Michael Babcock’s Defamatory Libel

12 Dec
Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster

Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster

Michael Babcock aka N2KMaster aka CoderHyguru is Kree Love’s  dancing monkey. (Antonio F. Lopez has been impersonating UK teen, Kree Love since 2010) On the one hand he claims Kree Love is a liar while on the other hand foolishly spreading Kree Love’s lies and targeting all of the people that Kree Love wants to have targeted.

He is responsible for a new defamatory libelous web site targeting 11 social activists and innocent people who have had nothing to do with Kree Love’s drama. I expect that more will be added as time goes on. This campaign, as well as the people selected for targeting on that web site, was instigated entirely by Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez, in my opinion. At least the majority of the people there are there because Kree Love wants them there.

I’ll elaborate on this more when I start publishing the evidence posts.

Kitty Hundal is listed on this web site because Babcock stupidly fell for a lame trick which made him jump to the conclusion that she had created a blog about him. She hadn’t.

The blog Babcock is all butthurt about was created by Timothy E. Wheeler, the person who initially exposed the DarkNet Child Trafficking scam that Antonio F. Lopez, while impersonating UK teen Kree Love initiated. This fact is obvious to anyone who knows the players (Babcock does) and isn’t a completely braindead tard (like Babcock is). The template used is a commonly used one and available on Blogger.

Babcock falls for stupidity quite regularly. In fact, the stupider something is, the greater the likelihood is that Babcock will hop on the bandwagon and flog it. Case in point: Babcock also stupidly fell for Kree Love’s lies, and despite the fact that he knows that Kree Love lies, self-servingly believes him when it suits him.

These days you can find him whining incessantly and quite self-righteously about others harassing his girlfriend and her children but has no problem harassing innocent women and family members of his victims when it suits him or targeting innocent people and making them his victims. His web site is the evidence of that. He stupidly blames Kitty Hundal for that as well despite the fact that she told him she had no involvement whatsoever in targeting anyone’s family or friends and there isn’t a shred of evidence that she did. Lol. Paranoid much there Babcock or did you fall for another lame trick that anyone with a brain would see through?

Here’s how low things get with Babcock:

  1. He steals a person name; buys or locates a free domain; uses that person name as the domain name. (He’s done this several times now).
  2. He either iframes a pro-pedo site to deceptively imply that the person is a pedo in order to defame them (He did this once and it’s being hosted on Kree Love’s hosting site).
  3. Or, he fills the site with defamatory libel, lies, misrepresentations, irrelevant screenshots which he claims is evidence of his libel but which more often than not either have nothing to do with his allegations and sometimes even refute them. The current one is currently hosted on Blogger since he lost his accounts on all of the other ones because he posted defamatory libel. Some people never learn. Lol.
  4. He posts the links and files in thousands of places across the Internet apparently acting on the batshit assumption that the more places he posts them the more true his lies become. ROFL. Must be magic.
  5. He puts the files in torrents on thousands of sites under the targets name along with defamatory libelous descriptions on the same batshit assumption that the more places they appear the more true they must be.
  6. He has also mined people’s IP addresses and then used them to attempt to hack or disrupt those people’s personal computer networks and pcs.

Michael has demonstrated over and over by his history that he enjoys cyberharassment campaigns and will jump on board at the drop of a hat.

Cyberharassment is a long time habit with Michael Babcock and he’s targeted numerous people on the Internet with vicious and vitriolic hate campaigns including individuals, community groups, wrestling groups, etc. over a period of years now, on his own, and long before he became Kree Love’s monkey.

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