Bullying the Bullies?

29 Dec

One of the topics I want to cover in this blog is strategies for dealing with cyberharassment since both the professionals and the victims already know the ‘ignore it and it will go away’ mantra doesn’t work.

Well, given that the professionals really don’t seem to have solid ways of treating people with anti-social personality disorders, especially psychopathy and sociopathy (similar but different) we don’t really have much to work with.

So, there are a lot of people out there standing up to bullies and they’re using different strategies. In my opinion, this is a really good thing because we have the opportunity to explore exactly what works and what doesn’t so that we can eventually come up with actual methodologies for dealing with these abusers quickly.

At the moment, they have free reign to abuse people for years on end and often the same people. Some of the teenagers who committed suicide had been subjected to bullying by the same person(s) for years before they finally gave up and ended it all.

This situation needs to end.

Since the cyberharassers targeting me and other social activists have decided to flood the Internet with bullshit about us my strategy has become to start this blog. My plan is to systematically expose their explicit lies, misrepresentations, frame-ups and defamatory libel in order to clear people’s names as well as alert people not only to who these cyberbullies are but to the strategies they employ.

While there is a problem with this approach and that is that it gives other cyberharassers ideas, the benefit to educating people on what to look for in these situations outweighs the problem, in my opinion. Especially since I’m also giving people the ways and means to investigate the truth.

Anyone who read the CyberBullies: How Far Will They Go? post is now armed with the information they need to investigate a claim like this properly. They are also armed with the knowledge and can be prepared for the fact that these cyberharassers will go to extreme lengths to attack and defame people. This reality won’t take them by surprise.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Other people are using other approaches.

Oisin Sweeney, the author of Hackers on Steroids, talks about how he infiltrated the RIP Tards who were targeting Facebook Memorial pages of grieving families whose children had died. He both identified the individuals involved and disrupted the groups from within. In some cases, these individuals ended up getting arrested. He also talks about the strategies he used to deal with the pedophiles he found on Facebook.

Others are fighting back using the same strategies that the cyberharassers are using with the exception that they’re not spreading lies. They’re identifying the people involved, and making fun of them 🙂

One of the people on my FL who is a target of the above cyberharassment cult actually Trolls them luring them to her Wall with public posts about them and then just makes fun of them. It’s hilarious to watch.

th3j35t3r does to them what they’re all trying to do to him only he’s actually good at it and they’re not. That is, he doxes the ones that don’t have the good sense to go away. Lol.

There is another person doing parodies and another who uses all of the same strategies they use but these ones are a little over the top so I’m not going to include their stuff. Just my opinion but I don’t think that what they’re doing is effective because it gives the cyberharassers an open door to play the victim card and to an outsider it could look that way even if it isn’t actually the case.

The consistent threads that you can see running through the methodologies including mine are:

1. Going on the Offensive rather than being defensive

2. Identifying them

3. Exposing their strategy and lies and/or making fun of them

So, we know that this works, no matter what approach you take.

The problem that we’re still working on is the fact that our strategies don’t really end the cyberharassment. It puts the harassment cults and individuals on the defensive and on the run for short periods of time and then they come back with more of the same to throw at you but it’ll have a different twist.

While Mr. Sweeney probably got the furthest with his approach and was able to break up the groups which effectively stopped them from targeting grieving families, we still have harassment cults doing the same thing to different targets.

If we end that, they will move on to other targets. In addition, these new harassment cults consist of some of the same people who were involved with the RIP Tards.

So, just because it ends for one group doesn’t mean the problem is solved.

And I would like a solution. Not a temporary fix.

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