jennifer emick currentpic

jennifer emick currentpic

Jennifer Emick


Jennifer Emick

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  1. SFElder

    August 25, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    You’re not the first one she’s had a tussle with. I found this on pastebin by someone who allegedly found her to be running an illegal business. She harasses many people. Currently, she’s hiding behind James McGibney’s problems and getting in with his crew. It’s a pattern. She gloms onto people having an issue with something and pretends she’s helping them but what she’s really up to is inserting her own vendettas after she worms her way in. They usually have enough of her and shun her and that’s when she fills the internet with lies about them. These are always people she befriended. Anything she accuses them of is guaranteed to be something she really did.

    Asherah Research Group
    Director of Intelligence: Jennifer Emick (she of a high school diploma, no certifications, credentials or security clearance).

    Intelligence. I do not think that word means what you think it means.

    @AsherahResearch a/k/a Jennifer Emick “works” under the name Asherah Research Group. There is no corporation or LLC under that name in any of the 50 states. Emick claims it is a sole proprietorship, which wouldn’t need to be registered in the State of Michigan where she lives. Mmkay.

    In Michigan, if you run a sole proprietorship under anything but your legal name, you must file an assumed name certificate for doing business under a different name. This is a mandatory requirement in Michigan. The certificate must be notarized prior to filing with the clerk’s office and must be renewed every five years.

    Whups. None on file for Asherah Research Group.

    See, if you go to this Michigan State website to see if a name is available, it will tell you if you have a “conflict”. A conflict means someone else registered that name.

    No conflict for:

    Asherah Research Group
    Jennifer Emick

    Sole proprietors who wish to have employees also have to obtain an Employer Identification Number, or EIN. This is a nine-digit number issued by the IRS to keep track of businesses. All businesses with employees are required to report wages to the IRS using their EIN. Does Asherah Research Group have employees? Well Emick claims she does.

    And here’s one now.

    Meet Chad Whitlow, who claims to be a Security Researcher employed at Asherah Research Group:
    Security Researcher
    October 2012 – Present (9 months)
    Working on middle east cyber war, gathering intel, researching botnets fraud botnets and DDoS botnets.

    So is he an employee of Asherah Research Group or not? Like a paid employee?

    If he is an employee, Asherah Research Group is operating illegally.

    But you know he’s not a paid employee. Emick couldn’t afford to pay an employee. He’s a tool. A dope smoking wigga of a tool. Check his facebook:

    Member of the Asherah Research Group on Facebook.

    Oh and here is a screencap of Mr. Chad Whitlow of Asherah Research Group’s facebook profile. Pure Class:

    Currently bitching about how his Pall Malls cost too much, so that paycheck thing is looking less and less likely.

    Anyone want to hire these two pinheads for their amazing powers of intelligence gathering? Me either.

    But they want to hire someone. For two weeks. Or they did:

    Asherah Research – Support Worker/Research Assistant wanted for 2 weeks cover

    Asherah Research are looking for a support worker/research assistant for a female disabled researcher. This will be holiday cover in September for 6-7 days from 10th-21st September possibly leading to additional cover as and when needed. You will be assisting in researching images, website building, scanning books, taking dictation and general admin tasks.

    Taking dictation??? Does anyone still do that in this day and age of the internet?? And if the point is to cover Emick being gone for holiday, who the fuck is this person taking dictation from? There’s a serious lack of employees at Asherah Research Group.

    Just like everything else about Jennifer Emick, the job advert is puffery bullshit she posted out there to make herself look like something she’s not: the owner of an actual company that makes actual money.

    No one in their right mind would hire this obnoxious poser or her druggie sidekick.

    cc: @asherahresearch @CoffeinIntake

    Since lying about owning backtracesecurity, she duped her old partner’s website and is now running She has told many she works for the FBI but no one believes it anymore. What she was doing was copying other people’s research and charging the FBI for the paper she rewrote it on. To make herself look good, she libels the original authors. She’s obsessive and nasty. She’s been after The Jester for going on 5 years. She insisted he was Tom Ryan, who does work in cyber security. If she keeps it up, she’s going to get someone killed. As you know, Jester hacks Jihadist websites and Tom Ryan is not him. She knows this and doesn’t care. She’ll fabricate evidence to say it’s true only to turn around and blame 6 other people just because they called her out on it. So according to Jennifer Emick, Tom Ryan plus many others all wind up with the same accusation of being The Jester. She has almost as long of a hatred for Bratty. How she gets away with this without being sued is probably because she no money and it would cost them more to sue her than they’d get back.

    One more thing. She did not dox Sabu but she told the media that. She social engineers to get information to make a name for herself just like she did with Sabu. The FBI wrote in legal documents that they knew who Hector was long before Jennifer Emick found out about it.

    She has max a high school education and doesn’t own a driver’s license. Obviously she doesn’t get out much. What a weirdo. It’s probably a good idea to stay away from this one so consider this a public service announcement.


    • Kitty Hundal

      August 25, 2014 at 6:30 pm

      Thanks for the very interesting commentary and what you are saying is quite consistent with what I’ve been told and read about her. Best wishes.



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