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Bully: @ShadowDXS vs American Patriot: @Th3J35t3r

I came in a little late on this one given the bullshit drama that I’m dealing with (as evidenced in this blog lol) however, I’ve been watching this battle between the witless (@ShadowDXS) and the witty (@Th3J35t3r) for a couple of days.

I also started to review their streams to see how it all began and how it progressed.


Is it just me? Or has the quality of those who call themselves Trolls just completely degraded? These guys who call themselves trolls don’t seem to have a clue what a Troll is and what they actually do.

The term, trolling, is now just becoming synonymous with being an abusive bully and idiot online.

Disappointing to say the least.

Now, all th3j35t3r did to ‘provoke’ all of this drama was to write what sounds like a very cool app which allows people to monitor his buys and sells in the BitCoin market. This helps his followers decide whether they’re going to do the same. Those who follow him have apparently done well as they’ve indicated in their tweets.

I haven’t downloaded it simply because I don’t have any BitCoins, however, the feedback from his followers has been quite good. They’re loving it. So, it’s a Recommend.

BitCoin Bud for Android

This simple act, however, has brought all sorts of idiots out of the woodwork to trash the effort.

And the most vocal of the idiots is a guy whose Twitter alias is @ShadowDXS. ShadowDXS is a 31 year old from Tucson, Arizona whose real life name is Branndon Pike. (corrected).

Branndon is yet another one who considers himself a l33t h8x0r. He may or may not be. I don’t know. I do know that most who feel the need to make this claim generally aren’t and those who are don’t usually need to say they are.

Yes I know … I can now expect the threats and attempts to hack my accounts and my computer, etc. etc. etc. Lol Did I tell you I have a computer called ‘honeypot’? ;-D Anyway, none of that is new to me so I don’t worry about it.

Now I won’t publish anymore on him right now because th3j35t3r hasn’t yet. He’s a patient guy who always gives the Tards a chance to back off before he nails them with a dox. So, I don’t want to pre-empt that effort despite the fact that I do have more information that I could add here.

If you look at ShadowDXS’s stream going way back, what you’ll see is that the vast majority of his tweets are harassing someone. Previous to th3j35t3r was vinceinthebay and before that tackycow (a Barrett Brown supporter). So this is apparently what ShadowDXS likes to do all day on Twitter.

With all of them, he was the one that initiated the attacks and with th3j35t3r he’s now claiming that th3j35t3r started it ROFL. Nice try there ShadowDXS. We aren’t blind.

So, let’s follow the progress and note the pattern of behavior. It’s exactly the same with all cyberharassers/bullies/stalkers.

1. ShadowDXS strikes first with what can only be described as a blatantly obvious provocation:


2. Jester’s response is his usual laid back style of laughing it off:


So, given that response, you’d think ShadowDXS would just go away. Jester is obviously not biting.

A reasonable person wouldn’t have done that in the first place but even a lot of unreasonable people will just move on at this point because they’re being dismissed.

Not ShadowDXS. He seems to have this obsessive desire to inflict damage on people, especially those who have a large following and generate a lot of interest on Twitter. Maybe he thinks the fame will rub off if he can make them look bad? I don’t know what his motivations are but really all he’s accomplishing is making himself look bad and annoying a lot of Jesters followers including me.

Since that first tweet on January 24, he’s been tweeting obsessively in an effort to provoke the Jester whose responses continued to be dismissive despite the predictable smear campaign which ShadowDXS then resorted to.

This doesn’t work, so his next step is to get people to pirate it, presumably in the hopes that Jester will lose money. This is actually pretty hilarious because various studies are showing that pirated material doesn’t actually result in a loss of money to the creator and can often increase the sales because it effectively promotes the product.

So far, we’ve got:

1. Theft

2. Unsubstantiated and false accusations that Jester didn’t write the software

3. False accusation that Jester is engaged in theft based on the unsubstantiated and false allegation that Jester didn’t write the software.

4. Threats to pirate the product (which will most likely benefit Jester but that’s clearly not ShadowDXS’ intent Lol)

5. Then he starts promoting a radio show he’s going to be on by telling people if they don’t like what he did they can ‘come at him’ on the show. Hmmm. Seems like the picture is getting clearer. Do we have another famewhore here? Looks like it.


6. As ShadowDXS promotes the radio show he’s going to be on, his girlfriend, @Tawny (Tawnie Knight) starts accusing Jester of wanting publicity despite the fact the reporter approached him not the other way around. Oh. The. Irony.


Now just to fill in some blanks here, a reporter from Daily Dot contacted Jester and asked for interview to talk about his new App. He agreed. This reporter then went to various unreliable sources like Twitter tards and pastebins and included inaccurate and unsubstantiated bullshit into the article. Jester talked to Daily Dot and got the irresponsible reporting corrected. As you can see this reporter was also another one trying to exploit Jester’s popularity to make a name for herself.


ShadowDXS appeared in the midst of this fiasco and may have had a role in some of the bullshit that the reporter reported but that’s not really clear to me just going by the Twitter stream. It seems like that might be the case but I’m not certain.

In any case, the Daily Dot reporter apparently knows marsden (another irony), Jester’s stalker and also a reporter who tried to pull the same thing on him.


So, Jester just carries on doing his thing while ShadowDXS continues to rage on. Lol.

After ShadowDXS has done his radio show (which hopefully everyone ignored) he took a break and moved on to harassing others. The few I checked were all people who had large followings.

Yesterday, for reasons known only to himself, ShadowDXS starts on Jester again this time with open threats to tamper with the live feed of the App.

So, I have to ask, is there another radio show coming up? Just wondering ….

Anyway, Jester finally gives ShadowDXS the standard warning and reveals enough information to let him know that he knows who he is.

And ShadowDXS responds by directing tweets to his cohorts to bring them in, and blaming all the drama on the Jester to his girlfriend. Lol.


I can’t tell you how this story is going to end. I’ll have to do an update to cover that since it’s still ongoing.

You can follow @th3j35t3r’s Twitter feed to find out as well.

When I realized what was going on the other day, my first thought was, what the fuck is their problem?

Seriously. Between this guy and the Daily Dot journalist who apparently thinks it’s a good thing to take known Twitter tards seriously, and others who are basically just sniping from a distance, it’s been a bizarre ride.

All he did was write an App (BitCoin Bud for Androids) that those who are using it really like and are benefiting from and offer it for sale on Google Play Store.

Apparently a major crime to some. Lol.

Now, like I said I haven’t seen or used the App because I’m not in the BitCoin Market. However, I have read Jester’s tech advice and comments about different programs and I don’t doubt that he’s quite skilled at whatever he takes on in the IT arena. So, when I hear idiots make absurd claims about his skills it just makes me laugh.

I expect that this story will end the same way that all of the stories end which involve tards taking on the Jester. With him pwning them by doxing them thoroughly. Most slink away and hide after that but there are some diehards that carry on no matter what.

I suspect that @ShadowDXS is one of those.


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Bully: Michael Babcock. One ‘Sick’ Dude. Updated

Bully: Michael Babcock. One ‘Sick’ Dude. Updated

Updated. January 22, 2013 and January, 2018.

Mikey (Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster, CoderHyguru, Lilli Alpert) is probably one of the most twisted people I’ve ever met online, second only to Kreepy (Kree Love  impersonating UK teen, Kree Love).

He goes to the most bizarre and extreme lengths in his harassment campaigns. Right now he’s desperately trying to earn the bribe Kreepy offered to have all of my sites shut down and to have me ‘suppressed’.

Funny given Kreepy’s claims of his personal l33t h8x0r status. Lol. Essentially Kreepy expects everyone to buy his delusions of grandeur regarding the computer system he claims to have as well as the skills he alleges he has, while at the same time to buy his con that he needs to bribe someone to bring down my sites.

Bringing down my various web sites is something that should be a fairly simple task for Kreepy if he really is as l33t as he claims and really does have the system he claims he has. I’m not buying it though. Why? Because as I said if he had all that and was as skilled as he claims he wouldn’t need to hire anyone.

The ‘suppression’ part is a different matter and one which would be impossible unless the person killed me. No-one’s going to do that for 5BTC even assuming that they were stupid enough to believe that Kreepy would actually pay them. Lol.

Anyway, I recently created a backup blog on another site which I have not publicized at all. It’s purpose is simply to be ready if Kreepy and his little cyberharassment kult succeed in conning my current site into shutting me down for exposing their harassment and criminal activity.

I haven’t even finished it yet. There is still quite a bit of work to do on it because the imports from this site to the other site aren’t very good.

And yet, today, out of the blue I have received over 400 hits on the About page of my new blog within a very short period of time..

Bizarre for a blog that hasn’t even been publicized… until I read one of Michael Babcock’s rage emails sent to me today where he accuses someone else of using a hit blaster on their site.

Oh. The. Irony.

Babcock is well known for the fact that he is the one who uses Hit Blasters to increase his hits and Fake Followers software on his Twitter site and Fake Friends software on his Facebook pages. This is his thing. His Modus Operandi. He gives himself away with it.

Now, the fact that he would hit my brand new, unfinished blog which hasn’t even been publicized yet is an indication that he’s planning to file a false complaint alleging that I did it.

How sick and twisted is that? Seriously.

However, don’t forget that he’s also the one who created that Fake Pro-Pedo web site using a domain name that contained another persons name to frame that social activist and fabricate evidence that his lies about him were true.

And he’s obsessively publishing numerous almost identical blogs all over the place attacking me and 11 others amongst other things.

I suspect that he’s desperately trying to earn the ‘bounty’ Kreepy has offered to ‘suppress me’ and ‘remove all my content’.

So, is it surprising? No.

Unfortunately for Mikey, my own counter registers the hits correctly. 🙂

Good luck with your scams and cons on Kreepy’s behalf, Mikey. You’ll be lucky if you ever see a dime. Even if you succeeded. ROFL.

Michael Babcock Raging And Projecting About Hit Blasters

Michael Babcock Raging And Projecting About Hit Blasters

Updated. January 22, 2013.

Mikey’s latest scam has been to flood various sites with derogatory and racist videos. He sees it as ‘winning’. Winning what? I don’t know you’ll have to ask him. He’s the one with the delusions of personal grandeur and fantasies.

So, on YouTube we got them removed because they were derogatory and racist. Since Babcock appears to have a rather serious obsessive compulsive disorder, he can never post just one. He posted 6. When we got those 6 removed, he has now posted double that number. We’re in the process of getting those removed and he’s now listed several other sites where he’s planning to post them.

This is not normal behavior. Normal people do not do these things. Normal people do not obsess in these ways. This is a mental illness. Stalking and harassment, whether it’s online or offline is the symptom of this mental illness. It’s the effect. What happens as a result of the person being mentally ill.

This is his pattern of behavior and, in my opinion, it is clear cut evidence of an obsessive compulsive (repeated postings) with paranoid delusions (he’s ‘losing’ when we get the libelous videos removed) and delusions of personal grandeur (refers to self as ‘baddest man on the Internet’). And that’s aside from what appears to be quite a serious cognitive disorder, that is, his inability to read and comprehend simple english. OTOH, it’s also possible that he just suffers from the psychological disorder of pathological lying as well. (Claims that I don’t have the academic training and background I say I do)

Another indicator of mental illness is that not only does Mikey tell these pathological lies but they are, without exception, easily disproven by anyone. The Bone Yard Tards just high five him because the lies are self-serving and they don’t actually care what the truth is.

For example, all anyone has to do to check my qualifications is go to my LinkedIn profile and search my College. It’s easily found. In fact, I have 3 College Diplomas. This one is just my most recent.

I think Mikey and Kreepy are just jealous.

Here’s an idea, maybe they should stop wasting their time being Tards on the Internet and get an education instead?


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Bully: Antonio F. Lopez aka Kree Love, Documentation of Cyberharassment. 1 Updated.

Bully: Antonio F. Lopez aka Kree Love, Documentation of Cyberharassment. 1 Updated.

Updated January 15. Kreepy found a taker for his bounty! Lol.

In this post, I’m going to refer to Antonio F. Lopez, the 30 year old American, impersonating 16 year old Kree Love, as either Kreepy or Peter Pan. It’s just simpler.

In my earlier post, Kree Love: Evidence of Lies, I provided some documentation of Kreepy’s cyberharassment/stalking campaign against Jamie McKinley. By the time young McKinley was done with Kreepy he was running for cover and stole the identity of a 16 year old UK teen to cover his tracks and hide.

However, patterns of behavior persist (the cyberharassment/stalking) and Kreepy has learned a few things since then.

For example, he’s now learned that he can engage in cyberharassment/stalking by staying out of the front lines and manipulating others into doing it for him so that he doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of his own behavior. They do. He can just sit back and enjoy the show.

He’s also learned to select targets that are vulnerable in some way (or that he thinks are vulnerable) to ease his way and mitigate against the threat of retaliation.

The reality is that Kreepy has a long term demonstrated history of engaging in, and taking pleasure in, cyberharassment/stalking.

Why he does this actually doesn’t matter. Some people claim that those who have been bullied in real life will often come online and engage in bullying to exact revenge as though this is something that should be considered a mitigated factor. It isn’t. It’s no more a mitigating factor than child abusers who were also abused as children. Why? Because the reality is that there are far more people who have been victims of bullying or child abuse who don’t engage in cyberbullying or abusing children than there are those who do. This is the indication that there is no causal relationship between the two. Given the documented strategy of bullies and abusers to blame their victims or others for their crimes one would have take any claims they made of being victims themselves with a strong dose of skepticism and require evidence.

In the post, CyberHarassment, A Pattern Of Behavior, I look at general issue of cyberharassment and how Kreepy and some of the others mentioned in this blog fit the profile by describing their activities in general terms.

In the post, Antonio Lopez aka Kree Love, Narcissist, I explore the personality profile and how he demonstrates the profile with his own behavior.

This post will go into a little more depth on how he fits the standard cyberharasser/stalker profile in the context of the things that he has tried to do to me and failed or did to me.

The generally recognized profile of the Kreepy style of cyberharasser/stalker is:

“Although traditional bullying and cyber bullying share certain features, they are distinct phenomena. Both types of bullying are acts of aggression, are repeated, and involve a power imbalance between the victim(s) and perpetrator(s).”

See more at:

“Psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals view most stalkers as suffering from a psychiatric illness(s) causing them to be psychotic or delusional. When not deemed as psychotic, stalkers are considered plagued by some type of personality disorder or fueled by unique psychological factors. In the most severe cases, the stalker is defined as a predatory stalker or sociopath.

Whatever the psychological rationale may be, the stalker rarely comprehends the fear he/she is causing the other person. Blinded by his/her motivations to be stalking someone in the first place causes them to lose sight of the fear and terror they are causing. When anger, rage and hostility towards the victim are involved, the stalker is fully aware of the anguish he/she is causing, but feels the victim is deserving of the fear or simply does not care.

II. Resentful Stalkers: This type of stalker can be dangerous given their perceived motivation for stalking. Resentful stalkers are fully aware the victim is cognizant of the stalking, but continues to fulfill a distorted vendetta he/she feels is warranted. Fear and distress experienced by the victim are the goals of this type of stalker. For this type of profile, the stalker believes the victim both deserves and requires being frightened because they have caused them and/or others anguish and distress.”

Note that the resentment the stalker feels can be perceived rather than real. That is, they can target a person for any number of reasons that have nothing to do with the victim or their actions, but rather be the result of a misinterpretation or delusion.

A current example which demonstrates that Kreepy fits the profile of the Resentful Stalker perfectly can be seen in the following screenshot of a post Kreepy posted to the The Bone Yard last night (January 14). In what appears to be a fit of rage, Kreepy has posted a ‘bounty’ (LOL) on me. He wants all my content removed and my ability to create new content prevented.

Now, let me just take this opportunity to point out that Kreepy is well aware of the fact that I have repeatedly and generously (in my opinion) given him a way out of this.

He has been told, repeatedly, that all he needs to do is remove the lies he has posted about me as well as the lies he’s had others posted about me and I will deactivate this content. 

So why won’t he accept this easy way out? Because he doesn’t want the drama, the cyberharassment and the cyberstalking to end. He wants to perpetuate it.

The reasons that he’s in a rage right now is because:

1. He hasn’t been able to recruit outside parties to target me other than 2 who are also cyberharassers/stalkers in their own right. The first was Michael Babcock, who he knows is untrustworthy, unreliable, and quite unstable. In fact, Babcock more than any of the other cohorts in Kreepy’s little RatKrew, is destroying any credibility they might have had because he is obviously either delusional or a pathological liar. Little of what he says matches reality. The second was Heather Martin who, while leaving her hate blog up, has run for cover. Heather is known for her deceptions, vicious gossip, and propensity to defame anyone who disagrees with her. Neither can be dealt with rationally by reasoning with them. It’s been tried. It doesn’t work.

2. I have exposed his real identity as Antonio F. Lopez which effectively exposes him as having committed the computer crime of Internet Criminal Impersonation. The other crimes he has committed are now tied to his real name rather than allowing him to hide behind the name of a young, innocent kid, which is what he’s been doing up until now.

His goal here is to intimidate me into stopping my exposure of him without him having to back off his public lies about me so that he can continue the cyberharassment with impunity.

This is the indicator that he is a cyberstalker/harasser:

1. “Both types of bullying are acts of aggression, are repeated, and involve a power imbalance between the victim(s) and perpetrator(s).” (extracted from above quotes)

2. “Resentful stalkers are fully aware the victim is cognizant of the stalking, but continues to fulfill a distorted vendetta he/she feels is warranted. Fear and distress experienced by the victim are the goals of this type of stalker.” (extracted from above quotes)

In my opinion, Kreepy’s rage is fueled by the fact that he is not succeeding in his goal as described in item 2 above, so he chooses to escalate his lame attempts to intimidate and harass to try to achieve that goal.

He ignores the reasonable and rational solution offered because it would establish a power balance and it’s the imbalance he desperately seeks to maintain as item 1 indicates.

“Psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals view most stalkers as suffering from a psychiatric illness(s) causing them to be psychotic or delusional. When not deemed as psychotic, stalkers are considered plagued by some type of personality disorder or fueled by unique psychological factors. In the most severe cases, the stalker is defined as a predatory stalker or sociopath.” (extracted from above quotes)

Kree Love posts bounty on Kitty Hundal

Kree Love posts bounty on Kitty Hundal

January 15 Update

Well it looks like Kreepy found a taker for his bounty.

Now, let me just say, that it’s highly ironic and amusing that Kreepy who claims to be an ‘IT expert’ has to bribe someone to take my sites down. I mean isn’t he like a l33t h8x0r teen genius or something? Or perhaps his l33tness is as much a fraud as his identity and his numerous others cons and scams.

Kreepys alleged qualifications

Kreepys alleged qualifications

If the person who accepted the bribe were to succeed in bringing my sites down (and given what I know of the skillsets of FB ‘h8x0rs’, it’s unlikely) I have to wonder how he plans to keep them down and ensure I don’t repost.

Does he believe in magic or something. Lol!

To view the screenshot, click on it. When it opens in a new tab click on it again to enlarge the image and it will be readable.

Kreepy finds a taker on his bounty

Kreepy finds a taker on his bounty

This documentation will spread out through several posts to keep the posts from getting too long, convoluted and difficult to follow. Consider this the Introduction to the topic.

The format will be to take the profile and demonstrate through screenshots of Kreepy’s actual behavior how that behavior matches the profile of a cyberharasser/stalker.

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Bully: Jennifer Emick. Update

Bully: Jennifer Emick. Update

Updated on January 7 to include flow chart created by a follower of th3j35t3r.

Updated on January 9 to include the reference to an article verifying that Sabu was not first identified by Emick and Backtrace Security as she claims.

What better way to start the New Year 2014 than by starting with one of the Internet’s well-known and infamous cyberbullies.

Jennifer Emick aka Narco Troll aka AsherahResearch, et al. She’s infamous because she’s not only managed to piss off Anonymous but apparently likes to stalk th3j35t3r on a regular basis and/or his friends and followers. In fact she seems to have the unique ability of being able to piss off all kinds of people regularly.

When I asked her directly on her @asherahresearch twitter feed why she hated him so much and wondered if the reason might be that she’d never been able to ID him. Her reply was that he was allegedly obsessing about her. 

The problem with her spin of being the persecuted one is that if someone actually bothers to check out the @greenman995 feed, which is one of her socks, it’s quite obvious that she’s the one constantly instigating the harassment and she’s pretty abusive about it. He ignores her for the most part and responds occasionally to point out a hypocrisy or a lie and then moves on.

The following flow chart created by a follower of th3j35t3r is an amusing but fairly accurate depiction of what actually occurs. Lol.

Narco Troll (see: Bully: Jennifer Emick)

Narco Troll (see: Bully: Jennifer Emick)

The obsession is clearly hers, so reality and the evidence, as usual isn’t consistent with Ms. Emick’s storyline.

At the bottom of this post there’s an image containing the @greenman995 feed just to give you an idea of the abuse heaped on th3j35t3r, et al, daily by this one sock account of Emick’s. Or you can just click on the link above. Note that she has other socks and there are other people that she allies with to keep th3j35t3r pot stirred. Read about Marsden, a serial stalker who tried to seduce him and Ortega.

There’s been a great deal written about Emick (just follow the numerous links I’ve embedded here and you’ll eventually get the whole story) but a summary of who she is and what she does or at least what she would like to be doing, is probably best described here:

Backtrace, now operating under a different name, specializes in what you might call tattling. Snitching. Ratting people out … It’s a simple business plan: she digs up the dirt and sells it. — This Is What Happens When Anonymous Tries To Destroy You

Note that Ms Emick isn’t above adding a few lies, misrepresentations, deceptive spins, etc. to the dirt she allegedly digs up.

Jennifer Emick is 41 years old, from the Mid-West and is a house wife and mother. After being fired from Backtrace she started Asherah Research, her own version of Backtrace with much the same business plan but no obvious structure. She appears to be using the Backtrace domain for a blog where she uses her company name, Asherah Research Group.

The web site for Backtrace Security has been suspended.

In the case of th3j35t3r, she is certainly engaging in cyberbullying and harassment as well as encouraging others to participate. Twitter is full of an overwhelming number of examples of these types of exchanges.

For example, @greenman995, Emicks sock Twitter account, intentionally provoked th3j35t3r with this Tweet shown below, when he was promoting the blog post I wrote about the constant harassment he’s subjected to on Twitter. So, @greenman995 instigated this exchange with a personal attack on both th3j35t3r and myself.

Now note that it is just my association with th3j35t3r and nothing more that provoked this so it really doesn’t take much to get some people going. Obsessive much?

The linked to articles provide evidence of Jennifer Emick’s:

1. Crimes

2.. Obsessive hate-ons, harassments, deceptions and lies.

Even her claims to having been the one who doxed Sabu have been refuted in this Daily Dot article, Leaked arrest warrants suggest Sabu wasn’t the only FBI mole in Lulzsec

“The FBI had already obtained Monsegur’s IP address during a hack of a business referred to in the warrants “corporation-1.” This challenges earlier reports that he was first identified by a web security company called Backtrace Security.”

I can’t think of anything more inhumane, psychopathic and just downright evil than someone spending their entire life doing nothing but digging dirt up on (or fabricating lies about) people so that you can destroy them without some legitimate reason. There are some people who spend all their time doing damage to others that need to be put out of action or need some strong deterrents. That isn’t the same thing as targeting people who you don’t like or you disagree with, with this type of harassment.


Since there was so much abuse being directed towards me by Jennifer Emick on her Twitter stream I have decided to do an update.

All I have to say about this is that Jennifer Emick is quite shameless and will go to any lengths to discredit those who criticize or object to her bullying behavior, including spreading outright lies about them. Psychopaths frequently use social activism as a cover but give themselves away when they contradict themselves self-servingly over and over again.

The explanation to the deceptive misinterpretations and other garbage spewing from Ms. Emick’s mouth can be found here: From The Shadows, a fictionalized memoir by Kitty Hundal (If the link is broken, the direct url is ).

Only the crazy would be unable to differentiate between a person who is simply describing in detail the acts of a crazy person and one whose behavior is crazy. This is likely why Jennifer is unable to comprehend this simple fact and tries to kill the messenger with her bullying and abuse completely unconcerned as to the consequences of her behavior on others.

She attacks me for what she thinks I’ve written without any objective, verifiable evidence that I’ve demonstrated any behavior that could be defined as ‘crazy’ simply to discredit me for challenging her.

I have demonstrated directly and through the links that she has an active and current history as a cyberharasser, cyberbully, cyberstalker against those she doesn’t like for any reason, none of which have to be legitimate other than in her own mind.

Thanks for proving that everything said in this blog and those linked to it, about you is true.


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Bully: Michael Babcock’s Lame Attempt To Intimidate Me Fails. Lol. Updated

Bully: Michael Babcock’s Lame Attempt To Intimidate Me Fails. Lol. Updated

2 Updates have been made to this post, February 10 & February 13.

Computer criminal, cyberbully/harasser/stalker, Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster, CoderHyguru, Lilli Alpert, NoCock pretends to be Anonymous and threatens me on with Anonymous Hive retaliation.

What a joke!

Mikey Iz so skeered.

According to him I’m ‘scheduled for deletion’. ROFL.

And note that I’ve never claimed to be part of the Anonymous ‘Hive’ or ‘Collective’ and have even explicitly stated on this blog that I’m an outsider who supports the concept of Anonymous and promotes Ops that I agree with and nothing more.

Nor have I lied about anything or ‘begged’ Anonymous for help.

Mikey. I don’t need any Anonymous white knights to rescue me. I’m not a damsel in distress. I’m a woman who runs with the wolves. Not that I expect you to understand what that means. Lol.

I simply pointed out that these Tards were making Anonymous look bad by attacking numerous innocent people with frame-ups, lies, misrepresentations and smear campaigns and suggested that Anonymous openly and publicly disassociate from them.

I don’t tell Anonymous what to do. I express my opinion and then it’s up to the Collective or the Hive to make their own decisions on how they want to handle these situations.

Babcock needs to hone up on his reading and comprehension skills. His inability to grasp the english language is quite astounding for a person who only speaks english. This, unfortunately, doesn’t stop him from spouting his garbage.

Here are the comments I made that drove Babcock to make his batshit crazy threat. Kitty Hundals comments Kitty Hundals comments

Babcock simply proved with his threat and other idiotic claims below that the concerns that I raised were true.

He makes a lame attempt at establishing credibility by smearing another person by misrepresenting a difficult situation that she’s been dealing with and making a mountain of that particular, completely irrelevant, and unrelated molehill.

This is typical of these cyberbullies who have no truth to back up their actual pathological lies against people and resort to digging up irrelevant ‘dirt’ and using that to assassinate people’s characters.

They seem to think that if they can find some dirt and prove that’s true then everyone will believe all their unsubstantiated lies. No-one said they were rational.

In the end, it’s nothing more than a lame tactic to deflect attention away from all the other lies they’re spewing for which they have zero evidence.

How do I know this is Babcock? His signature is in his inability to put a coherent thought together. The others are like this as well but each has their own style of incoherence. Lol.

This is his.

Follows is his threat and my response.

Michael Babcock threatens Kitty Hundal with Anonymous Hive retaliation

Michael Babcock threatens Kitty Hundal with Anonymous Hive retaliation


My blog detailing Antonio F. Lopez aka Kree Love’s ongoing cyberharassment/bullying/stalking campaign against me will be delayed. There’s a lot of material and I need to prioritize it and structure it. So it will take a little longer to get that one published.

Update. February 10. Awww Poor Mikey’s crying. ROFL.

Mikey’s delusions, incoherence, and inability to read and comprehend english are demonstrated yet again.

He keeps claiming that I confessed to some lie in the screenshots above. Good luck finding that confession. It doesn’t exist. Lol. That’s his delusion and reading comprehension issue.

He also can’t seem to make up his mind whether he’s responding to me or another person (most likely Tim (Timm) Wheeler) since he jumps back and forth and doesn’t identify what he’s talking about or the person he’s addressing.

I’ve posted it below. Good luck trying to follow anything he’s saying and make sense of it. No-one other than the Bone Yards can follow these lunatic ravings. Lunatic minds think alike. This guy needs some serious help.

For example:

1. There is no admission from me that I lied.

2. Nowhere did I say that the Bone Yard was Babcock’s group.

3. I have never tried to ‘get into Krees pants’. ROFL (that one’s hilarious – it’s what someone else (most likely Tim (Timm) Wheeler) is being accused of doing – not me)

4. I have never met, spoken to, or even interacted with Evie.

The links go to mainstream media newspaper articles. Last time I looked none of us are professional journalists ROFL. (In 2015, years after this was posted, I now write opinion pieces and reviews for Independent Media).

5. Then suddenly he switches into talking about a ‘he’ which is probably who he was talking about all along but he’s so incoherent you can’t actually tell. (most likely Tim (Timm) Wheeler)

6. Then he posts a screenshot of a comment that I didn’t approve and starts whinnying about it. Well first of all there is no inherent right to lie in Free Speech so I don’t feel any obligation to post flagrant, demonstrable lies. That’s not censorship anymore than arresting a person who shouts ‘fire’ in a movie theatre is. Defammatory Libel is a criminal offense in Canada. It’s not censorship to refuse to publish it.

7. Then he conflates Tim (Timm) Wheeler’s blog with mine. I am the one and only person running this blog. How many hits he gets has nothing to do with how many hits I get. And the number of hits I get isn’t the business of the Bone Yard Tards. I have been publishing my hit rate on my FB wall and I’m perfectly happy with it as are others.

8. And, lastly, this is Michael projecting since I didn’t say anything remotely similar to or that could even be interpreted as: “Her game is now, “How dare you post the findings on me, if you do I’ll tell everyone you’re a great big meanie”. This is his and the Bone Yard Tards game. Not mine.

To someone who isn’t a Tard it’s patently obvious that I’m simply promoting the blog link which exposes these crazies since that is a thread they created to directly attack me and others.

I await Michael’s next frothing at mouth rage rant with popcorn in hand. LOL.

To view the image below, click on it. When it opens in a new tab, click it again to enlarge it so that you can read it if you want to read Michael’s lunatic ravings. Seriously. I kid you not. This guy sounds like he’s completely off his rocker and there isn’t a shred of coherency in the entire thing.

Michael Babcocks crying

Michael Babcocks crying

UPDATE 2. February 13.

Yep Mikey had another lunatic rage fit. ROFL! This one was hilarious and demonstrates clearly what a pansy he is. Essentially he’s blaming me for literally everything that Tim (Timm) Wheeler has done to him and he’s even lying about a lot of the things that have allegedly been done. I don’t know what Tim (Timm) Wheeler does but I’m certainly not aware of a lot of the things he’s alleging. Nor have I changed a single word I’ve said about anyone. The fact that Mikey can’t comprehend what he reads and constantly either misinterprets it or intentionally fabricates convenient lies around what’s said isn’t my problem.

In addition, there’s a lot of well-founded evidence-based suspicion that Tim Wheeler has never actually been a target and that he has been working with the Kreepies from the beginning. Many believe this whole thing was just a lame attempt to set a whole bunch of innocent social activists up to either just smear and discredit us or in my case engage in extortion (which actually occurred).

At any rate, it’s their game to constantly change and reinvent their story not mine. Anyone who has followed these happenings knows that I’m completely consistent in my positions and they don’t change other than my naive belief that Wheeler was an ally. He isn’t and apparently never has been. Some of what Mikey is alleging has already been demonstrated as complete fabrications  Past experience tells me he just fabricating more lies. He does that whenever one set of lies has been exposed. He just moves on to fabricate more.

Essentially he uses the same FAIL strategy that Kree Love of Dallas TX, impersonating UK teen Kree Love follows.

They’re both too chickenshit to take on their real nemesis so they target all sorts of other innocent people instead.

I have done nothing to either of these Tards except defend myself against their constant barrage of pathological lies, harassment and now I’m exposing their lies and frame-ups of innocent social activists. I don’t agree with everything those social activists say and do either. That doesn’t mean they deserve to be bullied and abused for it. I have also demonstrated irrefutably in some cases that the specious allegations being made against these social activists, including myself, are lies being supported by frame-ups.

This is why the Tards are going full on batshit.

All Bullies hate to be exposed and it’s drives them completely nuts when someone succeeds in doing that. So they resort to all sorts of strategies to mitigate including fail attempts to mock the truths that have been revealed.

The reality is that if you do a good enough job of exposing them they can’t mitigate and that’s what brings on the frothing lunatic rages and threats and attempts to mock the truth (despite the fact that it’s patently obvious to any rational observer that the exposures are true).

You can see the lunatic rage demonstrated by the email below along with a new set of threats in a lame attempt to shut me up. That isn’t going to happen until every single lie posted by these guys is removed..It really is that simple. If they want me to ‘walk away’ then remove the lies and I will happily walk away.

I never wanted this fight in the first place. I was dragged into it and thrown into the middle of the ring by the Kree Love who lied intentionally to justify it.

Now Babcock is doing the same thing. Well there are consequences to that behavior.

Suck it up boys or remove the lies.

All I really have to say in addition to that, and to both of them, is to grow a pair. Act like men instead of little crying babies and deal directly with Tim (Timm) Wheeler (which you haven’t done since it’s quite likely you’re working together). I have nothing to do with what he does and they’ve both been told that repeatedly. Their intentional stupidity and ignorance isn’t my problem.

Note that I’ve ignored all of Babcock’s responses on AnonNews and have not responded to this following email. Nor will I. I don’t see the point of bothering to try to reason with lunatics who are raging. There is nothing to be gained by that.

From the email:

“You want a bully so damn bad Kitty, congrats, I’ll give you one, and I’ll make sure you never sleep, eat or have a moments peace to your name again.”

” By the way, just to let your  loser ass know something……Telegraph Journal…… Game on bitch…. Gonna be a great piece about how these 2 disgraced lawyers are helping and aiding criminal elements claiming they are all “anonymous”. Well fuck your Anonymous, fuck your mask, fuck your lies.”

Well at least he’s not pretending to be #Anonymous now and threatening me with being ‘scheduled for deletion’. ROFL.

More crying and threats from Michael Babcock

More crying and threats from Michael Babcock


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#OperationScareCrow. Predator: Andrew Louis Sabo II

#OperationScareCrow. Predator: Andrew Louis Sabo II

Andrew Louis Sabo II aka Sam Soto spends his time on Facebook cyberharassing, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying innocent families of young children by targeting the children.

He steals photographs of the kids and posts them all over Facebook with pedophile style captions and memes and then sends the links to the families.

This despicable excuse for a human being frequently posts them as ‘advertisements, kids for sale’ on shopping groups.

Jay Marshall’s Operation ScareCrow group has been active exposing him on these groups and confronting him. He has now started targeting and harassing members of Operation ScareCrow with false accusations of pedophilia (no surprise there. That’s standard practice for the crazies. I’d be surprised if he hadn’t done that. Lol).

Every predator, bully, stalker, uses this strategy to cover their demonstrable predatory, bullying, stalking behavior. You can tell the difference because they don’t have evidence to support their allegations or they have fabricated evidence which can be quickly and easily refuted by intelligent people who not only question but are savvy enough to figure out how to investigate these allegations.

Here is the actual evidence against Andrew Louis Sabo II in the form of screenshots.

Sabo steals pictures of innocent children and their families and posts them FB groups as for sale.

Sabo steals pictures of innocent children and their families and posts them FB groups as for sale.

Sabo under the verified alias of Sam Soto stole these images from various family Facebook pages and posted them in Facebook groups as a children ‘for sale’.

The family of the child above has reported this to the Kentucky State police who are currently investigating the situation.

Ironically, Sabo claims to be an anti-pedophilia activist and harasses legitimate anti-pedophilia activists in Jay Marshall’s Operation ScareCrow group.

There is no fundamental difference between the type of behavior that Sabo is engaging in and the type of behavior that the various rat krews are engaging in when they target innocent, mostly anti-pedophilia activists with false accusations of pedophilia using fabricated evidence or irrelevant (to the accusations) smears.

Detailed doxes on Sabo are available on DoxBin. You can locate them using the search phrase:  ‘Andrew Louis Sabo Dox’ on Google.

His Facebook accounts and alias accounts regularly get shut down for abuse but he just reappears with new ones.

Anti-pedophilia activists are invited to reblog this blog everywhere.

Sabo abuse 3

Only pedophiles refer to 8 year old girls in this way.

Sabo abuse 3

The link to this picture posted on FB groups was sent to the parents to harass them.

Verification that Sam Soto alias is Andrew Sabo
Verification that Sam Soto alias is Andrew Sabo made by Sam Soto


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The CyberBullies: How Far Will They Go? 2

The CyberBullies: How Far Will They Go? 2

In recent weeks, Brian Johnson, a Facebook anti-pedophilia social activist has been the focal point of much of the abuse currently being heaped on quite a few of us. Why? Who knows? Irrational people are irrational so you can’t expect to find a rational reason.

My guess is that ‘Peter Pan’ (as he’s becoming known on Facebook) and his shills have set Brian up to be targeted. ‘Peter Pan’ is 30 year old American Kree Love of Dallas Texas, who is impersonating a 16 year old UK teen, Kree Love. Kree is the only one with a real motivation to go after Brian, as far as I know.

However, Kree is quite the chickenshit and prefers to set others up to do his dirty work for him either directly or through his shills because:

1. he can’t take what he so easily dishes out to others.

2. he and his shills, like Thomas Schroeder (aka Thomas Cook, Juliet Biehl and numerous others) are quite incompetent whether it’s technically or socially and as a result not very good at doing this stuff themselves. They can be convincing to the stupid who don’t check anything out or verify it or have some self-serving reason to buy their bullshit.

3. Brian is well-connected in FB Anon circles and is one of the few people I know of who managed to pull off creating a group of over 10000 members in just a few weeks. His own friends list numbers in the thousands and he doesn’t have to fake his numbers by using software that adds fake friends, like the RatKrew has been known to do.

As a result, like ‘Peter Pan’, Kreepy has had to skulk around and manipulate the stupid into doing his dirty work for him whether it’s by convincing a group like ClownSec or by stealing members from these existing groups that are easy for the shills to manipulate.

Unfortunately, while Michael Babcock does have some criminal computing skills and is crazy enough to be easily manipulated, he’s also a loose cannon who will snitch on anyone given the opportunity and so is completely untrustworthy to work with in any capacity. ALL convos will end up on pastebin. While he smugly and self-righteously runs around talking about OpSec, he doesn’t understand real OpSec.

He, like Kreepy, are good at hiding their IPs because they’re criminals and need to hide. Good OpSec is a lot more than just hiding one’s IP and it has little to do with hiding one’s identity. It’s something good Hactivists pay attention to and understand.

Since Michael is really just a necessary evil at this time, they keep looking for others that are more controllable so that they aren’t relying on him when he does the inevitable ‘stab them in the back’ routine..

ClownSec, MTA and BTY (Kage) have turned out to be the easiest for the RatKrew to control. ClownSec went down first and brought MTA and BTY (Kage) down with them later. Essentially they’ve just become stooges and goons for the #RATKREW which isn’t that much smarter than they are.

The RatKrews set ups and deceptions are usually pretty obvious for anyone who uses their brain to see through so that really says quite a lot about those who don’t see through them.

The evidence of that stupidity is the hit list they’ve come up with and the bizarre reasons that people have been placed on it. Most are there because of the RatKrew. None of the actual allegations they make against anyone on the hitlist are true and none can be substantiated in any way. For example, they call people pedophiles and post as evidence, irrelevant criminal records related to drug possession.

Um yeah. That makes sense … to an idiot. Lol.

Or they provide fabricated evidence that they don’t publicize because it is fabricated and they don’t want the person they’re lying about to be able to challenge it. Like the pedophile site Babcock created to frame one of the people on the hit list. Or the evidence they’re circulating alleging that I’m a ‘child stalker’.

Yep. Their evidence sure sounds legit. Imma buy that load. Lol.

They’ve collected other irrelevant, useless information on some people, all of which is completely unrelated to the false accusations, and they declare that evidence when it’s actually just being used to spin a smear from and is usually something innocent and innocuous without the bullshit spin. Lol.

They all turned themselves into a joke when they joined up with the RatKrew and have gone full on retard since.

Brian has been the main focus of their cyberharassment campaigns in the last few weeks and as usual the person with the motivation to target Brian is Kreepy (Kree Love Dallas TX).

So the shills have been busy lobbying and the goons have been busy harassing.

They’ve also been escalating this into some pretty vicious real life harassment.

The following is only one single incident, a swatting, and involved the police because the cyberharassers dragged the police into this. There have been others which didn’t involve the police (to our knowledge) mainly because Brian isn’t a snitch and didn’t want to involve the police no matter how ugly things got.

1. A female voice, presumably someone in the cyberharassment circle, called the State Police and pretended to be Brian’s aunt.

2. She claimed that two ‘big black men’ were breaking into Brian’s parents home where Brian is living temporarily.

3. Brian was at work and his parents were home alone.

4. The State Police called the local police and sent them to Brian’s parents home.

5. The State Police then called the home when the police had stationed themselves outside and asked if there had been a break-in.

6. The parents said that there hadn’t been.

7. The State Police notified the parents of the large police presence outside the home (6 patrol cars).

The investigating officers who attended the home then questioned the parents in order to find out what was going on. The parents explained the situation that Brian was dealing with in detail and all of that information is now in police hands.

No doubt those involved will blame Brian’s parents for ‘snitching’ because they are incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions and the situation that they created which could only have had this result. It couldn’t have ended any other way because even without having the information, the crimes that were committed were serious enough that the police would have pursued it.

As Brian said, ‘They fucked themselves over real good this time.” (paraphrased).

Congrats ladies. Hope you enjoy being the princesses you will no doubt be turned into when you get arrested, charged and convicted for this one.

Since this is in the hands of the police I don’t want to interfere in what is probably an active police investigation by publishing information identifying those involved so will be withholding it until they’re arrested. When arrests occur I will provide more details and all of their identifying information.

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Bully: Dan Cooper/Dan Carol

Bully: Dan Cooper/Dan Carol

We are still verifying his real identity. Dan Cooper/Dan Carol/Kaptn Fahkin Kage is just a few of several aliases he uses on Facebook, however, his MO is quite consistent.

We don’t think this is the person who uses the Kage alias. We think this person used the Kaptn Fahkin Kage alias to manipulate us into believing it’s Kage. We’re not buying it.

1. He hates anti-pedophilia activists so we are beginning to suspect that he may be a pedophile.

2. He uses extreme and deceptive methods to frame anti-pedophilia social activists to make them look like they are pedophiles.

Let me give you a recent example of a stunt he played on me. I expect that you will be seeing numerous photoshopped screenshots in groups that I’m not a member which will allege to be evidence of my ‘child stalking’ based on this so I may as well expose it from the start 🙂

This is what crazy people do and remember that these are the people Jennifer Emick is using as her trusted sources for the deceptions she uses to attack me on Twitter. ROFL. She should be ashamed of herself but she won’t be.

The strategy that Dan Cooper/Dan Carol/Kaptn Fahkin Kage  uses

1. He’ll hit your Page or Account with innocuous but leading comments.

2. He then waits for you to respond. He may make quite a few and bury them, presumably so that you don’t know what he’s going to use against you. Although he doesn’t always do this and in this case he didn’t.

3. After you respond and give him something he can use, he deletes all of his comments and then deletes the fake accounts he used.

He has someone screenshotting them for him but wants to remove them so that you don’t get a chance to get screenshots of them.

This makes it easy for him to photoshop the shots and create deceptions to set you up and difficult for you to defend yourself.

Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten that there is such a thing as Email Notifications. Mine are turned on. Yes it’s a bit annonying but worth it in circumstances like this because I always have evidence of these communications.

On Jan 1, he posts the following item to the following post. Since he removed it I can’t show both together..



Okay so the link to the post, ‘The Cyberbullies: How Far Will They Go, 1‘ is the top one. The current alias of Kaptn Fahkin Kage (no, it isn’t Kage) responds to that post with the comment, ‘I’ve gone further.’.

I respond sarcastically here with something along the lines of: ‘Really? Then maybe you should drop your picture so I can do a special Page about you?‘ referring, of course to the anti-bullying blog.

He now sends me a link to an almost nude picture of a young adult male that he uploaded to his page which looks similar to someone that we think might be him but we have no confirmation at this time. He also makes the comment attached to the picture, ‘As per your request, toots’.

Well … No. I didn’t request that and he knows perfectly well I didn’t.

And so, the deception begins:


Again I make a sarcastic comment: ‘You need a bra, sweetie.’

The image, comments and account were all deleted almost immediately after I looked. I’m assuming he waited for me to comment and once I did removed everything after screenshotting it.

Now it isn’t Rocket Science to see how:

1. screenshots of the first two comments with one minor touchup like excluding or changing which main post the comments are associated with could change the entire meaning of what was said.

2. which picture the second comments are associated with (changing to a teenager) might be taken out of context and misrepresented to make me look like a ‘child stalker’.

Kreepy has a huge credibility problem these days. Everyone’s demanding proof of his pathological lies. He’s left with no other choice but to get his shills to convince others to fabricate frame-ups. Especially since his lame attempts to discredit me haven’t worked with anyone other than Jennifer Emick (which really tells you all you need to know about her level of stupid. Lol).

Of course this one’s going to be as big a FAIL as the other ones. ROFL.

We’ve established that this is this particular persons pattern of behavior. He does this regularly to people. I’m not the first and he does indeed run around self-righteously pontificating about how evil certain people are based on the screenshots that he set them up for.

We also know that he associates with Kree Love (Antonio F. Lopez) and was on the Bone Yard under different aliases.

So, we’re working on identifying him and when we do he’ll appear here.

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Happy New Year 2014

CyberHarassment and The CyberBullies would like to declare 2014 the year of Nooking The Troll for those standing up to Cyberharassers, cyberbullies and cyberstalkers everywhere ♥.

Happy New Year to all the cyberwarriors and let this be a warning to the bullies. We’re coming for you.

“With ropes wove from their own words shall they be hung” –Oison Sweeney



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