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Bully: Adult Kree Love, Dallas TX impersonator of Teen Kree Love, UK. Documentation of Harassment 2. Updated

Bully: Adult Kree Love, Dallas TX impersonator of Teen Kree Love, UK. Documentation of Harassment 2. Updated

Please note that while the information in this post has been updated and is current, the rest of the blog posts have not been updated with new information except where noted. Any new information has only been added here.

Updated. March 31, 2019 Emick information

Updates are edits. January 19, 2017 because Kree’s monkey, Babcock is so desperate for cash he can’t leave me out of this BS

Updated. February 21, 2016 to document a recent upsurge in activity and a new image.

Updated. December 14, 2014 to document extortion.

Updated. January 23, 2014 to enhance as well as add more comments to the end.


Kree Love, 30+ year old adult from Dallas Texas, Indian Grocery Store employee, and impersonator of 17+ year old UK teen, Kree Love, has been engaging in cyberharassment/stalking for several years as I’ve indicated in previous posts. He’s picked up various cohorts along the way. The people he’s been working closely with in this campaign are: Jennifer Emick, Timothy E. Wheeler (aka Timm Wheeler), Thomas Schroeder (aka Thomas W. Cook), Christopher Erwin (aka Jason Steele) and Michael Babcock (aka N2KMaster, CoderHyGuru) and others who come and go.

There is a difference between normal online arguments and full-fledged cyberharassment campaigns as I’ve demonstrated in previous blog posts. Normal people do not engage in lengthy and persistent cyberharassment and cyberstalking campaigns consisting of outright fabrications that last for years on end (2013 to date).

In a post I wrote and published last year on my personal blog, I explain the difference between various Internet traditions like Trolling, Doxing and Social Engineering and how they differ from Cyberharassment. Cyberharassers like Kree Love abuse these methods in order to pursue their online harassment campaigns and then try to extract ‘street cred’ for themselves by exploiting those terms.

In this post I will only be publishing small extracts from chats and other material which is available in a more complete and detailed form on this web site with screenshots of the actual conversations.


This began in November 2012, when Kree attempted to recruit me and other people associated with Anonymous anti-pedophilia social activism on Facebook into his DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam which he tried to sell as a ‘sting’.

Most of us rejected this recruitment attempt because we preferred to see the Pedos in prison rather than extort money from them and let them continue to abuse children.

However, I left on friendly terms and maintained a friendly relationship with him fully expecting that he and anyone he recruited would eventually find themselves in jail, given that it was an obvious extortion and not a ‘sting’ as he claimed.

He had asked me not to tell Timothy E. Wheeler about his activities. I agreed and didn’t say anything to Timm Wheeler.

There are, however, some interesting things about this recruitment attempt that should be pointed out.

In October, 2012, he had mentioned that he had found a paying job. So when he attempted to recruit me, I asked him if he was being paid to do this. I was wondering if this was the paying job he had referred to previously.

[11/3/2012 7:41:19 AM] Kitty Hundal:is someone paying you to bring them down?

[11/3/2012 7:41:26 AM] Kree Love: not bring them down.

[11/3/2012 7:41:36 AM] Kree Love: to massivly scam a bunch of pedos out of 500k.

[11/3/2012 7:41:38 AM] Kree Love: a month.


[11/3/2012 7:42:11 AM] Kree Love: and basically

[11/3/2012 7:42:21 AM] Kree Love: we’ve created a store

[11/3/2012 7:42:24 AM] Kree Love: which sells children

It’s pretty clear here that this is the paying job.

So my questions are:

Who would pay adult, Kree Love from Dallas, impersonating UK teen, Kree Love, to do this and why?

What was the ultimate goal of this paying job?

Was it to scam (extort) pedos? Or, Was it to entrap certain people associated with Anonymous, particularly anti-pedophilia activists?

The end result would likely have been the latter as a result of the first if everything had played itself out. That is, if those of us targeted for recruitment, who weren’t direct personal friends of Kreepy, had agreed to participate.

We didn’t.

For me, it was more important to have the pedos in prison so that they couldn’t continue abusing children. Clearly for Kree and crew, the money was more important and the abused children didn’t matter.

In my opinion, the only people who would take issue with anti-pedophilia activists and have an interest in discrediting them would be pedophiles. So, I have to wonder ….

However, I don’t know the answers to those questions. All I can say based on the facts that I currently have is that it’s clear by the conversation, that he was being paid to recruit people to participate in a DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam. The fact that his biggest ally is Jennifer Emick also says a lot.

After Kree’s attempts to recruit anti-pedophilia social activists, over a period of a couple of months, were met with failure, Timothy Wheeler claimed that he had discovered Kree’s criminal activity and was going to expose it. According to both him and Kree, they had an angry exchange of emails which lasted a couple of weeks.

I knew nothing about any of this while it was happening other than Kree’s attempt to recruit me to participate in the scam by falsely alleging it was a sting and my friendly and polite refusal in November. After which I continued to have friendly interactions with Kree  and said nothing to Timm as per my agreement with Kree.

On February 8, 2013, despite several friendly exchanges with Kree and no indication from him or Tim that anything was wrong, I went to a Facebook group that we were all members of at that time and found the following item posted to the group.

Kree Love: “I’d like to give a round of applause to Timm Wheeler and Kitty SoftPaws Hundal for consistently threatening me over the past week or two. But for Kitty, many thanks for attempting to destroy an Echelon operation, and I hope you enjoy your Dox this weekend.”

Now, I knew absolutely nothing about what he was talking about. Timothy Wheeler hadn’t shared any information with me. Kree hadn’t shared any information with me and I was caught completely by surprise by these false accusations. I hadn’t threatened Kree in any way. I hadn’t even communicated with him during the previous two weeks. Nor had I done or said anything about Echelon (which is essentially a fantasy of Kree’s).

So, I had no idea why or what had triggered this.

When I asked, Thomas Schroeder aka Thomas W. Cook’s response was to engage in lame attempts at ‘trolling’, since he doesn’t know what trolling is. Essentially, he refused to provide any information about these allegations or evidence to support them. Kree later appeared and did the same.

Since I hadn’t even communicated with Kree over the previous two weeks before the Feb. 8, 2013 post, and since Kree refused to provide any evidence, It was obvious to me that Kree was lying for some reason and whatever evidence he might have had was fabricated by him, otherwise he would have shown it to me.

If he was honest and just mistaken, because someone had been engaging in a deception by using my name in communications, Kree would have provided that and I would have had something to investigate. The fact that he didn’t provide that and hasn’t to this date, was one indicator that he was lying.

It’s come to my attention that he is distributing a password protected pastebin behind the scenes filled with malicious lies and distortions which he’s not willing to have me see. So, it’s obviously fabricated and he’s afraid that I’ll be able to refute it and expose yet another lie. Both Kree and his dancing monkey, Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster / CoderHyguru, like to fabricate evidence because their lies are so bizarre that no-one will believe them unless they do.

At this point I had no idea what he meant by attempting to ‘destroy an Echelon operation’.

Essentially Echelon is a fantasy of Kree’s who appears to have spent a little too much time on gaming servers. It doesn’t exist.

Finally after a lengthy going back and forth which continued into the next day, on February 9, 2013, Kree finally revealed that it was related to his DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam. At this point I explained that I had not said anything to anyone including to Timothy Wheeler about his scam.

Timothy Wheeler had apparently been posting the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam price list that Kree had created on Twitter and Facebook. I was unaware of this at the time.

Timothy Wheeler later joined the thread and stated that I was not the one who provided the information to him, it was someone else.

However, Kree insisted that it had to be me because he allegedly hadn’t provided anyone with the document outside of the people listed in his Skype group at the time he added me. This came out in a Facebook chat initiated by Christopher J Erwin aka Jason Steele in an attempt to intimidate and harass me into ‘confessing’. Since I hadn’t done what I had been accused of there was nothing to confess and I made that clear to the numerous participants that had been added to the discussion.

This was his second fabrication since there were in fact two men who were not in the group at the time I was there who Kree attempted to recruit and to whom he sent the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam price-list. And there was a third man who was in the group when I was there but also rejected the recruitment attempt as well. So, there were four possibilities for the leak altogether.

This fabrication has now been exposed because Timothy Wheeler outed the person who gave him the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam price-list.

[2/8/2013 5:25:23 PM] Timothy Wheeler: kk… just get me that link pls.. perhaps some fear will help save Kree.. I”m putting some ‘ SE’ plays out there.. he just may have you to thank if it is not too late.. but just lay low , I appreciate that tidbit of info, I just need a direction to point the gun most times

[2/8/2013 5:29:54 PM] *** Brian Johnson sent EchelonPrices.pdf ***

There is a voice recording of the interaction on this web site as well.

Antonio F. Lopez, impersonating Kree Love and exchanging the PDF with BJ

Kree Love exchanging the PDF with Brian Johnson

Antonio F. Lopez, impersonating Kree Love providing a sample communication with a buyer to BJ

Kree Love providing a sample communication with a buyer to Brian Johnson

Michael Babcock also, mistakenly, outed the fact that another person had told Connie Wierick about both the scam and the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam pricelist long before Timothy Wheeler had sent her the pricelist. So, both Connie and her friend not only knew about the scam but had a copy of the pricelist.

Babcock is obsessive about posting every single chat and email exchange he has engaged in with anyone publicly on paste-bin or other similar sites. He did this with a chat he had with Connie. He then, provided Timothy Wheeler with the link in one his rage email exchanges with Timothy Wheeler.

In addition I saw a communication between Timothy Wheeler and the third person where he explained what happened in his interaction with Kree.

I have screenshots of the these last two as well but at this point all we need is the above to demonstrate that Kree lied. He had indeed given the price list to someone who was not in the group when I was there and it was that person who provided Timothy Wheeler with the information about the scam and gave Timothy Wheeler the DarkNet Child Trafficking Price List.

Kree knew this then, knows this now and knows perfectly well there is no reason to drag me into this absurd drama. Since the reasons were fabricated from the start, the motivation behind the harassment was also fabricated. The real motivation is extortion and the only target is me (irrespective of Babcock’s incessant whining about Timm which is all just a big show).

He and his little cult of followers, Thomas Schroeder aka Thomas W. Cook, Michael Babcock and others, ignore Timm (Timothy E.) Wheeler for the most part which is ironic because he was the one who actually exposed the scam and put all of this in motion.

Jennifer Emick is a friend of both Timm Wheeler and Kree Love and inserted herself into this fight. That alone should tell you all you need to know.

Kree continues to use Timm as bait to recruit people who hate him and then divert them into targeting me instead of Timothy Wheeler who is the person they claim to actually have issues with. They do this despite the fact that I no longer associate with Tim.

Since Brian Johnson was outed by Timothy Wheeler, he has also been targeted quite viciously by various people who I believe were incited by Kree through his shills to target him.

Given this attitude of Kree’s from the start, it isn’t surprising to me in the least that he refuses to accept my very reasonable offer, that if he removes the lies about me (including everything he’s had his ‘friends’ post), I’ll deactivate the blog posts exposing him and walk away from it all.

He would then be free to go after Timothy Wheeler if he chooses to. After all, that is what he’s claiming that he wants to do after he’s ‘taken me out’. It is, of course, just another lie. Timm was part of their scam and just pretending to be a ‘victim’ and my ally.

The only reason Babcock continues to post this stuff is that he is hoping to get money from Kree. So Kree is complicit whether he posts the material himself or whether others do it for him.

Kree is a seriously disturbed cyberharasser/stalker and extortionist who enjoys targeting people. He has no interest in Tim and doesn’t care that his DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam was exposed.

He just needed an excuse to target someone but he’s too much of a little pussy to target anyone directly. He’s enjoying the success he achieved at manipulating certain fools into targeting Brian Johnson.

He’s being less successful with me because I’m forcing him to stay in the forefront and not letting him sidetrack me into fights with others and frankly he’s just not very good at it technically or socially given all the alleged expertise he claims in IT and Social Engineering.

He couldn’t convince anyone to do it for free other than a bunch of equally incompetent failures who are contributing more to discrediting him than they are helping him. Lol.

So, he started to offer a bounty on me, not Timm. When I pointed out that not offering a bounty on Timm exposed the lie that Timm was his target, then he added a lower bounty on Timm. Eventually he made the bounty equal but continues to divert attention away from Tim and towards me. Not that he’ll ever actually pay out what he’s promising. If you believe that you deserve to be conned by Kree.

Babcock is actually dumb enough to believe that and that is the only reason Babcock continues to target me despite the fact that I’ve ignored his provocations for a couple of years.

Now, note how Kree pretends below that he’s the poor victim here.

Given the facts above, it’s patently obvious he’s just a pathological liar who will say pretty much anything to rationalize his cyberharassment campaign and win over recruits to do his dirty work for him.

I have done nothing but defend myself against his and his cohorts ongoing and very malicious lies and misrepresentations.

As of, December 2014, the bounty has been increased to a maximum of $50BTC or 50BTC. Note that there is only way to render someone “redundant and unable to rebroadcast.” In a screenshot further down this page Kree indicates that he could get someone from “Ft Meade to do it for less” (Fort Meade is a US army base). His intent is pretty clear here in the original bounty. The new bounty can be seen at the bottom of this post.

Kree Love posts bounty on Kitty Hundal

Kree Love posts bounty on Kitty Hundal

Kreepys offer of bitcoins to target Kitty Hundal is accepted

Kree’s offer of bitcoins to target Kitty Hundal is accepted

Of course, this is all bullshit but that fact doesn’t stop crazies from taking him up on the offer as you can see from the screenshot above, below, and in other areas of the site where people did indeed accept his offer but simply didn’t do what he actually wanted them to do so they never received a penny from him to my knowledge. They engaged in cyberharassment and ‘doxing’.

Doxing someone who doesn’t hide and openly has their real information online is rather lame and pathetic.

The only unpublished information they located was my address and phone number because my provider illegally sold that information to White Pages despite the fact that I was paying to have it unlisted.

Updated. February 21, 2016.

Kree did violate federal as well as state law in several states by posting that unpublished information with associated defamatory libel on Doxbin. Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster / CoderHyguru / Lili Alpert, et al has also violated Canada’s Criminal Harassment and CyberBullying laws (passed in 2015) by posting Kree’s libel about me, the unpublished address/phone number, his own libel and defamation, and my images (without my permission). They have also incited the trolls targeting Kevin Annett to target me as well. Heather Martin doesn’t want to get sued so she has removed some of her lies (one of her cohorts outed her and publicly stated that she pushed him into lying and spreading those lies everywhere). So, instead she’s been chatting with other trolls like herself and playing the victim. Those trolls are now jumping on board this bandwagon, encouraged and nudged behind the scenes by the Kreepy Kult (currently Kree Love (Dallas TX – NOT the UK teenager), Thomas Schroeder (aka Cook), Timm Wheeler, Michael Babcock, and others).

Updated. January 23, 2014.

Things that make you go Hmmmm. Not what I would call real evidence, especially given the bullshit these guys shovel, but interesting nonetheless to those familiar with my fictionalized memoir, From The Shadows

Kree admits contact with CR edit1

Kree admits contact with CR who was alive at that time

Also note, I am not Tim and evidence of Tim’s activities has nothing to do with me.

It’s their sick Bait and Switch game. It’s the only way they can recruit anyone to target me because most people don’t know me and those that do know me actually like me for the most part or at least don’t hate me with the same passion that numerous people hate Tim with.

So, the Bait and Switch scam goes like this:

  1. Tim does something like send harassing emails. For example, this started when Tim Wheeler and Kree were fighting and there was a nasty email exchange between Tim and Kree. I was not a part of this and knew nothing of it.
  2. The Tards accuse me of it. Yet in that first post, Kree is falsely accusing me of harassing him for two weeks. It was Tim who did what Kree was accusing me of doing and Kree knew this when he fabricated his lie: “Kree Love: “I’d like to give a round of applause to Timm Wheeler and Kitty SoftPaws Hundal for consistently threatening me over the past week or two.”
  3. Provide evidence of Tim doing it. All of the evidence Kree provided (much later – not at the time) consisted of Tim’s emails. Not a single communication from me during those two weeks was ever provided and never has been to this date. They don’t exist. There were none.
  4. Tim had cc’d someone else in those emails. That cc account wasn’t mine.

Believe it or not some people really are stupid enough to buy all of this and it doesn’t occur to them to ask why these Tards are trying to incite everyone to target me when they have no evidence that I have done anything to them other than expose the constant lies and harassment they are subjecting me to.

Ironically, they also don’t ask why their own nemesis, Tim, appears to be virtually excluded from the harassment other than with the odd token posting intended to reinforce the Bait and nothing more.

And, ironically, instead of doxing Tim, who Babcock allegedly hates, he’s busy trying to dox me and get dirt on me simply because he stupidly thinks there’s money in it for him. He’s too mentally ill or stupid to realize that Kree is a con artist and isn’t going to pay him a dime no matter what he does.

Questioning these inconsistencies in Kree’s behavior and allegations as well as the behavior and allegations of the others, would require some intelligence and the Tards don’t exactly run in intelligent circles nor do they seek those people out. The stupider … the better.

Mentally ill like I believe Babcock is? Even better as far as they are concerned.

Note that all cyberharassers, stalkers, and bullies are mentally ill but often in different ways depending on their stalking profile.

Update: December, 2014.

In November, 2014, Kree finally came out with his end game. Extortion.

Within weeks of Kree publishing his extortion demand, his cohort Jennifer Emick started tweeting nonsense about me and falsely attempting to associate me with someone else she had targeted for harassment. This was simply an attempt to manipulate those individuals who were her allies in that campaign to target me as well.

I confronted her little scam publicly on Twitter and notified her and Kree that they would never receive a dime from me to stop their cyberharassment and cyberbullying against me, by pinning a copy of the extortion attempt to my Twitter profile. I refuse to kneel down to extortionists.

Antonio F. Lopez

Kitty Hundals response to Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez extortion attempt

Note the lame attempt (this is a standard con from Kree’s playbook) to win sympathy by playing the victim yet again. No threats were ever issued to Kree. He was asked by a friend to cease and desist his cyberharassment of me. He used this opportunity to play out his end game. The extortion attempt. I have never libeled Kree nor have I said anything about his business publicly so he has no claims against me where that is concerned. I, on the other hand, have plenty of evidence against him.

The image below is the extortion attempt and the second image below states the new amount of 50BTC to a maximum of $50K USD all couched in nonsense in an effort to make himself look like an innocent victim. As you can see by all of the hard evidence in this blog in this and other posts, Kree is far from being an innocent victim. He is the perpetrator and has himself violated Criminal Codes in the US and UK both places he’s lived in since this campaign began and to date.

Kree Love Extortion

Kree plays the victim (no death threats were issued just a warning from a friend to stop his cyberharassment of me.


Updated. February 21, 2016.

Kree Love Dallas Texas

Kree Love Dallas Texas

June 15, 2016. Jennifer Emick started running around explicitly spreading the libel that I was a ‘pedophile’ defender. And note, that the “teenager” was 30 yo Kree Love of Dallas, TX who at that time was impersonating a UK teen with the same name. This appears to have been in response to my support of Jacob Appelbaum.

Screenshots added March 31, 2019 because snitches refuse to let this dead horse die.


Emick’s targeting of Barrett Brown. BB was arrested in March, 2012, charged, convicted and spent several years in jail after this. partial

From: Barrett Brown’s article:


Source: Barrett Brown Jim B = Jim Butterfield, HBGary and infinitysnake is Jennifer Emick. Here she identifies the number of people in her snitch crew.

The campaign against me started in November, 2012. The above screenshots plus Emick’s “friendship” with Tim and Kree indicates the following:

  1. Emick was likely involved from the very beginning
  2. Organized the campaign specifically to target me
  3. Stayed in the background until it became obvious it was failing

Who paid her to do it and to contract other snitches to participate? The Feds/Contractors in the US? Or did CR’s cult contract her to do it as Kree implies in this screenshot which was also shown above? CR’s cult are the one’s I wrote about in my fictionalized memoir and who have been stalking and persecuting me since I was 16.

Kree admits contact with CR edit1

Kree admits contact with CR edit1

More to come …

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What Is CyberBullying?

Cyber bullying (cyber-bullying, online bullying) is the use of electronic information and communication devices such as e-mail, instant messaging, text messages, blogs, mobile phones, pagers, and defamatory websites to bully or otherwise harass an individual or group through personal attacks or other means, and it may constitute a computer crime.

Cyberbullying is willful and involves recurring or repeated harm inflicted through the medium of electronic text. According to R.B. Standler (2002)[1]bullying intends to cause emotional distress and has no legitimate purpose to the choice of communications. Cyberbullying can be as simple as continuing to send e-mail to someone who has said they want no further contact with the sender. Cyberbullying may also include threats, sexual remarks, pejorative labels (i.e., hate speech)

The term cyberbullying was first used by Canadian educator Bill Belsey, creator of the Web site Other terms for Cyber-bullying are “electronic bullying,” “e-bullying,” “sms bullying,” “mobile bullying,” “online bullying,” “digital bullying,” or “Internet bullying.” —CyberBullying Wiki

Irrespective of what these people want to call themselves to establish Internet street cred in order to give themselves a veneer of ‘coolness’ or what they claim to be in their real lives in order to give themselves a veneer of credibility or authority, what they actually are is nothing but goons and criminals.

Cyberbullying is indeed a computer crime when one examines the various facets of what it is the cyberbullies actually do. Increasing numbers of countries and regions are including it in their criminal codes.

Now, let me just be clear that, in my opinion, there’s a difference between hacktivism and computer crimes.

Historically, civil rights movements have broken laws which were unjust or covered up corruption. The Hactivists represent the new civil rights movements and I don’t consider them criminals. What they are doing has a socially redeeming goal whether that’s exposing corruption, enforcing transparency, or using dDos or interruptions of service to protest (virtual sit-ins).

That said, let’s examine the actual demonstrable activities of some of the people engaging in other computer crimes while engaging in the computer crime of cyberharassment..

Note that these people have, for the most part, committed multiple computer crimes. In the case of some, numerous computer crimes. I am only focusing on the single most obvious one they’ve committed and the one that is easiest to prove.

They also make the same allegations about others but have never explicitly and publicly demonstrated that I or most of the other people they’ve targeted have done the things they claim. All they do is screech their lies and frame people with obvious frame-ups that anyone with half a brain should be able to see through.

They have some evidence against Timothy E. Wheeler (aka Timm Wheeler). Everything else, particularly the allegations about me, Kitty Hundal, is exaggerations, misrepresentations of innocent events, blatant lies or fabrications. They use the evidence that they do have against Timm Wheeler to attempt to establish credibility with their bullshit and lies against me.

Since Timm also has a lot of people who dislike him for various reasons, he’s the bait they use to recruit people to target everyone else.

In my opinion, it appears to be a good cop / bad cop style scam with Timothy E. Wheeler colluding actively with Kree Love of Dallas, TX / Antonio F. Lopez, and Thomas Schroeder aka Cook behind the scenes.

Here’s how it plays out:

  1. Tim harasses Babcock (who, in my opinion, may be mentally unstable).
  2. Timm links to this blog and / or quotes liberally from it and / or play others games intended to create the false impression, with Babcock, that I am involved in and supporting Tim’s harassment campaign against him (which, of course, I am not).
  3. Once Tim gets Babcock good and riled up, Babcock joins The Boneyard group to elicit help from the Kreepies.
  4. The Kreepies point Babcock in my direction by falsely blaming me for Tim’s harassment of Babcock.
  5. Babcock now starts targeting me and forgets about Tim.
  6. The scam is engaged.

This pattern has played itself out numerous times since 2013, is well-established and has been demonstrated in other areas of this blog with supporting screen shots. In fact, it started out in exactly the same way. Tim allegedly harassed Kree and Kree targeted me based on lies he fabricated. Kree got caught in all of the lies he used to justify targeting me and they have all been exposed here with hard evidence.

1. Antonio F. Lopez

Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez

Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez

Antonio is a 30 year old American who moves back and forth from the US to the UK. When in the UK he usually lives with his mother in Oxford.

He is impersonating a 16 year old UK teenager named Kree Love online.

He is familiar with details of Kree Love’s biography which he has established as his own and has identification in Kree Love’s name.

The real Kree Love is a teenager who ran away from home when he was 15 and joined the Occupy London group living in their encampment. He was interviewed by the media, photographed at the time and claimed to be 18. This was a story he told consistently to any members of the Occupy London group he associated with as well. Presumably he just didn’t want to deal with the potential fall out if anyone found out he was a runaway. He’s an attractive and apparently bright young man who probably has no idea what is being done to his name and reputation online.

Given that both Antonio F. Lopez and Kree Love’s mothers live in the same area it’s quite likely, in my opinion, that Antonio actually knows Kree Love and that access is probably what he was able to take advantage of whether it was by stealing his identification or by conning the teenager into giving him permission to use it.

Either way, it’s a computer crime because the real Kree wasn’t old enough to give permission when he was under 16 and whether he would be considered old enough to give permission at the age of 16 is dependent on the law in the UK.

That’s not a question that I can answer.

The details on how I know this and the evidence collected will appear in another blog in a few days.

Antonio has impersonated others as well when he created fake Facebook accounts in order to cyberstalk people. His latest was an attempt to friend my Facebook page and join Jay Marshall’s anti-pedophilia Facebook group,Op Scarecrow, by creating a fake profile of an existing real life Florida artist. I won’t tell you what mistakes were made and how Jay and I exposed him because, in this particular case, doing that will simply give him what he needs to cover his tracks better next time and we don’t want that.

All criminals have defining modus operandis and impersonating real people is Antonio’s MO.

He has also committed numerous other computer crimes including fraud, cons, theft, and claiming professional expertise in areas where he either just has a basic knowledge or may have no knowledge at all.

His claims to be a programmer were exposed as false rather quickly when he was unable to identify my Anonygrans web site in his defamatory and false dox on Doxbin as a Flash site and claimed it was a WordPress site.

His posting of the Doxbin dox is a violation of the California Penal Code where he has lived. While he has removed the sub-domain he intially posted it on to make it available on ClearNet, the defamatory libel and personal information which violate the California Penal Code still exists in Doxbin and has been copied and published to numerous sites and locations by his cohort (who has publicly admitted numerous times that he was acting on Antonio’s (known as Kree Love) behalf and with Antonio’s information. Antonio (under the name Kree and while impersonating a UK teen) has also publicly admitted that he posted that dox on Doxbin as well and has provided links on Twitter and Facebook to both the Darknet site and the site which makes it available on Clearnet as well as his own sub-domain. ( – illegal to use my name without my permission as well).

He was running a defamatory libelous blog attacking me directly with some pretty vicious and unsubstantiated lies like alleging that I’m a ‘child stalker’ as well as using the typically demagogic strategy of taking things out of context and misrepresenting them. This was removed after his cohort in crime consulted a lawyer. My guess is that he was wisely advised to remove his libel because I could sue him for that. In actual fact I still can. He’s done demonstrable damage. His cohort Babcock has not removed those same false allegations from his sites, nor have those he recruited removed similar false allegations from their sites.

Since Babcock has admitted that he has been acting on Kreepy’s behalf that makes Kreepy as liable for Babcocks actions as Babcock is. And if, what I suspect is true about Babcock, (that he’s seriously mentally ill) Kreepy will be solely responsible for all of Babcocks acts since he instigated a mentally ill person to commit those acts.

Antonio was part of the RIP Tards and appears to get a great deal of pleasure out of hurting people.

Antonio, impersonating Kree Love, also claims that he wants to be Fed double agent. Getting paid from both sides presumably. From a Skype Chat with another person:

[3/11/12 10:41:31 AM] Kree Love: It would cost me

[3/11/12 10:41:40 AM] Kree Love: $2800 to get an online associates degree

[3/11/12 10:41:43 AM] Kree Love: from Salford University [Editor: ref to (Corrected from Stanford)]

[3/11/12 10:41:53 AM] Kree Love: in Counter Terrorism

[3/11/12 10:41:57 AM]Kree Love: which allows me to apply for jobs

[3/11/12 10:42:02 AM] Kree Love: in the NSA and FBI.


[3/11/12 10:48:24 AM] Kree Love: CHUNDER MOTHERFUCKER

[removed]: you gonna work for them ? You MF traitor

[3/11/12 10:48:33 AM] Kree Love: Nein.

[3/11/12 10:48:37 AM] [removed]: I got your MF bitch

[3/11/12 10:48:48 AM] Kree Love: I’ll just double agent for a bit.


[3/11/12 10:55:01 AM] Kree Love: I just want to be legally allowed to carry a fully armed supressed handgun on the streets of New York and London

[3/11/12 10:55:04 AM] Kree Love: wearing a suit.

This chat log and most of the chat logs on this site were provided by Timothy E. Wheeler (aka Timm Wheeler).

2. Heather Martin

Heather Martin of Saskatoon CyberBully

Heather Martin of Saskatoon CyberBully

Heather is a 43 year old Registered Nurse employed at a large Saskatoon Hospital, who engages in what used to be considered a hate crime in Canada but is still considered a crime. Committing Defamatory Libel in Canada is a Criminal Code offense. Cyberstalking is considered Criminal Harassment.

She runs a defamatory libelous and vitriolic hate blog targeting a single individual, well known and well respected, anti-pedophilia social activist Kevin Annett.

She engages in cyberstalking Kevin to groups that he’s a member of and which she has no interest (she’s religious, has demonstrated a vitriolic hatred of atheists in her blog, yet joins atheist groups that Kevin is in).

She spreads rumors behind the scenes consisting of vicious and unsubstantiated allegations about Mr. Annett in order to convince others both to remove their support of him and his social activist causes and to defame him.

Since she started that blog, others have created similar style blogs targeting her in, in the same way, in retaliation. While I don’t agree with that style of retaliation one can hardly blame people for reacting to her abuse against Mr. Annett so strongly.

If anyone defends Kevin, their name, along with the most vicious and unsubstantiated defamatory libel will be added to her hate blog as mine has and others like First Nations social activist and member of AIM, Charley Brown.

Here’s what WikiSpooks has to say about Kevin Annett, the person this woman has chosen to defame:

Kevin D. Annett (aka. Kevin McNamee-Annett, and Eagle Strong Voice born 1956 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian writer and former minister of the United Church of Canada. He has authored three books about Canadian aboriginals – Love and Death in the Valley, Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust and Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor.

His treatment at the hands of the Canadian Establishment over his persistent, selfless advocacy for the indiginous populations of Canada, is an object lesson in the gross self-seving dishonesties, corruptions and hypocricies of power.

Filing false police reports and complaints against those she doesn’t like is also standard practice for Heather and something that she has publicly admitted to on the Internet. When those false reports and complaints get ignored because … well … they’re false, she decides that the person she filed them against must be under RCMP protection and an agent. Lol. Seriously.

Reader Questions Regarding Kevin Annett  Alfred Webre    Eric Jon Phelps  Dec. 2  2012

Heather appears to be a person with a hair trigger temper and a vindictive mean streak. It doesn’t take much to get her going and attempts to reason with her will be met with failure.

I know. I tried.

Heather’s modus operandi is misrepresentation combined with outrageous lies that have shock value.

One of Heather’s past cohorts has now come forward and publicly admitted that Heather instigated their malicious lies against Kitty Hundal. The direct quote follows:

“I, JJ can offer nothing but allegations insinuations and lies as evidence and proof. I am not well.

I lied about Kitty Hundal Pagan Media and so many other people who did not deserve my lies.

Heather Martin and Lydia White Calf fault. They made me do it against my will.”

3. Michael Babcock

Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster CyberBully

Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster CyberBully

Michael is 30 years old claims to have a job now and yet still manages to spend hours on his computer in Cambridge Narrows, (outskirts of Moncton) New Brunswick.

He considers himself a l33t h8x0r and Guru of the Internet. He has no formal training in IT but has picked up a few tricks of the trade as a hobbyist and thinks he knows more than people who have had years of training and experience on the job and in the industry.

Most, if not all of that time appears to be spent committing computer crimes of various types including the framing of one of the people on their hit list to support their lies that he’s a pedophile by creating a fake site using his name as the domain name. I discuss this in detail and provide evidence in the post, CyberBullies: How Far Will They Go?

In the area of computer crimes I will accept the fact that he is far more skilled and adept at committing computer crimes than I am since I’m not a criminal and don’t commit computer crimes. I admit that my knowledge is severely lacking in that particular area of expertise. Lol.

He, like Heather, admits publicly to filing false police reports and complaints against people he obsesses about.He, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to notice or care that he’s being ignored by these agencies and it doesn’t stop him from obsessively filing more. He’s been doing this all year and including me in these reports completely without cause, despite the fact that I have explicitly told him that I had nothing to do with these incidents and he has no evidence that I did.


This plus the following are the demonstrable indications that he appears to suffer from sort of extreme obsessive disorder.

For example, it wasn’t enough for him to post one dox to a site where the pastes could not be removed unless the original poster kept a special delete link provided at the time of the original posting.

In fact, it’s never enough no matter what the situation.

He used an autobot to flood the site with thousands of false, defamatory libelous pastes calling someone a pedophile and me and others pedophile enablers for no other reason than we associate with him.

Using an autobot to flood a site with data, in and of itself a criminal offense. He admitted doing this in an email. OTOH the likelihood that would have cared or charged him is nil.

Shortly after Michael did that the site was confiscated by Interpol and the owners arrested. I have no idea what the impact of Interpol seeing thousands of posts calling me a pedophile enabler will have on me or even worse the impact it will have on the person being falsely accused of being a pedophile.

Everything Michael does he does to extreme which indicates that he may have some very serious, untreated psychological issues.


What is rather unusual in this particular situation is that Michael Babcock (like Antonio F. Lopez impersonating UK teen Kree Love), appears to be focusing his attention on the author, Kitty Hundal. I have done nothing to harass him and was also innocent of the false allegations made by Antonio when he began this cyberharassment campaign. Both have been virtually ignoring Timm Wheeler who is the one who continues to focus his entire attention on them and keeps this campaign in motion.

Why Wheeler feels it necessary to harass Babcock whenever Babcock leaves the picture can only be answered by him and is anyone’s guess.

Initially, Kitty Hundal simply mentioned Babcocks name with no other information on the now defunct web site.

Wheeler created several blogs attacking Babcock for his abuse publicly during a period when Babcock took a hiatus from the fighting and Kitty Hundal and Babcock had negotiated a truce.

After being harassed by Timm Wheeler for several months Babcock returned to the scene but exclusively targeted Kitty Hundal and appeared to be under the false impression that she had participated in Wheelers harassment campaign. Despite numerous efforts to convince him he was wrong he continued to ignore Timm and target Kitty.

Babcock was not included as a main figure in this cyberharassment group until he began targeting Kitty Hundal exclusively with malicious defamatory and libelous allegations and postings libeling her in hundreds of sites across the web.

While Kitty Hundal and Timm Wheeler were both declared to be targets of Antonio (Kree) and Babcock, no-one in that cyberharassment group has actually targeted Timm in the way that they have focused their attention onto Kitty.

This indicates that Timm Wheeler is not, nor has he ever been, a real target for that group.

The real target has always been Kitty Hundal.

Various people have indicated that they believe that Timm Wheeler may have set Kitty Hundal up for this harassment campaign and that he is actually continuing to work with Antonio F. Lopez (aka Kree Love) behind the scenes. He goes into hiding whenever he’s successful at making Kitty Hundal the focus of attention.

The pattern of behavior:

1. Timm Wheeler (aka Timothy E. Wheeler) targets Babcock with harassing emails, sending him copies of my defending myself and others (including Tim) from Babcock’s lies.

2. Timm Wheeler appears to be intentionally giving Babcock the impression that Kitty Hundal is somehow involved in this harassment against him.

3. Babcock returns to the scene, angry, and focuses his attention on targeting Kitty Hundal.

4. Timm Wheeler goes into hiding.

5. Timm Wheeler comes out of hiding only when Kitty Hundal is not being targeted by anyone.

This behavior does support the belief that others have suggested is true. That Timm Wheeler and Antonio’s (Kree Love) group are actually working together to target Kitty.

Recently an extortion attempt was made publicly. That attempt has been documented in the updated post:

Bully: Antonio F. Lopez impersonator of Kree Love. Documentation of Harassment 2. Updated

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CyberHarassment: A clearly defined pattern

If you’ve been following my blog for any period of time you will probably have a good idea of the pattern of behaviors which constitute cyberharassment. If you still have doubts that this pattern repeats itself independently and with different cyberharassers targeting different people across the Internet, then watch and listen to this video.

This group of bullies on YouTube are doing to these people exactly what the RatKrew is doing to me and others.

In fact, it’s interesting (and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or if these guys are all hooking up, yet) that someone using the alias Agent Smith recently appeared on the Axis site and the phrase ‘You are not Anonymous’ is one that I’ve seen used only by Thomas Schroeder (a member of the RatKrew) aka Thomas Cook.

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CyberHarassment: Exploring Solutions

Online abuse is, unfortunately, a common problem. It seems that there are some people in this world who simply get a lot of pleasure out of abusing others and the online world is a fertile ground for finding vulnerable victims. By vulnerable I’m not really referring to people who have any particular physical, emotional , or psychological vulnerabilities but rather the fact that we are all vulnerable in the online world to having our personal and professional reputations injured or destroyed.  All knowledge and information about us which is out there is available to be twisted, misrepresented, distorted, exaggerated, lies invented based on it, and otherwise abused to present us in a negative light, in public, amongst those who either don’t know us or only know us casually.

We are also vulnerable to this abuse in real life but it’s harder to do and requires more structure and organization. It’s also harder to prove that it’s going on in real life. In the online world where nothing ever really gets deleted (despite the harassers attempts to remove the evidence) it can almost always be located and therefore the allegations proven.

Someone, somewhere has almost always archived it for posterity.

So, while the lies never get erased, your refutations to the lies also never get erased. If you’ve done your job properly the truth can and will overwhelm the lie and the liars even if they outnumber you.

However, going through that process is time consuming and often quite painful because those who engage in cyberharassment and stalking often have nothing else to do. They can (and do) spend hours doing this because they are dysfunctional people living dysfunctional lives whereas those of us being targeted with this abuse are trying to lead active, normal lives and this nonsense takes us away from that.

While these stalkers and harassers are usually incredibly stupid people, they do excel at lying so you will be dealing with their false allegations with the police, social media sites, friends, family, etc. sometimes for years. In the case of psychopaths, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’ll be on your case for years or until they get themselves incarcerated in prison or a psych ward.

This is one reason why this type of harassment can’t be ignored or swept under the carpet. The lies, if left to fester can and do take on a life of their own and become ‘truth’ by virtue of the fact that there is nothing out there refuting them.

When it comes to one’s personal and professional reputation these lies can have a deep and often immeasurable impact, especially vicious ones like the current ‘call everyone you hate a pedo’ rage.

Note that those who engage in this behavior are mentally ill in some way and it’s the mental illness that drives and motivates the stalking behavior.


As was emphasised earlier, stalking describes a behavioural problem, not a psychiatric classification per se. Several authors have reflected on the diagnostic assessment of stalkers, and generally made a distinction between psychotic stalkers (Axis I) and stalkers with severe personality pathology (Axis II). The psychotic stalker can exhibit primary erotomania, but erotomanic delusions can also result from multiple other DSM-IV disorders, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression (American Psychiatric Association, 1994). Stalking is predominantly associated with cluster B personality pathology (narcissistic and borderline personality disorders) and to a lesser extent with dependent, schizoid, and paranoid features. There are relatively few reports of stalking by classic psychopaths, and these cases are almost without exception extensions of (long) histories of domestic violence. In addition to these primary disorders, comorbid conditions, such as substance abuse or dependence and affective disorders, are frequently mentioned (Zona et al, 1993; Harmon et al, 1995; Meloy & Gothard, 1995; Mullen et al, 1999). It is worth noting that almost all diagnostic hypotheses were based on clinical impressions from uncontrolled studies. Controlled research into personality characteristics and psychopathology (based on, for example, structured interviews and standard personality inventories) is sorely lacking.  —Stalking — a contemporary challenge for forensic and clinical psychiatry 

The more seriously mentally ill the cyberharasser/stalker is, the further they will go with their abuse and lies.

If you:

  1. Challenge their story by challenging the fact that they have no evidence? Voila, evidence gets fabricated in the form of fake photoshopped screenshots, fake pedo web sites set up under the targets personal name as the domain, quoting known liars or people who have an obvious bias, etc.
  2. Expose their lies and their cowardice? Voila numerous false allegations/complaints filed with police, social media sites you’re a member of, government agencies, employers (past and present), schools, social service agencies (if you receive assistance), etc.
  3. Confront their lies? Voila they recruit other stalkers to spew them for them so that they can claim ‘they aren’t the only ones that hate you’. Suddenly you’re surrounded by a goon squad wallowing in its own filth of lies, the intent being to overwhelm the truth with the lies.

So, what are the solutions?

What can we do to deal more effectively with such lunacy online. Aside from having those who engage in this abuse carted off to their local Psych Ward in strait jackets or to prison. While that will certainly help resolve the problem, it isn’t the easiest thing to do and in the mean time we all have to survive the crazies.

While we can’t change the fact that there are seriously disturbed people out there in the world, many of whom have access to the Internet and are going to be causing problems for innocent, sane, rational people … there are often small things that can be done that end up having a big impact … and some big things.

The big things that we can do are to follow a policy of

  1. exposing their lies,
  2. confronting them publicly with their lies
  3. giving them the attention they seem to want by publicizing who they are and what they are doing with the hard evidence we’ve gathered while exposing their lies.

Let the truth come out. Let the truth be louder than the lies and overwhelm the lies.

Whether they’re targeting individuals or groups shouldn’t matter because the issue here is the stalking and harassment. Nothing else. Ignoring it, pretending it will go away, sticking our heads in the sand will destroy those targeted whether they’re groups or individuals. The only time walking away helps is in personal altercations where neither person takes up stalking and harassing. In those situations the best solution is to walk away so that things don’t escalate. That doesn’t work in stalking and harassing situations so we need to learn to identify the difference when we’re deciding on a strategy.

These stalkers and harassers will get publicity and attention and possibly recruit a few people in the process but many will also be alerted to who they are. It won’t be so easy for them to engage in their cons, manipulations, scams, and computer crimes with this type of attention because the attention they’re getting involves exposing them. Ripping off their masks and letting everyone see who and what they really are.

Some of the little things we can do are covered in this recent article from Wired provided some interesting examples and insight into this issue:

Curbing Online Abuse Isn’t Impossible. Here’s Where We Start BY LAURA HUDSON

According to the article, a simple process like providing a specific and detailed explanation for why someone was banned reduced the recidivism of the bad behavior dramatically whereas not providing an explanation resulted in a ‘disturbingly high’ recidivism rate.

The team also found that it’s important to enforce the rules in ways that people understand. When Riot’s team started its research, it noticed that the recidivism rate was disturbingly high; in fact, based on number of reports per day, some banned players were actually getting worse after their bans than they were before. At the time, players were informed of their suspension via emails that didn’t explain why the punishment had been meted out. So Riot decided to try a new system that specifically cited the offense. This led to a very different result: Now when banned players returned to the game, their bad behavior dropped measurably. –Extract from Curbing Online Abuse Isn’t Impossible

A solution like this actually accomplishes three things which are excellent for the consumer of the service.

  1. The user has a clear understanding of what the behavior that was considered negative is, and knows that if they want to stay on the site they can’t engage in that specific behavior again.  This creates a solid deterrent for that negative behavior.
  2. The support staff are required to properly examine the issue and provide a specific reason, presumably with the evidence that the person did indeed violate the rules. This has the benefit of ensuring that Support staff do their jobs properly and can actually justify the suspension (or lack of suspension based on a complaint). That is they can justify it based on actual written policy rather than just an arbitrary spur of the minute, get this off my desk fast, decision or I feel sorry for person A, I’m on their side and will help them even though the person isn’t doing what person A says they’re doing, etc.
  3. Most importantly, any sense of injustice or unfairness at the decisions is also removed because everything has been properly explained and justified. This, in and of itself, can lead to self-correcting behavior. Justice has been done.

Of course, the person might find the standard itself objectionable which is a different issue but one that should be addressed by any social media site which actually wants to be a comfortable place for their users. They could have a special forum where these types of discussions can occur directly with Support staff or Development staff. Explanations will resolve 90% of the issues and the other 10% probably need to be fixed. If they can’t be fixed, people are kept informed and things are unlikely to get out of hand. Or, at least less often, than they would without these measures in place.

The reality is that the current recidivism rate for ‘bad’ behavior is disturbingly high on sites like Twitter and Facebook, and the decisions to remove or leave items being objected to are arbitrary, inconsistent, and frequently not based on the written site rules/policy.

Frequently items which obviously violate the social media site’s policy are left while items which don’t obviously violate the social media site’s policy are removed and the posters suspended, banned or otherwise punished despite the fact that they didn’t violate any policy or rule.

I’m currently in a battle with Twitter and have been for a nearly a month to get my business Twitter account unsuspended. Twitter refuses to interact with me to provide any explanation, rationalization, or justification for their arbitrary (and unjustified) actions.

I have provided a detailed refutation to Twitter (in several emails now) including the tweets that I was tweeting at the time my account was suspended based on a false complaint, and screenshots of Twitters own interface showing that at least one allegation is completely bogus and without any merit. This has, so far, been completely ignored.

Not only is this frustrating to the user who is the target of cyberbullying / harassment and being further victimized by false accusations of allegedly doing what is actually being done to them, but it enables and encourages the cyberbullies and harassers to take things further and further. After all, their scam worked.

And you can rest assured they will be smugly gloating about the fact that it worked while coming up with ways to escalate things even further. Of course, they’ll blame you for the escalations. How dare you stand up to their abuse and do so publicly. That’s cyberbullying them according to their sick and twisted thinking. Lol.

To Facebook’s credit, they have banned certain people from Facebook because of their ongoing bullying and harassing behavior, defamations, lies, etc. They closed down over 20 Facebook sites set up by one person for no other purpose than to personally attack, defame and spread lies about social activists on Facebook. Particularly anti-pedophilia social activists. This person is just one of a group of people that are part of this current harassment campaign and instigating numerous others into senselessly targeting innocent people who are anti-pedophilia social activists.

All this accomplishes, of course, is to protect the real pedophiles since those who are going after the anti-pedophilia social activists are attempting to discredit and defame them. These same groups as well as other groups are also targeting numerous others like the parents of bullied children who have committed suicide. They publicly call the children who have been viciously sexually exploited online ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’ and other derogatory terms while blaming the victims themselves and their parents for the crimes.

The article proposes the following and I agree because it’s focusing entirely on the behavior that’s exhibited rather than the content of what is said. What is said only matters when it leads to negative behaviors and on those grounds free speech has always had some limitations.

You can’t shout ‘fire’ in a theater when there is no fire, because of the impact that will have on behavior. You could start a riot which could result in both panic and physical injury for no justifiable reason.

CyberBullying and harassment are the same. When you falsely call someone a Pedo or Pedo enabler and post it all over the web in numerous blogs, web sites, torrents, pastes, on DarkNet with personal information in Doxbin, etc. etc. there is an impact not only to the person targeted but to others who might decide to interact in negative ways with the target because of those false allegations.

So, this isn’t about free speech. It’s about bullying and harassing behaviors.

Extracted from the article:

What would our social networks look like if their guidelines and enforcement reflected real-life community norms? If Riot’s experiments are any guide, it’s unlikely that most or even many users would deem a lot of the casual abuse, the kind that’s driving so many people out of online spaces, to be acceptable. Think about how social networks might improve if—as on the gaming sites and in real life—users had more power to reject abusive behavior. Of course, different online spaces will require different solutions, but the outlines are roughly the same:

•    involve users in the moderation process,
•    set defaults that create hurdles to abuse,
•    give clearer feedback for people who misbehave,
•    and—above all—create a norm in which harassment simply isn’t tolerated.

–Extract from Curbing Online Abuse Isn’t Impossible

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A Response To Philip Rose – Updated

Update. June 4, 2014. A Response To Philip Rose’s new blog attacking me with defamatory libel. Scroll down or search June 4 to view the Update.

Well it seems that I have attracted the attention of yet another Internet loon and assailer of legitimate social activists and social activism. These idiots are a dime a dozen on the Internet and a few of them can put a sentence together that is grammatically correct. Aside from the fact that their reasoning skills tend to leave a great deal to be desired, they can sometimes come across to some people as … well … almost normal.

Philip Rose is one of these. The problem is that when you scratch the surface, his deceptions reveal themselves rather quickly.

For example, I apparently deserved a mention in his blog because (how dare I) sign a petition asking that Mr. Rose be investigated by the police for his harassment activities against the friends and family of Amanda Todd.

Petition Requesting The Sussex Police Investigate Philip Rose.

Mr. Rose is quite proud of these activities and like all typical cyberharassers and bullies flogs his abuse under the flag of free speech obfuscating the fact that free speech does not, nor has it ever, protected the right to lie, defame, abuse, harass and bully innocent people. Those are specific legal restraints on free speech because they are associated with behaviors that society doesn’t find acceptable and they exist in most countries. You can’t shout ‘fire’ in a theatre, when there isn’t a fire, because of the dire consequences. Same applies to bullying and harassment. It’s a damaging behavior and an activity that’s the problem. Not speech, in and of itself.

Those countries with hate speech laws are even more constrained.

Now, I personally don’t agree with hate speech laws. However, if they exist in a country and they are being violated by someone like Mr. Rose, then the fact that he’s committing a crime is a reality he has to live with, as is the possibility of being charged and convicted for that crime and associated crimes like criminal harassment. If you don’t want to risk being charged for such things, don’t engage in such activities.

Now, because Mr. Rose didn’t appreciate the fact that I was one of the signatories of that petition, of course, Mr. Rose posted a link to a blog which defames me because if he suggested people search me under my name (like he did suggest people do with Tim Wheeler and Jay Marshall), they would find that I have refuted these defamatory allegations on that blog in numerous places, done so thoroughly, and exposed the creator of that blog and the creator of that Google document as liars who are acting in collusion with each other. Both have been exposed numerous times and by other social activists as well as me.

I have no doubt that Mr. Rose found my refutations all over the place and read them. It’s pretty hard to miss them.

Yet he doesn’t mention them. Is this your idea of being ‘thorough’ Mr Rose? Frankly if you google my name, you’re going to hit one of my refutations of these defamatory libel and lies, long before you hit the defamatory libelous blogs. It’s impossible to miss them.

So, when Mr. Rose makes the statement: “The Internet is a cesspit of lies and fraud. There are a few good eggs in the basket, but true crusaders are few and far between.” …

He is quite correct. However, his statement is, in my opinion, an example of projection in that his blog is far more reflective of the cesspit than those individuals he takes to task.

I also find it interesting that my name was just one of many – so one has to wonder why my name comes up so prominently in his mind. Did he research everyone who had signed it? Nearly a hundred people? If you go to the list you actually have to dig to find it.

One interesting cyberbullying/harassment phenomenon that I’ve noticed is that in recent years, these psychos (my opinion although a lot probably are psychopaths and sociopaths) are getting together and backing each other up in their lies, obvious frame-ups, misrepresentations and getting little goonie squads together to gang up on those social activists that stand up to them.

It is typical for cyberbullies and harassers to play the white knights and saints while villifying the genuine social activists. You see this frequently with arm chair/keyboard warriors like Mr. Rose who screech long and loud from their blogs about all manner of nonsense while contributing very little that is constructive to the public domain and the issues at hand.

This is one of the key ways of differentiating between those who are nothing but disruptors of social activism and those who are genuine, legitimate social activists.

We, the legitimate social activists, do make constructive contributions as well as offer strong critiques of and stand up to these disruptors.

Update. June 4, 2014. A Response To Philip Rose’s new blog attacking me with defamatory libel.

Mr. Rose has now removed the blog post which links my name to a Defamatory Libelous post written by Heather Martin. Thank you, Mr. Rose.

This was, of course, the deceptive behavior which I was referring to here. But now he continues his deception by disingenuously asking what his deception was as if he didn’t know and after removing it. Lol.

The Internet looney tunes are hilarious as well as so flagrantly obvious in their lame attempts to engage in their deceptions that their nonsense is quite easy to expose.

Here is his other deception. Just to make it perfectly clear to him since it’s possible he genuinely doesn’t know although frankly I doubt it.

Mr. Rose, I was just one amongst many who signed the petition against you. The fact that you chose to publicize my name in particular along with that of Timothy Wheeler which you have now removed was the indication to me that you are acting in collusion with other cyberbullies who have been targeting me directly for well over a year with defamatory libel and flagrant lies.

You are not a thorough researcher. You are quite self-serving and, in my opinion, rather stupid, in the nonsense that you flog because if you weren’t you wouldn’t have fallen for their scam.

In addition, deceptions like ‘guilt by association’ are further evidence of your stupidity. In your new blog post which names me again, you conflate the alleged actions of others with me and by doing so imply that I have done what you’re alleging that they do and that I am somehow mentally ill because I don’t accept your assessment of their behavior.

Given that you have been quite deceptive in your allegations against me, I have no reason to believe that you are being truthful in your allegations about others and your allegations don’t constitute evidence. It really is as simple as that.

I read your blog previous to signing the petition and all I saw was a man with the attitudes of dinosaur engaging in the age old ‘blame the victims for the crime’ game that many of us serious social activists fought to eliminate in the 1970s in the areas of domestic violence, rape and other crimes. It is nothing more than a hate blog which directly and quite viciously attacks numerous young people who have been the victims of a vicious crime as well as their grieving families. Young people make mistakes and engage in silly and often inappropriate behavior. That’s a fact. They don’t deserve to be bullied and harassed until they’re driven to suicide and then be defamed after they’ve died for those mistakes. Nor do their grieving families deserve to be attacked for standing up for their children.

In addition, the fact that you

  1. removed that blog post naming me, Timothy Wheeler and Jay Marshall which contained the link to the Defamatory Libelous post written by Heather Martin (did Timothy Wheeler scare you? Lol),
  2. have written a new blog which names me and not Timothy Wheeler or Jay Marshall,
  3. and are engaging in defamatory libel by baselessly asserting that I’m allegedly mentally ill without any evidence to indicate that I am, simply because I object to your bullying and harassment of innocent people,

tells me that your collusion with these other cyberbullies continues.

I don’t waste my time debating with deceptive Internet Loons, cyberbullies and cyberharassers.

I regularly debate honest rational people who are actually interested in serious discussions on these important social issues. We often disagree and accept the fact that we are entitled to our differences of opinion. Of course, we aren’t brow-beating individuals over the head with our opinions or using them to bully and harass them. In other words, we don’t target people.

That doesn’t mean that we won’t defend ourselves when we have been personally targeted or defend others who are being personally targeted, which is what I do in this blog.

You should be aware that WordPress identified your comment as Spam which is why I didn’t see it until I noted that you mentioned it on your blog.

Who am I to argue with WordPress? I have decided to leave it in the Spam folder which WordPress has determined that it belongs.

If you had been a serious researcher you would have contacted me privately first. Instead you went on a public attack based on numerous baseless assumptions which you continue to make.

As the dinosaurs used to say, “You made your bed, you can sleep in it.”

The Trollinator Site

Glenn Canning: Philip Rose is Christopher Rowe






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Hollywood and Pedophiles

Hollywood and Pedophiles

Stephen Shellen’s acting career in the 1990s was destroyed when he began investigating the abuse of his own children. Organized Stalking techniques were used against him. Similar to those used by the Church of Scientology. It is suspected that individuals in those rings or those leading those rings are either Pedophiles themselves or closely connected to Pedophile circles. He has also been the target of some very malicious cyberharassment and stalking.

Lara Trace Hentz

I had heard something about several figures in Hollywood who are pedophiles. The Church is not the only place where children are molested. The people that own/run pretty much everything are apparently above the law and are bored and find children to molest… it’s like the psychopaths are in charge! A cop will shoot an unarmed citizen for jay-walking but won’t attempt to stop this child trafficking, abuse, sacrifice….everyone seems to look the other way for $….

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Bully: Michael Babcock. The PDF Lie Exposed

Bully: Michael Babcock. The PDF Lie Exposed

Michael Babcock’s lies are pathological and ongoing. He continues to insist that the DarkNet Child Trafficking scam Price List PDF created by 30 yo Kree Love of Dallas, TX,  while impersonating UK teen Kree Love, is a fake despite attempts on my part to patiently explain the technology to him. He’s basically a computer hobbyist and has taught himself how to be adept at committing computer crimes using existing software, some of which he’s figured out how to make minor modifications to. According to his personal delusions of grandeur about himself, this makes him the ‘guru of the internet’. Lol.

After I exposed his fake pedo site which he set up to frame someone I’ve decided to put the PDF lie to bed as well.

So, here is the process I followed and the relevant screenshots.

1. I asked Brian Johnson to send me the original copy of the PDF that Kree sent him, which he later sent to Timothy E. Wheeler (aka Timm Wheeler), and asked him to send it to me through Skype which is how he originally sent it to Tim thereby duplicating the exact same process.

2. He sent it to me last night (Wednesday, April 9, 2014).

3. In addition he sent me a screenshot of Kree sending him the PDF as well as a sample communication that Kree was proposing he use as part of the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam. I can verify directly that same process was conducted with me and am therefore able to back Brian’s claim that this is truthful. There were two other people who also went through a similar process with Kree.

Here are the screenshots which can be independently verified as original, accurate representations, if necessary. Nothing has been tampered with and this can be proven.

The first two are 30 yo Kree Love impersonating UK teen Kree Love sending the PDF to Brian Johnson as well as the sample communication.

Antonio F. Lopez while impersonating UK teen Kree Love sends the PDF to Brian Johnson

Antonio F. Lopez while impersonating UK teen Kree Love sends the PDF to Brian Johnson


This third one is Brian Johnson sending the DarkNet Child Trafficking Price List PDF to me, Kitty Hundal, for the Forensic Analysis I wanted to do on it. The date below is April 8, however, I was unavailable when Brian was online and trying to send it. I didn’t download it until the evening of April 9, 2014. This fact is verified in the MetaExtractor image below which provides the creation date and time of the document when it was saved on my system.

Brian sending me the PDF for Forensic Analysis

Brian sending me the PDF for Forensic Analysis

4. I downloaded a free, open source software called MetaExtractor which extracts the metadata from PDFs. Metadata is basically just data which describes data. That is it’s data about the document itself rather than the data in the document.

I made a copy of the original document and placed it in a separate folder because I wanted to ensure that I had an original available in case MetaExtractor made any modifications to it to indicate that it had been analysed.

I opened it in Adobe Reader to verify that it was the correct file.

I ran the copy of the EchelonPrices.pdf file through MetaExtractor and received the following results:

I have hidden the empty fields and removed the Path field to protect my privacy. All the relevant data is there.

File Modified Date confirms that the file was copied on April 9, 2014 as I indicated above.

File Access Date confirms that I opened the file on April 9, 2014 as I indicated above to ensure that I was analyzing the right file.

File Creation Date is the date and time the file was downloaded to my computer. April 9, 2014.

FileName is the original name assigned to the PDF: EchelonPrices.pdf

Created is the creation date of the original file and was extracted from the PDF. As the image indicates the original creation date was November 5, 2012.

Modified is the modified date of the original file and was extracted from the PDF. As the image indicates the modification date was November 6, 2012.

Page count is 1

Producer Application (refers to the Computer) the document was created on was a MAC OSX 10.6.8 Quartz.

MetaExtractor Forensic Analysis of the EchelonPrices.PDF Results

MetaExtractor Forensic Analysis of the EchelonPrices.PDF Results


The original document was created on November 5, 2012 and the modification occurred on November 6, 2012. The modification occurred long before Tim claims that he was aware that the file existed.

The only person, in November, 2012, in that group of people that Kree was attempting to recruit that used a MAC was 30 yo Kree Love impersonating UK teen Kree Love.

Timothy E. Wheeler claimed to be unaware of the DarkNet Child Trafficking scam at that time, however, one has to wonder how he knew who to contact to get this information so quickly.

Tim began exposing the DarkNet Child Trafficking scam by distributing the Price List on February 8, 2013 after Brian Johnson sent him the PDF.

Follows is the text of the exchange (Note that Timm Wheeler was asked to provide an original screenshot but never complied with the request.):

[2/8/2013 5:09:58 PM] Brian Johnson: I really appreciate it, more than you may know, THANK YOU 🙂
[2/8/2013 5:25:23 PM] Timm Wheeler: kk… just get me that link pls.. perhaps some fear will help save Kree.. I”m putting some ‘ SE’ plays out there.. he just may have you to thank if it is not too late.. but just lay low , I appreciate that tidbit of info, I just need a direction to point the gun most times
[2/8/2013 5:29:54 PM] *** Brian Johnson sent EchelonPrices.pdf ***
[2/8/2013 5:32:25 PM] Brian Johnson: Is that the right one?
[2/8/2013 5:39:56 PM] Timm Wheeler: Yep
[2/8/2013 5:40:04 PM] Brian Johnson: :
[2/8/2013 5:40:06 PM] Brian Johnson: 🙂
[2/8/2013 5:40:21 PM] Timm Wheeler: thank YOU …

Here is a screenshot of the original document Brian Johnson sent me for Forensic Analysis on April 9, 2014.

As you can see the document is identical to the one that Tim was distributing and the one included in the DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam Alert PDF warning anti-pedophilia social activists about the scam.

Screenshot of the original and untouched DarkNet Child Trafficking scam Price List

Screenshot of the original and untouched DarkNet Child Trafficking scam Price List

Note that I had to open it in a Sandbox to create this image because when I opened it originally it dropped a Trojan on my system. My spyware picked it up right away and removed it. This was just a precaution to ensure that it didn’t happen again.

Hard evidence. Hard facts. Liars exposed.

Here is a link to the free open source tool I used: MetaExtractor

Critique of Babcock’s ‘analysis’

The program that Babcock used to ‘analyse’ the PDF is called PDFResurrect (Linux only version). While it’s a good program, Babcock’s analytical skills are sorely lacking. So, he misinterpreted the results, either intentionally or because he’s just an idiot. Either is possible and both is likely. What is unlikely is that PDFRessurect’s results were different from mine, if he analysed the original file. He didn’t. He analysed a version of the file that Tim Wheeler had uploaded to Google Docs on Feb. 13, 2013.

Babcock’s results (not his absurd ‘analysis’) actually confirms this fact:

Producer Application (refers to the Computer) the document was created on was a MAC OSX 10.6.8 Quartz.”

which leads to this conclusion:

“The only person, in November, 2012, in that group of people that Kree was attempting to recruit that used a MAC was 30 yo Kree Love impersonating UK teen Kree Love.”

Babcock's output from PDFRessurect

Babcock’s output from his PDFRessurect software

There is a different ModDate showing in Babcock’s output and yet the document, which Babcock deceptively doesn’t provide on his web site, is identical to the one I have shown you in this blog. The one included in this blog is the one that was distributed everywhere.

One possible explanation for this new ModDate might be that Google used to convert PDFs it uploaded to Google Drive to their version. They may still do that. Since Babcock didn’t display the version he ‘analysed’ on his web site, it’s impossible to know for sure why that discrepancy exists.

He did display this which provides you with a partial image of the document. If you compare the following background document in the image with the original complete document image I’ve provided above they’re pretty much the same. No differences are visible.


And no I don’t do posting for Tim (as per Babcock’s blog where he claims I’m the ‘main poster’). Pretty much everything I have posted regarding this topic was in defence of myself against the lies being spread by Babcock, Kree, Emick and their cohorts. That’s the only time I post, as a response to their lies.


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Antonio F. Lopez as Kree Love’s DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam

Antonio F. Lopez as Kree Love’s DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam

Watch out for the following scam targeting innocent Anons and friendswho want to help catch pedophiles and child abusers.

Contrary to the clever sales pitch, not all of the targets of this scam will necessarily be pedophiles. Some could be child traffickers involved with organized crime groups like the Russian Mafia. These are groups that will not take kindly to someone interfering in their market place. Others could potentially be innocent people who are just having trouble adopting or the adoption process is taking too long and they are resorting to illegal means.

And please note that ‘money-making ops’ whose goal is to commit fraud are neither Anonymous Ops nor are they LE Ops despite what this person says in his con.

Continue to link to read the rest: 

Scammers on DarkNet

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Bully: Antonio F. Lopez aka Kree Love. The Identification In Detail. Updated

Bully: Antonio F. Lopez aka Kree Love. The Identification In Detail. Updated

March 12, 2013. Kreepy has now changed his profile picture on Facebook again. Kreepy’s father is an Attorney licensed to practice in both California and Nevada. Kreepy lived with daddy while attending high school in LA. 

February 13, 2014. After being confronted several times about the skill set he claimed he had, Kreepy finally changed his profile and removed the lies.

Antonio F. Lopez, 30,  impersonating UK Teen Kree Love, 17, aka Peter Pan (okay the last one is a joke but that’s the name he’s currently being tagged with on Facebook and it’s very appropriate. Lol).

This post describes in detail the process that I used to identify him so that people understand why I consider his identification irrefutable. I can’t take full credit for this. I did receive some help from an unnamed source who pointed me in the right directions so that I could find what I need. Thanks go to that source.

Some of my conclusions don’t agree with theirs but I’ll explain exactly why I’m coming to the conclusions that I am.

So, the first clue to draw my attention was this post that appeared on the Exposing Illegal Child Trafficking and Scammers Page on Facebook which contains the original DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam document exposing Kree Love’s scam.

This person has identified Kree Love as Antonio Lopez but at this point it’s merely an assertion and I have no idea why.

Kree identifed by someone else as Antonio Lopez

Kree identifed by someone else as Antonio Lopez

Then I find out from the unnamed source that I should look at two aliases KingSamLopez and KingSam15, examine them thoroughly and I should be able to get at the truth. I took that person’s advice and began my search.

Now, just to be clear. There really is a 16 year old whose name is Kree Love, who has a mother named Jayda Love living in Oxford. This 16 year old was the one photographed and interviewed at Occupy London. He claimed to be 18 but was a 15 year old runaway at the time. The real Kree Love’s basic biography which indicates that he’s a gamer, and worked for his mothers company DottyPixxal is true. However, there is no evidence that this real Kree Love moved out of the UK. He was born there and I did find his birth information as well as the picture that was attached to the article quoting him at Occupy London. His image has now been removed from the article and I will not be posting either his image or the birth information which I located because he’s a minor and an innocent party who probably has no idea how seriously his reputation is being trashed online by Antonio F. Lopez.

Antonio F. Lopez at the age of 27, appears to have adopted the then 13 year old Kree Love’s biography when he began his impersonation of Kree Love in 2010.

You will need to follow through on all of the screenshots right to the end in order to understand the process.

The following item turned out to be the key piece of information. This is an old account of KingSamLopez which is now deleted but can be found on two YouTube videos uploaded by Emma PowerRanger. I’ve done a paused screenshot so that it’s easier to view the information. This is not information that he’s able to delete because he didn’t post it and YouTube isn’t going to remove it since it appears to be promoting him and not attacking him.

Note the following:

1. KingSamLopez identifies himself as Antonio

2. This is an old account created in 2007 long before KingSamLopez started identifying as ‘Kree Love’.

3. He states that he is 24 in 2007 which would make him 30 today.

4. He identifies the blog, as his. This particular clue is important so keep it in mind as you view the rest of the screenshots.

KingSamLopez alias identifies as Antonio

KingSamLopez alias identifies as Antonio

The videos:

In 2010, at the age of 27, Antonio had an altercation with a teenager using the alias Jamie McKinley when he flew into a jealous rage because McKinley’s gaming system was better than his. He tried to cyberbully him, failed and ended up getting pwned by Jamie, a teenager with some very good computer skills for a teen. It looks like that’s when he decided to run for cover and hide by pretending to be someone else. He doesn’t like to deal with the consequences of his own actions.

I’ve gone into that story in the blog post, Kree Love: Evidence of Lies. It’s actually pretty funny how this 30 year old alleged IT expert gets thoroughly pwned and ends up running for cover. Lol. So read it if you want a good laugh. This isn’t a detailed version and some of the funniest stuff isn’t included like the times that someone was using a hacking tool to block KingSamLopez from accessing any of his YouTube accounts. There is a post where KingSamLopez is complaining that he hasn’t been able to access YouTube for 2 days and a couple of videos where this other person is demonstrating how he blocked KingSamLopez from accessing those accounts. Lol. You could find that stuff by doing a Google Search. I have the screenshots and have downloaded those videos but didn’t really want to bother getting into all of the gory, if not completely hilarious details.

In 2010, we have the appearance of Kree Love alias Krazium who claims to have been in contact with ID Chief on DarkNet and claims to have new ID which shows that he’s an adult. An argument could be made here that this profile is the real Kree Love and that he did move to Manhattan but given his age it’s unlikely that he would have been able to do that and attend Columbia while living on his own. It’s more likely that Antonio knew the real Kree Love and created this profile based on both information that he knew as well as the personna he wanted to present of himself. In 2010 Kree Love was 13 and this was 2 years before he was reported as 15 year old runaway in 2012.

Antonio F. Lopez now claims to be Kree Love

Antonio F. Lopez now claims to be Kree Love

In 2011, we have KingSam15 identifying himself as Kree Love. The biography is consistent with the ‘Krazium’ biography established in 2010 shown above.

A new piece of information has been added that you should keep in mind. He now also states that he knows Basic Russian.

English Forum Switzerland   View Profile  KingSam15 2

KingSam15 says hes Kree Love in 2011

KingSam15 says hes Kree Love in 2011

Here we have a screenshot of Pilar Hernandez, the mother of Antonio F. Lopez who had previously lived with a Russian boyfriend whom she split from. Antonio previously lived in the US and has now moved in with his mother in Oxford. Since there is an overlap in the years that the boyfriend was there and that Antonio moved in with his mother he likely learned some basic Russian from the boyfriend.

Pilar Hernandez Mother of Antonio F. Lopez

Pilar Hernandez Mother of Antonio F. Lopez

Note that both Pilar Hernandez, Antonio F. Lopez mother and Jayda Love, the real Kree Love’s mother live in Oxford. See the next screenshot giving Jayda Love’s corporate information for DottyPixxal dissolution on May 24, 2011.

Jayda Love Dellam Corporate Information Limited  England Dotty Pixxal

Now the following profile of KingSam15 which claims to be Kree Love in 2011, claims the blog as his.

This is the same blog which KingSamLopez, who identified as 24 year old Antonio, also claimed was his blog in 2007.

This confirms that the KingSam15 alias and the KingSamLopez alias are indeed the same person.

KingSam15 identifies the kingsam15 blog as his

KingSam15 identifies the kingsam15 blog as his. This makes the link between the KingSamLopez alias which stated his name was Antonio in 2007 and the KingSam15 alias which claims to be Kree Love starting in 2011. They are the same person

Now note that in this post, Jamie McKinley identifies KingSamLopez as Antonio Lopez.

Kree Love Exposed As Antonio Lopez By Jamie

Kree Love Exposed As Antonio Lopez By Jamie

And in this post, KingSam15 (using the same profile photo that the current Kree Love impersonator uses) admits that McKinley has located him therefore he identifed him correctly.

Kree lying on Google Groups about McKinley and admitting that McKinley identified him correctly

Kree lying on Google Groups about McKinley and admitting that McKinley identified him correctly

Here is his current Facebook profile which now fully adopts the 2010 Kree Love biography, alias, krazium, and uses the image from the Google Groups profile above. This connects the current profile to the previous profile kingsam15 which as I demonstrated connects to kingsamlopez. There is a direct line connecting each item and leading to the current item.

Kree Love aka Antonio Lopez current Facebook profile

Kree Love aka Antonio Lopez current Facebook profile

Update: Kreepy has now changed his profile picture on his personal FB account. The pictures on the other accounts like his ‘Fan’ page remain the same as the above (for now).

Antonio F. Lopez impersonating Kree Love changes profile image

Antonio F. Lopez impersonating Kree Love changes profile image


Update Profile image

Given all of the above, the only reasonable and logical conclusion that we can come to here in my opinion is that KingSamLopez who is Antonio F. Lopez began using the KingSam15 alias to impersonate Kree Love starting around 2010 or so. In my opinion, this evidence is pretty irrefutable.

The fact that he has shown identification under Kree Love’s name simply proves that he has false or real stolen identification which he uses to back his story. It doesn’t prove that he’s Kree Love.

Someone also claims to have spoken directly to his family. Given the following conversation, this is highly unlikely.

    [3/11/12 12:05:45 PM] TW: well if she wants she will find the time Kree.. I deserve that much respect from her for offering to help
    [3/11/12 12:05:58 PM] Kree Love: kk
    [3/11/12 12:05:58 PM] Kree Love: anyways
    [3/11/12 12:06:02 PM] Kree Love: I will speak to you
    [3/11/12 12:06:05 PM] Kree Love: when I wake up.
    [3/11/12 12:06:17 PM] Kree Love: I need to marry my girlfriend
    [3/11/12 12:06:22 PM] Kree Love: in decemember
    [3/11/12 12:06:27 PM] Kree Love: so that she can stay in the country
    [3/11/12 12:06:35 PM] Kree Love: and I will be emanspiated.
    [3/11/12 12:08:46 PM] TW: you misspelled that kree [:)]
    [3/11/12 12:08:52 PM] TW: Emancipated
    [3/11/12 12:09:01 PM] Kree Love: I’m illa
    [3/11/12 12:09:03 PM] Kree Love: ill
    [3/11/12 12:09:06 PM] Kree Love: and a little stoned.
    [3/11/2012 11:28:43 PM] justice4all2010: lmfao @ speaking to mom at 52 lolol
    [3/11/2012 11:28:59 PM] Kree Love: yh
    [3/11/2012 11:29:05 PM] Kree Love: that isn’t going to happen
    [3/11/2012 11:30:02 PM] Kree Love: [3/11/2012 11:32:11 PM] Kree Love: she did.
    [3/11/2012 11:32:13 PM] Kree Love: and he wants
    [3/11/2012 11:32:16 PM] Kree Love: to speak with her again
    [3/11/2012 11:34:03 PM] Kree Love: it isn’t goign to happen
    [3/11/2012 11:34:04 PM] Kree Love: what I need
    [3/11/2012 11:34:08 PM] Kree Love: is a female which sounds like my mom
    [3/11/2012 11:34:10 PM] Kree Love: to confirm
    [3/11/2012 11:34:13 PM] Kree Love: just in case

    [3/11/12 12:28:24 PM] TW: little stoned.. good lord kree… what a metamorphosis in the last 2 months
    [3/11/12 12:28:58 PM] TW: well, if you want out, get mom on the phone to me.. won’t take but 5 mins.. I can call her too..
    [3/11/12 12:29:13 PM] TW: I’ve tried and am over the trying to no avail..
    [3/11/12 12:29:53 PM] Kree Love: yeah,
    [3/11/12 12:29:55 PM] Kree Love: i will try

I believe that he does know Kree Love given their geographical proximity and he may also have attended Occupy London. At the very least he knows enough about him and his activities to impersonate him successfully even with people who met the real Kree Love at Occupy London.

I haven’t included the American side of his family yet nor will I for now.

If he removes the lies he’s had posted about me everywhere and stops impersonating the young Kree Love, I won’t post anything about that side of his family and won’t continue to identify him further.

If he doesn’t, then I will proceed. He’s pretty slow on the uptake so I’ll give him a little time. Lol.

Setting aside what Antonio has done to me (that will be tomorrow’s post) the fact is he is destroying the reputation of an innocent 16 year old and likely drawing all sorts of unwarranted local and international police attention his way

This could have major repercussions to the young, real Kree Love that could impact his life permanently.

And Antonio is doing all of this just so that he can engage in cyberbullying/harassment/stalking campaigns, as well as theft, fraud and cons online with impunity.

I can’t think of much that’s more vile and despicable than doing that to an innocent minor.

Update: Kreepy has been claiming to have all sorts of high level IT skills and expertise for quite a while now. His earlier profile on Twitter (following) and earlier profiles on Google+ claimed expertise in numerous skills that he simply couldn’t demonstrate he had.

For example, in the Doxbin lying dox, he claims that the AnonyGrans web site is a WordPress site when it’s actually a Flash site. Something a real programmer would be able to identify immediately.

Kreepys alleged qualifications

Kreepys alleged qualifications

After being confronted on Twitter several times and in this blog about his alleged skills, he has now finally changed his profile to one that is no longer fraudulent and essentially a con.

Kree Love finally changes his skill set.

Kree Love finally changes his skill set.

According to my source, chats that have been removed by Kreepy, and where his high school friends referred to him as Antonio, indicated that he attended high school in Los Angeles, California where he lived with his father, a lawyer. Research indicates that his father is currently licensed to practice in both California and Nevada.

He appears to have lived in the UK, with his mother, in his younger years.

He returned to the UK and his last known location was with his mother.



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The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance #NSA #StopSpying

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Dear Kitty,

Take Action

Big news. Today, the Internet is uniting to fight back against mass surveillance.

The political landscape has shifted dramatically since the first Snowden leaks last June. We’re at a key moment in the battle against those who want to scoop up all your private personal information, whether it’s the NSA, or other countries’ spooks, like Britain’s GCHQ or Russia’s FSB.

Will you sign onto our global petitionopposing mass, suspicionless surveillance?

It’s crafted by legal experts from around the world and lays out principles for restraint, oversight, and specificity for engaging in surveillance. Your signature will give weight to a new legal framework for policymakers that will lead to modern surveillance laws that will protect individual privacy rights, instead of trampling them.

You’ll be standing with over 360 activist groups from Colombia to Uganda, dozens of world experts, and thousands of your fellow Internet citizens.

Please help spread the word.

In addition to signing the global petition, you can share on social media using the hashtag #StopSpying.

You can also help us by installing this code on your website, which will install a banner urging visitors to oppose mass spying.

There are also protests, discussions, and cryptoparties being organized around the world.See if there’s one in your area.

Back in the USA, we’re fighting for you

Thanks to supporters like you, EFF has been fighting NSA surveillance in American courts. We’re attacking Internet surveillance programs as illegal and unconstitutional under US law, and we’re representing 22 organizations in challenging the phone records surveillance program on free speech grounds.

This is bigger than just the US, though. We’ve explained to states at the UN and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights the implications of the NSA’s spying on the privacy rights of everyone, at home and overseas. And we’re teaming up with our fellow activists around the world to make sure everyone is free from unchecked snooping, whether it’s from the United States’ dragnet spying, or your local surveillance state.

Stopping the NSA from collecting emails like this,

Rainey Reitman

Activism Director

Electronic Frontier Foundation


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