Hackers On Steroids by Oisin Sweeney: A Book Review

24 Dec

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Hackers On Steroids describes author, Oisin Sweeney’s numerous run-ins on Facebook with RIP Tards and Pedophiles and his attempts to deal with an issue that no normal, sane person could sit back and ignore once they’re aware of the problems he discusses.

It’s a serious book because it deals with some very serious issues but it’s also a hilarious book when he describes how he repeatedly Pwned the Tards some of whom ended up PartyV&d. Not necessarily by his doing directly but no doubt that he drew people’s attention to what was going on and had an impact.

Many of us, including me, live our lives completely unaware of these dramas that play themselves out daily and cause untold harm to people. And many of us, including me, are also targets of this crime ourselves by other groups of Tards.

RIP Tards are cyberharassers, cyberbullies and cyberstalkers most of whom have a preferred target type. The RIP Tards preferred target type is the families of children that have died so they hold a particularly despicable place of honor in the world of the Tards.

Oisin Sweeney has brought this Tard world and the Pedophiles world on Facebook to life, displayed the horror of it and challenged the reader to act but to act with intelligence. Something that he, himself, demonstrated throughout his dealings with this evil.

It’s nice to see that Mr Sweeney and I agree on several key issues:

1. Ignoring the Tards isn’t going to make them go away. They need to be actively deterred. What that entails has to be determined by the situation and who is involved. (Do no harm but take no shit. Hold them accountable.)

2. The targets of these Tards need to be empowered and supported.

3. Those who manipulate behind the scenes can also and should be manipulated and then exposed.

4. There is no inherent right in Free Speech that includes the right to lie, defame, and intentionally destroy people. There are plenty of criminal harassment laws on the books which inhibit this.

5. Since the state (more often than not) will not take action against the Tards … We, the people need to empower ourselves to deal with them.

6. Those with anti-social personality disorders are getting together and working together to wreak this havoc online.

Oisin Sweeney used many creative, intelligent approaches to successfully Pwn the Tards and for the most part had them on the run.

The idea of a special reporting button for child sexual abuse/child pornography and cyberharassment/cyberbullying/cyberstalking is a good one and one that Facebook (if they cared) should take seriously.

As a software developer I know perfectly well that it would not be difficult to implement technically.

It would however, require Facebook to invest some money in creating and training a specially trained support infrastructure to manage those complaints as well as the numerous false complaints that the Tards will be abusing it to make.

Given that FB is a multi-billion dollar company they can afford it and it’s the socially responsible thing to do.

Mr. Sweeney. Being hated by the Tards was a compliment. You should be proud. A thumbs up to you.

“With ropes wove from their own words shall they be hung” –Oison Sweeney


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