Who Is The Target? Anonymous?

28 Dec

Anyone can become a target of cyberbullies whether you’re just an individual hanging out with personal friends and family on social media or whether you’re a social activist. All that really has to happen is for you to cross paths with people like those named in this blog, trigger some paranoid delusion of theirs and you’re on their hit list.

The entire point of this blog is to send out the message that people are standing up to these bullies by exposing their deceptions when they target and harass people.

Of course when you do that the bullies almost always accuse their targets of bullying by either playing the victim card themselves or falsely accusing them of bullying others. In their bizarre and twisted minds, it’s bullying to defend yourself against bullying. Lol.

I believe that one of the reasons that many teenagers who are the victim of this crime end up committing suicide is that we, as a society, disempower them. We tell these victims to just ‘ignore it and it will go away’.

Those of us who have been targets of this crime know perfectly well that harassers, bullies, and stalkers whether they’re online or in real life do not just go away. They become empowered and enabled when you try to ignore them and will go to more and more extreme lengths to get your attention. They might get distracted by someone else for periods of time or they might stop for periods of time but you will never be off their hit list once you’re on it. You have to have good strategies to make them go away.

In my previous blog post I talked about a person who is being effectively framed by these harassers as a pedophile. He does ignore them for the most part and yet he has been targeted in the most vicious way imaginable.

The ‘ignore it and it will go away’ approach only works in normal situations where normal people have normal fights with each other. In those situations it’s best for both parties to separate and cool off and even if only one party does it, the other party will often just move on.

What differentiates those situations from situations which involve full-blown harassment, is that the people engaging in full-blown harassment, for the most part, do actually suffer from some sort of anti-social personality disorder and they do it because they get pleasure out of seeing people hurt and suffering. They enjoy destroying lives and that is their goal.

The phenomenon that we’re seeing on the Internet is that those same people no longer have to be in close physical proximity to get together and engage in their abuse. As a result we are seeing the development of entire groups of people getting together who have similar histories of harassment and bullying and those people are working together. Sweeney talks about this phenomenon in his book, Hackers on Steroids.

There are several groups running around on Facebook right now who are focusing on and targeting social activists who are associated with Anonymous and their friends. Most of the social activists targeted are anti-pedophilia activists who are identifying and reporting pedophiles both on FaceBook and on DarkNet.

Some are just associated with individuals on the list but refused to drink the harassment kult kool-aid and ended up on the their hit list.

Since many Anons have objected to the behavior of these harassers they are now claiming that they are ‘not Anons’ nor do they support Anonymous, yet they join numerous Anonymous groups under numerous socks and by doing so create the implication that they are Anons or at the very least support Anonymous.

If they’re not Anons and don’t support Anonymous then why do they care what anyone does who is involved in or supports Anonymous or engages in social activism under the Anonymous banner? Do they think Anons are too stupid to locate pedophiles in their own ranks by themselves and deal with them? What business do they even have joining Anonymous groups?

One of the impacts of their actions has been that a lot of very good people are talking about removing their support for Anonymous and walking away because these crazies are creating so much disruption with their deceptions, threats and harassment that those targeted are finding it difficult to even focus on the causes they’ve given their hearts to.

Some are people who are solid social activists and who have contributed a great deal under the Anonymous banner all of which presents a positive public face to Anonymous.

If these good people start leaving, the name Anonymous will become solely tied to and associated with cyberharassment, cyberbullying and cyberstalking all of which are criminal acts with no socially redeeming qualities, because frankly that’s who’ll be left.

Then, it will just be a question of time before these groups start fighting with each other or targeting individuals in their own ranks. Some of that has already started. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll focus on each other instead of targeting innocents. Since they all enjoy it so much they could have a lot of fun destroying each other. Now there’s a thought. 🙂

Will that end the harassment of those individuals currently on their hit lists. Probably not but it will mean that new people will not be so easily accessible to them once this reputation gets established for Anonymous and it’s well on it’s way to establishing that reputation for itself thanks both to the cyberharassers and those Anons who repeatedly take the position that they ‘don’t want to get involved in the drama.’

They are involved in the drama whether they like or not because these cyberharassment groups have dragged everyone into the drama and done so quite successfully. Silence is assent.

And there is going to be an inevitable fall out to Anonymous as a result.

That’s something that those who are actively supporting and advocating the concept of Anonymous should give some thought to when they tell those social activists who have been unjustly targeted that ‘they don’t want to get involved in the drama’. Just saying …

Two very good people, who have worked very hard and shown a great deal of dedication to the Anonymous anti-pedophilia cause are Brian Johnson and Jay Marshall.

Brian Johnson is a hacktivist and Jay Marshall is an Anonymous supporter like myself.

While Jay’s name and dox haven’t appeared on the hit list web site yet he’s constantly dealing with harassers who are trying to convince him to go along with their harassment of the individuals on the hit list

Since he consistently refuses to go along with it he gets targeted with vicious rumors on an ongoing basis.

Brian Johnson has been placed on the hit list web site and has been lied about repeatedly as the cyberharassers desperately dig for dirt and constantly misrepresent innocent situations and relationships because they can’t find any real dirt on him.

The minor things that they have found and are exaggerating are laughable given their personal backgrounds and histories. Therein lies their own shameless hypocrisy in all of this.

That is, they’ll self-righteously pontificate about the evils of a person getting arrested for having weed while some of them have similar backgrounds, far worse backgrounds, or are into far stronger drugs.

And what would that have to do with the social activism that the person is involved in anyway. Absolutely nothing. It’s nothing more than an attempt to smear the person in an as many ways as possible.

Antonio F. Lopez, the 30 year old American who is impersonating UK teen Kree Love online, has been digging deep for dirt on me as well and has found nothing. So he employs the same strategies that have been used against Brian and others by both him, members of his little harassment cult as well as other little harassment cults.

The general strategy employed and one which has been used on all of us to one degree or another is:

1. Do an Internet search on the target

2. Collect any identifying information that will also help you identify family, friends, employers (past and present), organizations the person supports or is involved in, etc.

3. Use both 1 and 2 (by contacting people directly) to dig up dirt on the person.

4. If you find something and it’s ‘evil’ you’re golden. If you find something and it’s minor, exaggerate it way out of proportion. If you find nothing take what you have and see if you can fabricate some negative spin on it. If there’s nothing fabricate something. If people don’t buy it, frame the person.

5. After they’re done brown-nosing your family and friends for dirt on you, they will then proceed to target them by posting their pictures in memes all over the place, making harassing phone calls, etc. and often far worse.

Antonio has added a new component to this by going to my past employers and lying to them despite the fact that I no longer work there. Don’t ask me what the point of that was. These people are completely nuts. They are beyond the ken of normal people.

He is also the one that has initiated these frame-ups which he tries to keep quiet so that those he targets can’t defend themselves. The fabricated evidence is distributed behind the persons back.

The pro-pedophilia web site that was created in one of the victims names was never posted publicly that I’m aware of, just in private groups where they thought we wouldn’t find out about it. It has also been given to people privately as alleged evidence.

He claims that he has caught me stalking children. Given the frame-up of the person with the pro-pedophilia site I can’t even imagine what despicable frame-up he’s fabricated involving me and is distributing to people behind my back. Whatever it is, I have no doubt I could refute it in the 5 minutes it took me to expose and refute the pro-pedophilia site. I have never stalked children or anyone else.

As Sweeney mentioned in his book, a few years ago the RIP trolls consisted of a couple of hundred people on Facebook. Thanks to his hard work those groups broke up and the numbers dwindled, especially after a few people started getting arrested and faced substantial prison terms for their crimes. Thank You UK.

It looks to me like Antonio F. Lopez using the Kree Love alias misses those days and is trying to recreate those harassment groups. The only difference now is that he’s focusing on social activists rather than the grieving families and friends of dead children and the harassment is extending beyond Facebook and on to other social media groups as well as the Internet at large.

Aside from the numerous hate blogs created by the seriously obsessive Michael Babcock, one of which is listed under a domain name which uses the name of the target they use to lure in recruits and bait them into targeting others, Babcock floods sites like paste-bin with all sorts of defamatory libel, private emails, chats, etc. and floods torrent sites with gigabytes of useless irrelevant data he calls ‘evidence’ for his and the other harassment groups defamatory libel. His obsessions are quite extreme.

Before the site got shut down and confiscated by Interpol, Babcock had flooded it with literally thousands of defamatory libelous doxes. That is not normal behavior by any definition.

These cyberharassers try to establish some street credibility by claiming that they’re just trolls, 4channers and doing it for the ‘lulz’ but frankly, I don’t recall trolls or 4channers running around the Internet doing this sort of stuff. I’m in IT and my previous career was in libraries. I’ve been on the Internet or exposed to it for far longer than most.

On the rare occasions when someone appeared online and did this sort of stuff they didn’t last long because the good guys dealt with them. This activity was never allowed to expand to the proportions it’s expanding now since the general public has come online.

This is a recent phenomenon and it’s nothing more than a bunch of people with severe to mild anti-social personality disorders getting together in groups for the like-minded, hiding behind the troll/4chan/Anonymous names to give themselves some Internet credibility so that they can rationalize their abuse of innocent people.

They are criminals committing criminal acts daily and should be treated as such. The fact that these crimes are occurring on the Internet doesn’t make them less of a crime than in real life.

If treatments exist for the type of anti-social personality disorders these people display then they should also receive the mental health intervention that they appear to so desperately need.

They’re behavior really says it all where that’s concerned.

To those Anons who say they want to stay out of the drama: Silence is assent and they’re in the middle of the drama whether they want to be or not.

To Anonymous: Do you really want the Anonymous name dragged through the mud like this. It is happening irrespective of their claims.

I’ll leave with Brians words, expressed in a moment of frustration but reflecting the reality of what is happening to Anonymous because of these idiots.

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson


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