Bully: Michael Babcock. One ‘Sick’ Dude. Updated

18 Jan
Bully: Michael Babcock. One ‘Sick’ Dude. Updated

Updated. January 22, 2013 and January, 2018.

Mikey (Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster, CoderHyguru, Lilli Alpert) is probably one of the most twisted people I’ve ever met online, second only to Kreepy (Kree Love  impersonating UK teen, Kree Love).

He goes to the most bizarre and extreme lengths in his harassment campaigns. Right now he’s desperately trying to earn the bribe Kreepy offered to have all of my sites shut down and to have me ‘suppressed’.

Funny given Kreepy’s claims of his personal l33t h8x0r status. Lol. Essentially Kreepy expects everyone to buy his delusions of grandeur regarding the computer system he claims to have as well as the skills he alleges he has, while at the same time to buy his con that he needs to bribe someone to bring down my sites.

Bringing down my various web sites is something that should be a fairly simple task for Kreepy if he really is as l33t as he claims and really does have the system he claims he has. I’m not buying it though. Why? Because as I said if he had all that and was as skilled as he claims he wouldn’t need to hire anyone.

The ‘suppression’ part is a different matter and one which would be impossible unless the person killed me. No-one’s going to do that for 5BTC even assuming that they were stupid enough to believe that Kreepy would actually pay them. Lol.

Anyway, I recently created a backup blog on another site which I have not publicized at all. It’s purpose is simply to be ready if Kreepy and his little cyberharassment kult succeed in conning my current site into shutting me down for exposing their harassment and criminal activity.

I haven’t even finished it yet. There is still quite a bit of work to do on it because the imports from this site to the other site aren’t very good.

And yet, today, out of the blue I have received over 400 hits on the About page of my new blog within a very short period of time..

Bizarre for a blog that hasn’t even been publicized… until I read one of Michael Babcock’s rage emails sent to me today where he accuses someone else of using a hit blaster on their site.

Oh. The. Irony.

Babcock is well known for the fact that he is the one who uses Hit Blasters to increase his hits and Fake Followers software on his Twitter site and Fake Friends software on his Facebook pages. This is his thing. His Modus Operandi. He gives himself away with it.

Now, the fact that he would hit my brand new, unfinished blog which hasn’t even been publicized yet is an indication that he’s planning to file a false complaint alleging that I did it.

How sick and twisted is that? Seriously.

However, don’t forget that he’s also the one who created that Fake Pro-Pedo web site using a domain name that contained another persons name to frame that social activist and fabricate evidence that his lies about him were true.

And he’s obsessively publishing numerous almost identical blogs all over the place attacking me and 11 others amongst other things.

I suspect that he’s desperately trying to earn the ‘bounty’ Kreepy has offered to ‘suppress me’ and ‘remove all my content’.

So, is it surprising? No.

Unfortunately for Mikey, my own counter registers the hits correctly. 🙂

Good luck with your scams and cons on Kreepy’s behalf, Mikey. You’ll be lucky if you ever see a dime. Even if you succeeded. ROFL.

Michael Babcock Raging And Projecting About Hit Blasters

Michael Babcock Raging And Projecting About Hit Blasters

Updated. January 22, 2013.

Mikey’s latest scam has been to flood various sites with derogatory and racist videos. He sees it as ‘winning’. Winning what? I don’t know you’ll have to ask him. He’s the one with the delusions of personal grandeur and fantasies.

So, on YouTube we got them removed because they were derogatory and racist. Since Babcock appears to have a rather serious obsessive compulsive disorder, he can never post just one. He posted 6. When we got those 6 removed, he has now posted double that number. We’re in the process of getting those removed and he’s now listed several other sites where he’s planning to post them.

This is not normal behavior. Normal people do not do these things. Normal people do not obsess in these ways. This is a mental illness. Stalking and harassment, whether it’s online or offline is the symptom of this mental illness. It’s the effect. What happens as a result of the person being mentally ill.

This is his pattern of behavior and, in my opinion, it is clear cut evidence of an obsessive compulsive (repeated postings) with paranoid delusions (he’s ‘losing’ when we get the libelous videos removed) and delusions of personal grandeur (refers to self as ‘baddest man on the Internet’). And that’s aside from what appears to be quite a serious cognitive disorder, that is, his inability to read and comprehend simple english. OTOH, it’s also possible that he just suffers from the psychological disorder of pathological lying as well. (Claims that I don’t have the academic training and background I say I do)

Another indicator of mental illness is that not only does Mikey tell these pathological lies but they are, without exception, easily disproven by anyone. The Bone Yard Tards just high five him because the lies are self-serving and they don’t actually care what the truth is.

For example, all anyone has to do to check my qualifications is go to my LinkedIn profile and search my College. It’s easily found. In fact, I have 3 College Diplomas. This one is just my most recent.

I think Mikey and Kreepy are just jealous.

Here’s an idea, maybe they should stop wasting their time being Tards on the Internet and get an education instead?


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