#OperationScareCrow. Predator: Andrew Louis Sabo II

07 Jan
#OperationScareCrow. Predator: Andrew Louis Sabo II

Andrew Louis Sabo II aka Sam Soto spends his time on Facebook cyberharassing, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying innocent families of young children by targeting the children.

He steals photographs of the kids and posts them all over Facebook with pedophile style captions and memes and then sends the links to the families.

This despicable excuse for a human being frequently posts them as ‘advertisements, kids for sale’ on shopping groups.

Jay Marshall’s Operation ScareCrow group has been active exposing him on these groups and confronting him. He has now started targeting and harassing members of Operation ScareCrow with false accusations of pedophilia (no surprise there. That’s standard practice for the crazies. I’d be surprised if he hadn’t done that. Lol).

Every predator, bully, stalker, uses this strategy to cover their demonstrable predatory, bullying, stalking behavior. You can tell the difference because they don’t have evidence to support their allegations or they have fabricated evidence which can be quickly and easily refuted by intelligent people who not only question but are savvy enough to figure out how to investigate these allegations.

Here is the actual evidence against Andrew Louis Sabo II in the form of screenshots.

Sabo steals pictures of innocent children and their families and posts them FB groups as for sale.

Sabo steals pictures of innocent children and their families and posts them FB groups as for sale.

Sabo under the verified alias of Sam Soto stole these images from various family Facebook pages and posted them in Facebook groups as a children ‘for sale’.

The family of the child above has reported this to the Kentucky State police who are currently investigating the situation.

Ironically, Sabo claims to be an anti-pedophilia activist and harasses legitimate anti-pedophilia activists in Jay Marshall’s Operation ScareCrow group.

There is no fundamental difference between the type of behavior that Sabo is engaging in and the type of behavior that the various rat krews are engaging in when they target innocent, mostly anti-pedophilia activists with false accusations of pedophilia using fabricated evidence or irrelevant (to the accusations) smears.

Detailed doxes on Sabo are available on DoxBin. You can locate them using the search phrase:  ‘Andrew Louis Sabo Dox’ on Google.

His Facebook accounts and alias accounts regularly get shut down for abuse but he just reappears with new ones.

Anti-pedophilia activists are invited to reblog this blog everywhere.

Sabo abuse 3

Only pedophiles refer to 8 year old girls in this way.

Sabo abuse 3

The link to this picture posted on FB groups was sent to the parents to harass them.

Verification that Sam Soto alias is Andrew Sabo
Verification that Sam Soto alias is Andrew Sabo made by Sam Soto


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