The CyberBullies: How Far Will They Go? 2

05 Jan
The CyberBullies: How Far Will They Go? 2

In recent weeks, Brian Johnson, a Facebook anti-pedophilia social activist has been the focal point of much of the abuse currently being heaped on quite a few of us. Why? Who knows? Irrational people are irrational so you can’t expect to find a rational reason.

My guess is that ‘Peter Pan’ (as he’s becoming known on Facebook) and his shills have set Brian up to be targeted. ‘Peter Pan’ is 30 year old American Kree Love of Dallas Texas, who is impersonating a 16 year old UK teen, Kree Love. Kree is the only one with a real motivation to go after Brian, as far as I know.

However, Kree is quite the chickenshit and prefers to set others up to do his dirty work for him either directly or through his shills because:

1. he can’t take what he so easily dishes out to others.

2. he and his shills, like Thomas Schroeder (aka Thomas Cook, Juliet Biehl and numerous others) are quite incompetent whether it’s technically or socially and as a result not very good at doing this stuff themselves. They can be convincing to the stupid who don’t check anything out or verify it or have some self-serving reason to buy their bullshit.

3. Brian is well-connected in FB Anon circles and is one of the few people I know of who managed to pull off creating a group of over 10000 members in just a few weeks. His own friends list numbers in the thousands and he doesn’t have to fake his numbers by using software that adds fake friends, like the RatKrew has been known to do.

As a result, like ‘Peter Pan’, Kreepy has had to skulk around and manipulate the stupid into doing his dirty work for him whether it’s by convincing a group like ClownSec or by stealing members from these existing groups that are easy for the shills to manipulate.

Unfortunately, while Michael Babcock does have some criminal computing skills and is crazy enough to be easily manipulated, he’s also a loose cannon who will snitch on anyone given the opportunity and so is completely untrustworthy to work with in any capacity. ALL convos will end up on pastebin. While he smugly and self-righteously runs around talking about OpSec, he doesn’t understand real OpSec.

He, like Kreepy, are good at hiding their IPs because they’re criminals and need to hide. Good OpSec is a lot more than just hiding one’s IP and it has little to do with hiding one’s identity. It’s something good Hactivists pay attention to and understand.

Since Michael is really just a necessary evil at this time, they keep looking for others that are more controllable so that they aren’t relying on him when he does the inevitable ‘stab them in the back’ routine..

ClownSec, MTA and BTY (Kage) have turned out to be the easiest for the RatKrew to control. ClownSec went down first and brought MTA and BTY (Kage) down with them later. Essentially they’ve just become stooges and goons for the #RATKREW which isn’t that much smarter than they are.

The RatKrews set ups and deceptions are usually pretty obvious for anyone who uses their brain to see through so that really says quite a lot about those who don’t see through them.

The evidence of that stupidity is the hit list they’ve come up with and the bizarre reasons that people have been placed on it. Most are there because of the RatKrew. None of the actual allegations they make against anyone on the hitlist are true and none can be substantiated in any way. For example, they call people pedophiles and post as evidence, irrelevant criminal records related to drug possession.

Um yeah. That makes sense … to an idiot. Lol.

Or they provide fabricated evidence that they don’t publicize because it is fabricated and they don’t want the person they’re lying about to be able to challenge it. Like the pedophile site Babcock created to frame one of the people on the hit list. Or the evidence they’re circulating alleging that I’m a ‘child stalker’.

Yep. Their evidence sure sounds legit. Imma buy that load. Lol.

They’ve collected other irrelevant, useless information on some people, all of which is completely unrelated to the false accusations, and they declare that evidence when it’s actually just being used to spin a smear from and is usually something innocent and innocuous without the bullshit spin. Lol.

They all turned themselves into a joke when they joined up with the RatKrew and have gone full on retard since.

Brian has been the main focus of their cyberharassment campaigns in the last few weeks and as usual the person with the motivation to target Brian is Kreepy (Kree Love Dallas TX).

So the shills have been busy lobbying and the goons have been busy harassing.

They’ve also been escalating this into some pretty vicious real life harassment.

The following is only one single incident, a swatting, and involved the police because the cyberharassers dragged the police into this. There have been others which didn’t involve the police (to our knowledge) mainly because Brian isn’t a snitch and didn’t want to involve the police no matter how ugly things got.

1. A female voice, presumably someone in the cyberharassment circle, called the State Police and pretended to be Brian’s aunt.

2. She claimed that two ‘big black men’ were breaking into Brian’s parents home where Brian is living temporarily.

3. Brian was at work and his parents were home alone.

4. The State Police called the local police and sent them to Brian’s parents home.

5. The State Police then called the home when the police had stationed themselves outside and asked if there had been a break-in.

6. The parents said that there hadn’t been.

7. The State Police notified the parents of the large police presence outside the home (6 patrol cars).

The investigating officers who attended the home then questioned the parents in order to find out what was going on. The parents explained the situation that Brian was dealing with in detail and all of that information is now in police hands.

No doubt those involved will blame Brian’s parents for ‘snitching’ because they are incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions and the situation that they created which could only have had this result. It couldn’t have ended any other way because even without having the information, the crimes that were committed were serious enough that the police would have pursued it.

As Brian said, ‘They fucked themselves over real good this time.” (paraphrased).

Congrats ladies. Hope you enjoy being the princesses you will no doubt be turned into when you get arrested, charged and convicted for this one.

Since this is in the hands of the police I don’t want to interfere in what is probably an active police investigation by publishing information identifying those involved so will be withholding it until they’re arrested. When arrests occur I will provide more details and all of their identifying information.

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