiles he found on Facebook.

Others are fighting back using the same strategies that the cyberharassers are using with the exception that they’re not spreading lies. They’re identifying the people involved, and making fun of them 🙂

One of the people on my FL who is a target of the above cyberharassment cult actually Trolls them luring them to her Wall with public posts about them and then just makes fun of them. It’s hilarious to watch.

th3j35t3r does to them what they’re all trying to do to him only he’s actually good at it and they’re not. That is, he doxes the ones that don’t have the good sense to go away. Lol.

There is another person doing parodies and another who uses all of the same strategies they use but these ones are a little over the top so I’m not going to include their stuff. Just my opinion but I don’t think that what they’re doing is effective because it gives the cyberharassers an open door to play the victim card and to an outsider it could look that way even if it isn’t actually the case.

The consistent threads that you can see running through the methodologies including mine are:

1. Going on the Offensive rather than being defensive

2. Identifying them

3. Exposing their strategy and lies and/or making fun of them

So, we know that this works, no matter what approach you take.

The problem that we’re still working on is the fact that our strategies don’t really end the cyberharassment. It puts the harassment cults and individuals on the defensive and on the run for short periods of time and then they come back with more of the same to throw at you but it’ll have a different twist.

While Mr. Sweeney probably got the furthest with his approach and was able to break up the groups which effectively stopped them from targeting grieving families, we still have harassment cults doing the same thing to different targets.

If we end that, they will move on to other targets. In addition, these new harassment cults consist of some of the same people who were involved with the RIP Tards.

So, just because it ends for one group doesn’t mean the problem is solved.

And I would like a solution. Not a temporary fix.

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Who Is The Target? Anonymous?

Anyone can become a target of cyberbullies whether you’re just an individual hanging out with personal friends and family on social media or whether you’re a social activist. All that really has to happen is for you to cross paths with people like those named in this blog, trigger some paranoid delusion of theirs and you’re on their hit list.

The entire point of this blog is to send out the message that people are standing up to these bullies by exposing their deceptions when they target and harass people.

Of course when you do that the bullies almost always accuse their targets of bullying by either playing the victim card themselves or falsely accusing them of bullying others. In their bizarre and twisted minds, it’s bullying to defend yourself against bullying. Lol.

I believe that one of the reasons that many teenagers who are the victim of this crime end up committing suicide is that we, as a society, disempower them. We tell these victims to just ‘ignore it and it will go away’.

Those of us who have been targets of this crime know perfectly well that harassers, bullies, and stalkers whether they’re online or in real life do not just go away. They become empowered and enabled when you try to ignore them and will go to more and more extreme lengths to get your attention. They might get distracted by someone else for periods of time or they might stop for periods of time but you will never be off their hit list once you’re on it. You have to have good strategies to make them go away.

In my previous blog post I talked about a person who is being effectively framed by these harassers as a pedophile. He does ignore them for the most part and yet he has been targeted in the most vicious way imaginable.

The ‘ignore it and it will go away’ approach only works in normal situations where normal people have normal fights with each other. In those situations it’s best for both parties to separate and cool off and even if only one party does it, the other party will often just move on.

What differentiates those situations from situations which involve full-blown harassment, is that the people engaging in full-blown harassment, for the most part, do actually suffer from some sort of anti-social personality disorder and they do it because they get pleasure out of seeing people hurt and suffering. They enjoy destroying lives and that is their goal.

The phenomenon that we’re seeing on the Internet is that those same people no longer have to be in close physical proximity to get together and engage in their abuse. As a result we are seeing the development of entire groups of people getting together who have similar histories of harassment and bullying and those people are working together. Sweeney talks about this phenomenon in his book, Hackers on Steroids.

There are several groups running around on Facebook right now who are focusing on and targeting social activists who are associated with Anonymous and their friends. Most of the social activists targeted are anti-pedophilia activists who are identifying and reporting pedophiles both on FaceBook and on DarkNet.

Some are just associated with individuals on the list but refused to drink the harassment kult kool-aid and ended up on the their hit list.

Since many Anons have objected to the behavior of these harassers they are now claiming that they are ‘not Anons’ nor do they support Anonymous, yet they join numerous Anonymous groups under numerous socks and by doing so create the implication that they are Anons or at the very least support Anonymous.

If they’re not Anons and don’t support Anonymous then why do they care what anyone does who is involved in or supports Anonymous or engages in social activism under the Anonymous banner? Do they think Anons are too stupid to locate pedophiles in their own ranks by themselves and deal with them? What business do they even have joining Anonymous groups?

One of the impacts of their actions has been that a lot of very good people are talking about removing their support for Anonymous and walking away because these crazies are creating so much disruption with their deceptions, threats and harassment that those targeted are finding it difficult to even focus on the causes they’ve given their hearts to.

Some are people who are solid social activists and who have contributed a great deal under the Anonymous banner all of which presents a positive public face to Anonymous.

If these good people start leaving, the name Anonymous will become solely tied to and associated with cyberharassment, cyberbullying and cyberstalking all of which are criminal acts with no socially redeeming qualities, because frankly that’s who’ll be left.

Then, it will just be a question of time before these groups start fighting with each other or targeting individuals in their own ranks. Some of that has already started. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll focus on each other instead of targeting innocents. Since they all enjoy it so much they could have a lot of fun destroying each other. Now there’s a thought. 🙂

Will that end the harassment of those individuals currently on their hit lists. Probably not but it will mean that new people will not be so easily accessible to them once this reputation gets established for Anonymous and it’s well on it’s way to establishing that reputation for itself thanks both to the cyberharassers and those Anons who repeatedly take the position that they ‘don’t want to get involved in the drama.’

They are involved in the drama whether they like or not because these cyberharassment groups have dragged everyone into the drama and done so quite successfully. Silence is assent.

And there is going to be an inevitable fall out to Anonymous as a result.

That’s something that those who are actively supporting and advocating the concept of Anonymous should give some thought to when they tell those social activists who have been unjustly targeted that ‘they don’t want to get involved in the drama’. Just saying …

Two very good people, who have worked very hard and shown a great deal of dedication to the Anonymous anti-pedophilia cause are Brian Johnson and Jay Marshall.

Brian Johnson is a hacktivist and Jay Marshall is an Anonymous supporter like myself.

While Jay’s name and dox haven’t appeared on the hit list web site yet he’s constantly dealing with harassers who are trying to convince him to go along with their harassment of the individuals on the hit list

Since he consistently refuses to go along with it he gets targeted with vicious rumors on an ongoing basis.

Brian Johnson has been placed on the hit list web site and has been lied about repeatedly as the cyberharassers desperately dig for dirt and constantly misrepresent innocent situations and relationships because they can’t find any real dirt on him.

The minor things that they have found and are exaggerating are laughable given their personal backgrounds and histories. Therein lies their own shameless hypocrisy in all of this.

That is, they’ll self-righteously pontificate about the evils of a person getting arrested for having weed while some of them have similar backgrounds, far worse backgrounds, or are into far stronger drugs.

And what would that have to do with the social activism that the person is involved in anyway. Absolutely nothing. It’s nothing more than an attempt to smear the person in an as many ways as possible.

Antonio F. Lopez, the 30 year old American who is impersonating UK teen Kree Love online, has been digging deep for dirt on me as well and has found nothing. So he employs the same strategies that have been used against Brian and others by both him, members of his little harassment cult as well as other little harassment cults.

The general strategy employed and one which has been used on all of us to one degree or another is:

1. Do an Internet search on the target

2. Collect any identifying information that will also help you identify family, friends, employers (past and present), organizations the person supports or is involved in, etc.

3. Use both 1 and 2 (by contacting people directly) to dig up dirt on the person.

4. If you find something and it’s ‘evil’ you’re golden. If you find something and it’s minor, exaggerate it way out of proportion. If you find nothing take what you have and see if you can fabricate some negative spin on it. If there’s nothing fabricate something. If people don’t buy it, frame the person.

5. After they’re done brown-nosing your family and friends for dirt on you, they will then proceed to target them by posting their pictures in memes all over the place, making harassing phone calls, etc. and often far worse.

Antonio has added a new component to this by going to my past employers and lying to them despite the fact that I no longer work there. Don’t ask me what the point of that was. These people are completely nuts. They are beyond the ken of normal people.

He is also the one that has initiated these frame-ups which he tries to keep quiet so that those he targets can’t defend themselves. The fabricated evidence is distributed behind the persons back.

The pro-pedophilia web site that was created in one of the victims names was never posted publicly that I’m aware of, just in private groups where they thought we wouldn’t find out about it. It has also been given to people privately as alleged evidence.

He claims that he has caught me stalking children. Given the frame-up of the person with the pro-pedophilia site I can’t even imagine what despicable frame-up he’s fabricated involving me and is distributing to people behind my back. Whatever it is, I have no doubt I could refute it in the 5 minutes it took me to expose and refute the pro-pedophilia site. I have never stalked children or anyone else.

As Sweeney mentioned in his book, a few years ago the RIP trolls consisted of a couple of hundred people on Facebook. Thanks to his hard work those groups broke up and the numbers dwindled, especially after a few people started getting arrested and faced substantial prison terms for their crimes. Thank You UK.

It looks to me like Antonio F. Lopez using the Kree Love alias misses those days and is trying to recreate those harassment groups. The only difference now is that he’s focusing on social activists rather than the grieving families and friends of dead children and the harassment is extending beyond Facebook and on to other social media groups as well as the Internet at large.

Aside from the numerous hate blogs created by the seriously obsessive Michael Babcock, one of which is listed under a domain name which uses the name of the target they use to lure in recruits and bait them into targeting others, Babcock floods sites like paste-bin with all sorts of defamatory libel, private emails, chats, etc. and floods torrent sites with gigabytes of useless irrelevant data he calls ‘evidence’ for his and the other harassment groups defamatory libel. His obsessions are quite extreme.

Before the site got shut down and confiscated by Interpol, Babcock had flooded it with literally thousands of defamatory libelous doxes. That is not normal behavior by any definition.

These cyberharassers try to establish some street credibility by claiming that they’re just trolls, 4channers and doing it for the ‘lulz’ but frankly, I don’t recall trolls or 4channers running around the Internet doing this sort of stuff. I’m in IT and my previous career was in libraries. I’ve been on the Internet or exposed to it for far longer than most.

On the rare occasions when someone appeared online and did this sort of stuff they didn’t last long because the good guys dealt with them. This activity was never allowed to expand to the proportions it’s expanding now since the general public has come online.

This is a recent phenomenon and it’s nothing more than a bunch of people with severe to mild anti-social personality disorders getting together in groups for the like-minded, hiding behind the troll/4chan/Anonymous names to give themselves some Internet credibility so that they can rationalize their abuse of innocent people.

They are criminals committing criminal acts daily and should be treated as such. The fact that these crimes are occurring on the Internet doesn’t make them less of a crime than in real life.

If treatments exist for the type of anti-social personality disorders these people display then they should also receive the mental health intervention that they appear to so desperately need.

They’re behavior really says it all where that’s concerned.

To those Anons who say they want to stay out of the drama: Silence is assent and they’re in the middle of the drama whether they want to be or not.

To Anonymous: Do you really want the Anonymous name dragged through the mud like this. It is happening irrespective of their claims.

I’ll leave with Brians words, expressed in a moment of frustration but reflecting the reality of what is happening to Anonymous because of these idiots.

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson


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Butthurt Is As Butthurt Does

It seems that the Tards of the BoneYard (haha – such an appropriate name they gave to themselves) are suffering some serious Butthurt. Lol.

All they appear to be capable of doing is screeching like little pigs about how allegedly ‘insane’ I am and issuing threats about how the people I communicate with on Twitter are going to ‘be embarrassed’.

Presumably that means that the Tards are planning to send their amusing and either completely irrelevant links or links which they intentionally misrepresent to some pretty smart people.

The mistake that they always make and that will continue to define themselves as the FailTards that they are is that they really, sincerely, and honestly believe that the rest of the world is as stupid as they are.

So, I look forward to the fallout from this one with great amusement. ;-D

I always find it quite amusing when the demonstrably nuts allege that I’m ‘nuts’ but have absolutely nothing to show as evidence other than their lies and misrepresentations which are so easily refuted and have been refuted repeatedly.

In fact, the only people who actually believe the shit they regularly shovel are themselves. They can’t even get other TardKrews to buy it which should tell you just how obviously bizarre their stories are. Lol.

What they all do is make lots of assertions, show lots of pretty but useless and meaningless screenshots, and never provide any direct evidence that is directly related to the allegation.

It’s all just bizarre interpretations or obvious misrepresentation of the screenshots.

This behavior itself is demonstrably crazy.

So, according to them, I’m ‘crazy’ when I describe what crazy people like these Tards do. Ok. Lol.

That’s essentially what all of this boils down to and nothing more.

Apparently it’s ‘crazy’ to object to being harassed, bullied and stalked whether it’s online or IRL but it’s not crazy to actually harass, bully and stalk, according to these Tards.

Go figure.

Projection, that is, attributing your issues to those you target, is also a key component of the harasser/bully/stalker profile whether one is dealing with them online or IRL.

That is effectively what they’re doing amidst all this crying butthurt today. They’re projecting their psychological issues on to me and attributing their ongoing insanity to me, in the form of this cyberharassment that they instigated and that they know perfectly well is based on Kreepy’s paranoid delusions and pathological lies. Either that or they share his paranoid delusions because they share his mental health issues.

Their online behavior and history for several years now has demonstrated a clear and obvious anti-social personality disorder that they all appear to suffer from to varying degrees.

Their assertions, bizarre interpretations, and intentional misrepresentations don’t make me ‘crazy’.

Their assertions, bizarre interpretations, and intentional misrepresentations make them demonstrably crazy. Lol.

I’m not going to bother with all of the item’s that they posted because they’re obviously irrelevant to the bizarre allegations they’re making and because it would take a complete and total moron to see those as evidence of anything other than a lame attempt to smear me. No surprise that Kreepy comments on those posts but doesn’t comment anywhere else.

However, they appear to be just getting warmed up so I expect the cacophony of the loons to get louder as the evening wears on. Lol.

I’ve just selected one post to demonstrate the extent of their pathological lies.

First, of course, we have the usual threats which are a joke as far as I’m concerned. The only thing Tommy is successfully wrecking is his own reputation and he did that long before I came on the scene with his cyberharassment of others after he stupidly got conned (or so he claims – he’s not the most credible person given all the lies he spews). Cyberharassers frequently play the victim card when they want to recruit others to participate in their cyberharassment campaigns.

Thomas Schroeder aka Thomas W. Cook aka Juliet Biehl, et al

Thomas Schroeder aka Thomas W. Cook aka Juliet Biehl, et al

Ironically, they’ve been at this for months and have only succeeded in recruiting two Tards to go after me directly both of whom are demonstrated cyberstalkers, cyberbullies and cyberharassers in their own right and have their own independent histories of defaming innocent people online.

Now to address the lies in the screenshot at the end of this post. They’re a joke but it’s always good to have the response out there in writing so that those who actually want to find the truth will find it.

Lie 1 is defamatory libel from Heather Martin:

‘…Kevin Annett uses Anonymous Hackers to do his dirty work.’

In the article, itself, Heather Martin claims that I am the said ‘Anonymous hacker’ along with numerous other vicious and unsubstantiated lies. She appears to be quite experienced at this cyberharassment thing given that she uses all the standard deceptions and demagogic tricks in her blog that the dishonest use when they haven’t actually got a rational argument or evidence.

Without even getting into the rest of it, at bare minimum, Heather Martin, if she was a normal, sane, rational human being would have evidence that I’m a ‘hacker’ before she published such nonsense.

She hasn’t produced any evidence because there is none. She can’t produce any because I don’t hack. That, in and of itself, makes all of her allegations there questionable. However, at some point, in the future I’ll address them in more detail in this blog.

I’ve already given a fair amount of background on Ms. Martin here, here, and here. There are two additional blogs written by others about her as well, here and here. The articles written by me on the first two blogs, or at least that information will eventually be moved to this blog and deleted from those other blogs. The third article is from this blog.

Now, you should also note the cowardice and incompetence here. All of these chickenshits are hiding in Heather Martin’s skirts, using her blog to attack me and she isn’t even seen in the discussion. Lol. At least not yet. No doubt she’ll show up at some point.

They want to make sure that the heat is directed to her and not their cowardly asses. She will kow tow to this because she really is as stupid as they are and she’s unable to see that they’re simply throwing her under the bus just like Michael is unable to see that they are doing the same to him. All of their behavior here is the definition of crazy.

They don’t show Antonio F. Lopez aka Kree Love’s blog which libels me directly because he’s a chicken shit little coward who can’t stand the heat generated by his own actions.

Lie 2. is Michael Babcock’s delusion. I’ve never said anywhere that he was Heather Martin nor have I said anywhere that the sock he uses in this thread, Lilli Alpert is Heather Martin. Lilli Alpert is Michael Babcock’s sock and I’ve been aware of it for months.

Lie 3. is Babcock’s delusion but it’s also a group delusion. That is, all of them continuously make that allegation, that everyone on the list is being called a Child Trafficker. I suppose I could be generous and just assume that they’ve misread the PTR site repeatedly but that would make me delusional. Lol. I’m actually being kind by calling it a delusion since the only other option is that it’s a flagrant lie.

If you go to the site it doesn’t allege that everyone on the list is a DarkNet Child Trafficking Scammer. Read it for yourself. The allegations are quite clear to anyone who has a basic grasp of the english language. I don’t use too many big words there. There is also evidence provided that is explicit to each allegation.

Lie 4. more lame threats from Tommy Tard and his delusion that my interactions with friends or people that I’m having friendly interactions with is ‘brown-nosing’ Lol and his implication that he’s going to enlighten them. That’s going to be more amusing than I can even tell you for reasons that Tommy Tard has no clue about. I think I’ll keep those reasons to myself and let him make an abject fool of himself. In fact, I might just wait for a couple of days before publishing this blog, just to ensure that he has every opportunity to demonstrate just what a whacko he is. This calls for popcorn. 😀

Lie 5. Babcock claims that the ‘truce’ I attempted to negotiate with him only lasted 8 hours. It didn’t even last that long. Babcock was sharing my emails with Heather Martin from the start and had no intention of having a truce. He did remove my information and links from some of the sites but not all, claiming that he couldn’t access all of them. It was merely a token gesture but it reduced the number of lies out there and he wasn’t adding me to the new blogs he created at that time.

I removed his name from the web site which is the only place it was at that time and there was no other commentary about him there at that time. Only his name. Just having his name appear in one location on the Internet was apparently enough to drive him quite mad and target me and even having it removed wasn’t enough for him to deal with me honestly.

That’s pretty crazy and extreme behavior given the fact that I upheld my side of the truce for months and was not involved in anything related to him until he crossed the line recently.

His name was added back to the site after he published several of those new and identical hate blogs filled with lies and defamatory libel, all of which included me. Obsessive much?

He included me because he really is quite a stupid man and got conned with the lamest trick in the book, by the person who initially exposed the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam. That person created a blog about Michael but used a template that I use on one my blogs. That was enough to sucker this Tard into turning me into a target again and obsessing about me. ROFL.

The sheer stupidity that has been demonstrated over and over and over again by the members of this group belies belief.

Another one of Babcock’s delusions is his allegation that I ‘agreed the PDF was fake’. No, I didn’t. I said I didn’t know whether the word ‘Echelon’ had been added to the top and I stated that it looked like the PDF that Antonio aka Kree showed me. In addition, I pointed out that at least 2 other people received that PDF directly from Antonio aka Kree and attested to it being genuine.

I also attempted to explain to this Tard who thinks he’s the Guru of the Internet how Google Docs works and why there is, in fact, another rational explanation for the modification label. Unfortunately like I’ve said before, repeatedly, you can’t reason with Tards. It simply isn’t possible. That’s what makes them Tards. No amount of evidence, rational argumentation, reason will ever get through their thick skulls and their pet paranoid delusions. And therein lies the strongest evidence that they are indeed mentally ill in some way, most likely with some sort of anti-social personality disorder.

Lie 6. Babcock’s delusional allegation that ‘I spazzed at him’. ROFL. This one is hilarious because if he ever produces the email, which he used to call a ‘rage email’, all I’m doing is asking him, quite calmly and politely, why he gave my emails to Heather Martin. We were still communicating by email and ‘negotiating’ our ‘truce’ when Heather Martin posted her hate post which included chopped up versions of my emails to Michael. (Refer back to Lie 5 where Michael claims the ‘truce’ lasted 8 hours. Lol.

And, of course Heather Martin was added to list after I saw the blog post. She got played, was stupid and decided to play and those were the consequences.

If she wants to stop playing and removes those posts on her blog with my name in them, all of my posts and any references to her associated with this group of Tards will be removed. It’s her choice. I have no illusions whatsoever about what her choice will be. Those who suffer from anti-social personality disorders are quite predictable.

Lie 7 by Michael Babcock was addressed in my response to Lie 5. His name was placed back on the site and I’m including him in this blog because he placed me on that site that he created on Kreepy’s behalf. If he hadn’t done that he wouldn’t be receiving such special attention here and his name would not have been added back to the PTR site. He made his choice and has only himself to blame for it. If he removed everything (and this time I would require everything removed with no excuses accepted) then he will also be removed from all posts and the web site. Again, I have no illusions about the choice that he will make because as I said, those with anti-social personality disorders are quite predictable.

The fact that they are predictable doesn’t mean that you don’t offer people an out and all of these people have that out if they want it. They are the one’s who instigated this cyberharassment campaign against me and others  based on Kreepy’s lies. They can stop it anytime they choose by removing the lies that they’ve had posted everywhere.

They choose not stop it because, in my opinion, they are all mentally ill drama whores and narcissists who suffer from some form of anti-social personality disorder and who feed on negative attention, enjoy hurting innocent people, and simply don’t want to stop. Nothing demonstrates that better than their actual behavior over the past 11 months as well as in the following post and the posts that I will be posting which will detail the entire progression of events in their own words.

“With ropes wove from their own words shall they be hung” –Oison Sweeney



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Hackers On Steroids by Oisin Sweeney: A Book Review

Click the image if you want to purchase the book from Amazon.


Hackers On Steroids describes author, Oisin Sweeney’s numerous run-ins on Facebook with RIP Tards and Pedophiles and his attempts to deal with an issue that no normal, sane person could sit back and ignore once they’re aware of the problems he discusses.

It’s a serious book because it deals with some very serious issues but it’s also a hilarious book when he describes how he repeatedly Pwned the Tards some of whom ended up PartyV&d. Not necessarily by his doing directly but no doubt that he drew people’s attention to what was going on and had an impact.

Many of us, including me, live our lives completely unaware of these dramas that play themselves out daily and cause untold harm to people. And many of us, including me, are also targets of this crime ourselves by other groups of Tards.

RIP Tards are cyberharassers, cyberbullies and cyberstalkers most of whom have a preferred target type. The RIP Tards preferred target type is the families of children that have died so they hold a particularly despicable place of honor in the world of the Tards.

Oisin Sweeney has brought this Tard world and the Pedophiles world on Facebook to life, displayed the horror of it and challenged the reader to act but to act with intelligence. Something that he, himself, demonstrated throughout his dealings with this evil.

It’s nice to see that Mr Sweeney and I agree on several key issues:

1. Ignoring the Tards isn’t going to make them go away. They need to be actively deterred. What that entails has to be determined by the situation and who is involved. (Do no harm but take no shit. Hold them accountable.)

2. The targets of these Tards need to be empowered and supported.

3. Those who manipulate behind the scenes can also and should be manipulated and then exposed.

4. There is no inherent right in Free Speech that includes the right to lie, defame, and intentionally destroy people. There are plenty of criminal harassment laws on the books which inhibit this.

5. Since the state (more often than not) will not take action against the Tards … We, the people need to empower ourselves to deal with them.

6. Those with anti-social personality disorders are getting together and working together to wreak this havoc online.

Oisin Sweeney used many creative, intelligent approaches to successfully Pwn the Tards and for the most part had them on the run.

The idea of a special reporting button for child sexual abuse/child pornography and cyberharassment/cyberbullying/cyberstalking is a good one and one that Facebook (if they cared) should take seriously.

As a software developer I know perfectly well that it would not be difficult to implement technically.

It would however, require Facebook to invest some money in creating and training a specially trained support infrastructure to manage those complaints as well as the numerous false complaints that the Tards will be abusing it to make.

Given that FB is a multi-billion dollar company they can afford it and it’s the socially responsible thing to do.

Mr. Sweeney. Being hated by the Tards was a compliment. You should be proud. A thumbs up to you.

“With ropes wove from their own words shall they be hung” –Oison Sweeney


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CyberHarassment, A Pattern Of Behavior

normalhumanbeingAntonio Lopez, the American adult impersonating UK teenager Kree Love, has a long history on the Internet of Cyberharassment against numerous people associated with Anonymous. Many who have had some contact with him and who are serious social activists, hackers, gamers, or just innocent people that inadvertently trigger what appear to be paranoid delusions have become his victims.

Antonio aka Kree thinks nothing of lying to all of his associates about the people he wants to target in order to get them worked up into a frothing rage and jump into the front lines for him. He also thinks nothing of targeting people in his social circle. Friendship appears to mean very little to him.

It looks like Jamie McKinley taught him quite a sound lesson and as a result he’s afraid to be on the front lines even with back up. Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped him from continuing his cyberharassment, it’s just motivated him to modify his strategy. Now, he manipulates from behind the scenes and instigates others to go into the front lines for him so that he doesn’t have to take any heat for his activities.

There are plenty of Tards out there ready to be conned into doing his dirty work. Tards who don’t check out the story. If they did, they’d walk away and tell him to fight his own battles like a man, instead of hiding behind everyone else’s skirts like a little pansy.

It’s been my experience that all Cyberharassers are basically cowards who use the same strategies. So, the first time they instigate a harassment campaign, they need to be taught a lesson and then after that, those who shill for them, and are also, often cyberharassers in their own right, also need to be taught a lesson.

Antonio managed to hook up with people who also have the same history of cyberharassment of their own friends and others who associate with Anonymous. This entire group has done absolutely nothing since 2010 except engage in vicious cyberharassment of numerous people online both on their own and in this group.

It’s important to remember that this type of nonsense never ends on it’s own, and it’s a mistake for people to advise others to ‘ignore it and it will go away’. It won’t. If you think it does, give me some actual evidence of a single situation where that happened. You’ll be very hard-pressed to find one. And note that there’s a difference between a normal Internet fight which flares up and is over quickly, and an actual ongoing cyberharassment campaign which someone intentionally instigates and continues to feed.

A full-fledged Cyberharassment campaign will only stop when those who engage in this nonsense are forced to stop either through social pressure, legal means, mental health intervention, standing up to them and exposing their lies, etc.

lollipoppsychoBullying and harassment are indicators of an anti-social personality disorder in those who engage in this behavior. As a result the behavior won’t stop on it’s own because the instigators can’t stop. They’re obsessive and they feed on the negative attention.

IRL what we usually see is one bully/harasser surrounded by sheeple who do their bidding but on their own are unlikely to engage in this behavior. As a result the bullying can be stopped by socially isolating the bully from their sheeple.

Since it’s become so much easier to connect with people all over the world online, we are seeing a different phenomenon develop online.

A phenomenon where groups of bullies and harassers are getting together and working together to target innocent people. Even though one bully/harasser might be the alpha dog, the other bullies and harassers are also quite capable of, and do, operate their own bullying and harassment campaigns. Kree’s group is a perfect example of this.

A search on both Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster aka CoderHyguru as well as Heather Martin will give you plenty of evidence to support this fact. Both are running Hate Blogs against individuals, targeting anyone associated with those individuals, and including them on the Hate Blogs as well. I, and many others are listed on their blogs and targeted with their lies because of our associations.

These Tards appear to have forgotten that both the Canadian Charter of Rights and the US Constitution protect our right to free association and no-one, including these Tards have the right to bully and intimidate us because of who we choose to associate with. Using the ‘guilt by association’ fallacy is typical of demagogues and liars who are pursuing agendas and don’t have any truths to support them.

Antonio Lopez aka Kree Love is also running a Hate Blog on his web site targeting me where he also targets others associated with me. He has created a sub-domain using my name without my permission where he has posted defamatory libel on DarkNet’s DoxBin and used an interface to make it accessible on ClearNet.

In response to these attacks I created a web site and this blog and have commented on this topic on some other blogs I run.

I don’t believe that liars should be able to lie with impunity and I don’t believe they should be ignored so I do respond to public lies publicly.

Of course, Antonio aka Kree, likes to play the victim card and pretend that the opposite is true. It isn’t and I can disprove any and all of the numerous variations of his stories which allege that’s the case. Since there are so many variations of this lie (he has to change it every time I refute it) there’s no point doing so here.

An intelligent person looking for the truth will find it in my blogs and web site.

A Tard who prefers to believe the lie will stick with the lie no matter what refutations are provided.

That said, naturally, many of the individuals targeted by these Tards don’t react well to this abuse and respond in kind. When this occurs, you can absolutely certain that ALL the bullies will start a cacophony of screeching and whining about what poor little victims they are and playing the innocents. They ALL suddenly and conveniently ‘forget’ the inconvenient truth that people are simply responding to their abuse.

They consider themselves bullying victims whenever anyone dares to stand up to their abuse and harassment. This is a standard strategy of cyberharassers, cyberbullies and cyberstalkers and a known part of their psychological profile.

You’ll see this pattern play out over and over again whenever cyberharassment is occurring.

If you care enough about ending cyberharassment, cyberbullying and cyberstalking you will pay attention to the patterns of behavior. When you do, it becomes quite easy to detect who the bullies are and who the victims are.

Not standing up to these Tards, hoping that if you ignore them they’ll go away, doesn’t work, has been demonstrated not to work repeatedly and is bad advice. I believe that’s why people end up committing suicide because of these crazies.

Why? Because when you tell a victim to ‘ignore it and it will go away’ you are disempowering the victim and empowering and enabling the bully.

This not only encourages the bully to continue targeting you but it encourages them to target others as well.

They need to be deterred and not enabled.

And as I said previously deterrence occurs when they are forced to stop either through social pressure, legal means, mental health intervention, standing up to them and exposing their lies, etc.

It’s the ONLY thing I’ve seen work and psychological research studies on those who suffer from anti-social personality disorders support this.


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