Heather Martin of Saskatoon’s Defamatory Libel

12 Dec
Heather Martin of Saskatoon

Heather Martin of Saskatoon

Heather Martin is one of Kree Love’s newest monkey recruits. She is a Registered Nurse at a large Saskatoon Hospital. She is also the author of a vitriolic hate blog singling out Kevin Annett as the main target of her cyberharassment campaign.

Several blogs have been started by different people to address this abuse and object to her harassment of Kevin Annett, a well-known and well-respected social activist as well as other social activists. Those blogs are listed in the blog links on the left.

She has also engaged in cyberstalking Kevin Annett by following him onto Facebook groups that she would otherwise have no interest in joining simply so that she can lurk, spy and spread her poisonous lies about Kevin on to those groups.

For example, she has a serious hate-on for atheists and yet you’ll find her in every single atheist group that Kevin has joined on Facebook as of November, 2013.

Her main strategy appears to be to spew numerous wild-eyed, baseless and unsubstantiated allegations/accusations about her targets, providing numerous irrelevant screenshots which don’t support the allegations she is making and in some cases actually refute them, much like Kree Love’s other monkey, Michael Babcock.

Cyberharassers, cyberbullies and cyberstalkers all use the same strategies so this isn’t surprising and it isn’t surprising that Kree Love is recruiting others who are already doing what he’s doing. He’s just too chickenshit to put himself in the frontlines so he wants to have his monkeys take the heat for him.

Unfortunately for Kree Love, I’m onto his scam and will be ensuring that he’s kept in the front lines whether he likes it or not.

He’s the one behind all of this drama and I will ensure that he has to face the consequences of that.

Heather has numerous other deceptive strategies she employs up her sleeve as well. I’ll be covering them over a period of time here and demonstrating them as she uses them.

In fact, when I come across people like Heather Martin it always crosses my mind that if these tards spent as much time and energy actually researching a topic and critically analyzing it, using sound logic and reason, as they do inventing bizarre fabrications, irrational, self-serving conclusions, and creating the pretense that they did the research by fabricating book lists, etc., they might actually come up with something productive.

And this is where you can see the difference between the intentionally stupid like Heather and those who are ignorant. Ignorance can be cured with education, critical thought and reasoning. Stupidity unfortunately can’t because it’s either a conscious act or it’s a biological trait. And deception is always the name of the game for the stupid. They can’t function any other way.

If she is willing to go to such bizarre, extreme and vindictive lengths to target someone so personally and so viciously online one can only wonder what she is capable of if she should come across a patient she develops a hate-on for.

I can’t even imagine what she might be capable of doing.

I’d feel very sorry for that patient and encourage them to file a law suit against any hospital that would hire such a person.

Here’s what WikiSpooks has to say about Kevin Annett, the person this woman has chosen to defame:

Kevin D. Annett (aka. Kevin McNamee-Annett, and Eagle Strong Voice born 1956 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian writer and former minister of the United Church of Canada. He has authored three books about Canadian aboriginals – Love and Death in the Valley, Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust and Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor.

His treatment at the hands of the Canadian Establishment over his persistent, selfless advocacy for the indiginous populations of Canada, is an object lesson in the gross self-seving dishonesties, corruptions and hypocricies of power.

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