Hollywood and Pedophiles

07 May
Hollywood and Pedophiles

Stephen Shellen’s acting career in the 1990s was destroyed when he began investigating the abuse of his own children. Organized Stalking techniques were used against him. Similar to those used by the Church of Scientology. It is suspected that individuals in those rings or those leading those rings are either Pedophiles themselves or closely connected to Pedophile circles. He has also been the target of some very malicious cyberharassment and stalking.

lara trace hentz

I had heard something about several figures in Hollywood who are pedophiles. The Church is not the only place where children are molested. The people that own/run pretty much everything are apparently above the law and are bored and find children to molest… it’s like the psychopaths are in charge! A cop will shoot an unarmed citizen for jay-walking but won’t attempt to stop this child trafficking, abuse, sacrifice….everyone seems to look the other way for $….

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