Bully: Antonio F. Lopez aka Kree Love. The Identification In Detail. Updated

13 Feb
Bully: Antonio F. Lopez aka Kree Love. The Identification In Detail. Updated

March 12, 2013. Kreepy has now changed his profile picture on Facebook again. Kreepy’s father is an Attorney licensed to practice in both California and Nevada. Kreepy lived with daddy while attending high school in LA. 

February 13, 2014. After being confronted several times about the skill set he claimed he had, Kreepy finally changed his profile and removed the lies.

Antonio F. Lopez, 30,  impersonating UK Teen Kree Love, 17, aka Peter Pan (okay the last one is a joke but that’s the name he’s currently being tagged with on Facebook and it’s very appropriate. Lol).

This post describes in detail the process that I used to identify him so that people understand why I consider his identification irrefutable. I can’t take full credit for this. I did receive some help from an unnamed source who pointed me in the right directions so that I could find what I need. Thanks go to that source.

Some of my conclusions don’t agree with theirs but I’ll explain exactly why I’m coming to the conclusions that I am.

So, the first clue to draw my attention was this post that appeared on the Exposing Illegal Child Trafficking and Scammers Page on Facebook which contains the original DarkNet Child Trafficking Scam document exposing Kree Love’s scam.

This person has identified Kree Love as Antonio Lopez but at this point it’s merely an assertion and I have no idea why.

Kree identifed by someone else as Antonio Lopez

Kree identifed by someone else as Antonio Lopez

Then I find out from the unnamed source that I should look at two aliases KingSamLopez and KingSam15, examine them thoroughly and I should be able to get at the truth. I took that person’s advice and began my search.

Now, just to be clear. There really is a 16 year old whose name is Kree Love, who has a mother named Jayda Love living in Oxford. This 16 year old was the one photographed and interviewed at Occupy London. He claimed to be 18 but was a 15 year old runaway at the time. The real Kree Love’s basic biography which indicates that he’s a gamer, and worked for his mothers company DottyPixxal is true. However, there is no evidence that this real Kree Love moved out of the UK. He was born there and I did find his birth information as well as the picture that was attached to the article quoting him at Occupy London. His image has now been removed from the article and I will not be posting either his image or the birth information which I located because he’s a minor and an innocent party who probably has no idea how seriously his reputation is being trashed online by Antonio F. Lopez.

Antonio F. Lopez at the age of 27, appears to have adopted the then 13 year old Kree Love’s biography when he began his impersonation of Kree Love in 2010.

You will need to follow through on all of the screenshots right to the end in order to understand the process.

The following item turned out to be the key piece of information. This is an old account of KingSamLopez which is now deleted but can be found on two YouTube videos uploaded by Emma PowerRanger. I’ve done a paused screenshot so that it’s easier to view the information. This is not information that he’s able to delete because he didn’t post it and YouTube isn’t going to remove it since it appears to be promoting him and not attacking him.

Note the following:

1. KingSamLopez identifies himself as Antonio

2. This is an old account created in 2007 long before KingSamLopez started identifying as ‘Kree Love’.

3. He states that he is 24 in 2007 which would make him 30 today.

4. He identifies the blog, as his. This particular clue is important so keep it in mind as you view the rest of the screenshots.

KingSamLopez alias identifies as Antonio

KingSamLopez alias identifies as Antonio

The videos:

In 2010, at the age of 27, Antonio had an altercation with a teenager using the alias Jamie McKinley when he flew into a jealous rage because McKinley’s gaming system was better than his. He tried to cyberbully him, failed and ended up getting pwned by Jamie, a teenager with some very good computer skills for a teen. It looks like that’s when he decided to run for cover and hide by pretending to be someone else. He doesn’t like to deal with the consequences of his own actions.

I’ve gone into that story in the blog post, Kree Love: Evidence of Lies. It’s actually pretty funny how this 30 year old alleged IT expert gets thoroughly pwned and ends up running for cover. Lol. So read it if you want a good laugh. This isn’t a detailed version and some of the funniest stuff isn’t included like the times that someone was using a hacking tool to block KingSamLopez from accessing any of his YouTube accounts. There is a post where KingSamLopez is complaining that he hasn’t been able to access YouTube for 2 days and a couple of videos where this other person is demonstrating how he blocked KingSamLopez from accessing those accounts. Lol. You could find that stuff by doing a Google Search. I have the screenshots and have downloaded those videos but didn’t really want to bother getting into all of the gory, if not completely hilarious details.

In 2010, we have the appearance of Kree Love alias Krazium who claims to have been in contact with ID Chief on DarkNet and claims to have new ID which shows that he’s an adult. An argument could be made here that this profile is the real Kree Love and that he did move to Manhattan but given his age it’s unlikely that he would have been able to do that and attend Columbia while living on his own. It’s more likely that Antonio knew the real Kree Love and created this profile based on both information that he knew as well as the personna he wanted to present of himself. In 2010 Kree Love was 13 and this was 2 years before he was reported as 15 year old runaway in 2012.

Antonio F. Lopez now claims to be Kree Love

Antonio F. Lopez now claims to be Kree Love

In 2011, we have KingSam15 identifying himself as Kree Love. The biography is consistent with the ‘Krazium’ biography established in 2010 shown above.

A new piece of information has been added that you should keep in mind. He now also states that he knows Basic Russian.

English Forum Switzerland   View Profile  KingSam15 2

KingSam15 says hes Kree Love in 2011

KingSam15 says hes Kree Love in 2011

Here we have a screenshot of Pilar Hernandez, the mother of Antonio F. Lopez who had previously lived with a Russian boyfriend whom she split from. Antonio previously lived in the US and has now moved in with his mother in Oxford. Since there is an overlap in the years that the boyfriend was there and that Antonio moved in with his mother he likely learned some basic Russian from the boyfriend.

Pilar Hernandez Mother of Antonio F. Lopez

Pilar Hernandez Mother of Antonio F. Lopez

Note that both Pilar Hernandez, Antonio F. Lopez mother and Jayda Love, the real Kree Love’s mother live in Oxford. See the next screenshot giving Jayda Love’s corporate information for DottyPixxal dissolution on May 24, 2011.

Jayda Love Dellam Corporate Information Limited  England Dotty Pixxal

Now the following profile of KingSam15 which claims to be Kree Love in 2011, claims the blog as his.

This is the same blog which KingSamLopez, who identified as 24 year old Antonio, also claimed was his blog in 2007.

This confirms that the KingSam15 alias and the KingSamLopez alias are indeed the same person.

KingSam15 identifies the kingsam15 blog as his

KingSam15 identifies the kingsam15 blog as his. This makes the link between the KingSamLopez alias which stated his name was Antonio in 2007 and the KingSam15 alias which claims to be Kree Love starting in 2011. They are the same person

Now note that in this post, Jamie McKinley identifies KingSamLopez as Antonio Lopez.

Kree Love Exposed As Antonio Lopez By Jamie

Kree Love Exposed As Antonio Lopez By Jamie

And in this post, KingSam15 (using the same profile photo that the current Kree Love impersonator uses) admits that McKinley has located him therefore he identifed him correctly.

Kree lying on Google Groups about McKinley and admitting that McKinley identified him correctly

Kree lying on Google Groups about McKinley and admitting that McKinley identified him correctly

Here is his current Facebook profile which now fully adopts the 2010 Kree Love biography, alias, krazium, and uses the image from the Google Groups profile above. This connects the current profile to the previous profile kingsam15 which as I demonstrated connects to kingsamlopez. There is a direct line connecting each item and leading to the current item.

Kree Love aka Antonio Lopez current Facebook profile

Kree Love aka Antonio Lopez current Facebook profile

Update: Kreepy has now changed his profile picture on his personal FB account. The pictures on the other accounts like his ‘Fan’ page remain the same as the above (for now).

Antonio F. Lopez impersonating Kree Love changes profile image

Antonio F. Lopez impersonating Kree Love changes profile image


Update Profile image

Given all of the above, the only reasonable and logical conclusion that we can come to here in my opinion is that KingSamLopez who is Antonio F. Lopez began using the KingSam15 alias to impersonate Kree Love starting around 2010 or so. In my opinion, this evidence is pretty irrefutable.

The fact that he has shown identification under Kree Love’s name simply proves that he has false or real stolen identification which he uses to back his story. It doesn’t prove that he’s Kree Love.

Someone also claims to have spoken directly to his family. Given the following conversation, this is highly unlikely.

    [3/11/12 12:05:45 PM] TW: well if she wants she will find the time Kree.. I deserve that much respect from her for offering to help
    [3/11/12 12:05:58 PM] Kree Love: kk
    [3/11/12 12:05:58 PM] Kree Love: anyways
    [3/11/12 12:06:02 PM] Kree Love: I will speak to you
    [3/11/12 12:06:05 PM] Kree Love: when I wake up.
    [3/11/12 12:06:17 PM] Kree Love: I need to marry my girlfriend
    [3/11/12 12:06:22 PM] Kree Love: in decemember
    [3/11/12 12:06:27 PM] Kree Love: so that she can stay in the country
    [3/11/12 12:06:35 PM] Kree Love: and I will be emanspiated.
    [3/11/12 12:08:46 PM] TW: you misspelled that kree [:)]
    [3/11/12 12:08:52 PM] TW: Emancipated
    [3/11/12 12:09:01 PM] Kree Love: I’m illa
    [3/11/12 12:09:03 PM] Kree Love: ill
    [3/11/12 12:09:06 PM] Kree Love: and a little stoned.
    [3/11/2012 11:28:43 PM] justice4all2010: lmfao @ speaking to mom at 52 lolol
    [3/11/2012 11:28:59 PM] Kree Love: yh
    [3/11/2012 11:29:05 PM] Kree Love: that isn’t going to happen
    [3/11/2012 11:30:02 PM] Kree Love: [3/11/2012 11:32:11 PM] Kree Love: she did.
    [3/11/2012 11:32:13 PM] Kree Love: and he wants
    [3/11/2012 11:32:16 PM] Kree Love: to speak with her again
    [3/11/2012 11:34:03 PM] Kree Love: it isn’t goign to happen
    [3/11/2012 11:34:04 PM] Kree Love: what I need
    [3/11/2012 11:34:08 PM] Kree Love: is a female which sounds like my mom
    [3/11/2012 11:34:10 PM] Kree Love: to confirm
    [3/11/2012 11:34:13 PM] Kree Love: just in case

    [3/11/12 12:28:24 PM] TW: little stoned.. good lord kree… what a metamorphosis in the last 2 months
    [3/11/12 12:28:58 PM] TW: well, if you want out, get mom on the phone to me.. won’t take but 5 mins.. I can call her too..
    [3/11/12 12:29:13 PM] TW: I’ve tried and am over the trying to no avail..
    [3/11/12 12:29:53 PM] Kree Love: yeah,
    [3/11/12 12:29:55 PM] Kree Love: i will try

I believe that he does know Kree Love given their geographical proximity and he may also have attended Occupy London. At the very least he knows enough about him and his activities to impersonate him successfully even with people who met the real Kree Love at Occupy London.

I haven’t included the American side of his family yet nor will I for now.

If he removes the lies he’s had posted about me everywhere and stops impersonating the young Kree Love, I won’t post anything about that side of his family and won’t continue to identify him further.

If he doesn’t, then I will proceed. He’s pretty slow on the uptake so I’ll give him a little time. Lol.

Setting aside what Antonio has done to me (that will be tomorrow’s post) the fact is he is destroying the reputation of an innocent 16 year old and likely drawing all sorts of unwarranted local and international police attention his way

This could have major repercussions to the young, real Kree Love that could impact his life permanently.

And Antonio is doing all of this just so that he can engage in cyberbullying/harassment/stalking campaigns, as well as theft, fraud and cons online with impunity.

I can’t think of much that’s more vile and despicable than doing that to an innocent minor.

Update: Kreepy has been claiming to have all sorts of high level IT skills and expertise for quite a while now. His earlier profile on Twitter (following) and earlier profiles on Google+ claimed expertise in numerous skills that he simply couldn’t demonstrate he had.

For example, in the Doxbin lying dox, he claims that the AnonyGrans web site is a WordPress site when it’s actually a Flash site. Something a real programmer would be able to identify immediately.

Kreepys alleged qualifications

Kreepys alleged qualifications

After being confronted on Twitter several times and in this blog about his alleged skills, he has now finally changed his profile to one that is no longer fraudulent and essentially a con.

Kree Love finally changes his skill set.

Kree Love finally changes his skill set.

According to my source, chats that have been removed by Kreepy, and where his high school friends referred to him as Antonio, indicated that he attended high school in Los Angeles, California where he lived with his father, a lawyer. Research indicates that his father is currently licensed to practice in both California and Nevada.

He appears to have lived in the UK, with his mother, in his younger years.

He returned to the UK and his last known location was with his mother.



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