Kree Love’s Defamatory Libel

11 Dec
Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez

Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez

Kree Love aka Antonio F. Lopez fosters delusions of personal grandeur about his IT and programming skills.

He identifies himself as an ‘expert’ despite the fact that he is, in reality, a high school dropout with questionable qualifications.

30 year old adult Antonio F. Lopez, has been impersonating UK teenager, Kree Love online since 2010.

Even if he did have the qualifications he claims to have, taking a course doesn’t make anyone an expert. While claiming to be a programmer he’s unable to differentiate between a Flash and WordPress site as evidenced on a dox where he alleges that the Anonygrans web site is WordPress.

He has instigated and is behind a full-fledged cyberharassment campaign that targets numerous and increasing numbers of social activists. Names are being added to the list quite regularly.

He’s become particularly obsessed with Kitty Hundal whom he targets directly, and every single defamatory libelous post attacking Kitty Hundal as well as those linked to and published on his GoDaddy web site are the result of his interventions and prodding whether directly or indirectly through his little cult of followers.

Those individuals who were actually responsible for exposing his DarkNet Child Trafficking scam are being targeted by his dancing monkeys and not him directly. Ironically Kreepy doesn’t seem to care about the people who actually exposed his DarkNet Child Trafficking scam.

He prefers to obsess and focus on Kitty Hundal after fabricating numerous lying allegations to rationalize targeting her and making her the focus of his abuse, while ignoring everyone else except when he wants to bait recruits into joining this cyberharassment scam. Then he will target Tim, and reel the recruits in based on their hatred of Tim so that he can redirect them to target Kitty.

All allegations that Kreepy has made to justify his harassment of her by playing the victim card have been irrefutable exposed as lies.

Kree Love’s campaign allegedly started as a response to the exposure of his DarkNet Child Trafficking scam by someone else. Rather than take that person on, Kree Love, being the coward that he is, invented lies about Kitty Hundal to turn her into his victim and blamed her for the exposure of the scam despite the fact that she had irrefutable evidence to support her claim that she had nothing to do with it and the person who did do it admitted to doing so publicly.

After initiating this campaign and getting a response he changed his tune and started falsely accusing Kitty Hundal of being obsessed with him simply because she responded to his baseless attacks with a healthy dose of truth. Unfortunately for him Kitty Hundal has the evidence that irrefutably demonstrates that he instigated this campaign. All of this evidence will slowly be revealed and provided on this blog until he has all of the lies removed starting with those on his own web site.

Kree Love’s allegations consist entirely of complete fabrications, deceptions, misrepresentations, and projections of what appears to be a description of his own mental state and mentally instability onto to Kitty Hundal.

He also flagrantly and knowingly lied when he accused her of sending numerous harassing emails to him. She didn’t and has evidence that all their communications were friendly. Since his attacks began there have been no private communications nor will there be. He has never provided a shred of evidence that she ever sent harassing communications to him. The ‘evidence’ he provides is deceptive and consists of the communications he received from the other person.

Since then his lies have expanded and become even more disconnected with reality and bizarre.

He appears to be desperately trying to associate himself with or appear to be like Kitty Hundal’s real stalker. Lol. He’s concocted an entire fantasy associated with this which he vomits around Facebook. ROFL Kitty Hundal doesn’t get caught up in Kree Love’s fantasia’s and sees him as nothing more than a wannabe, an obvious coward, and a joke. Albeit a loudmouthed, noisy joke which does have to be responded to.

Ignorance reigns supreme on the Internet so the truthful response to his lies and defamatory libels has to be heard as well.

His cyberharassment campaign has expanded in recent months and his two monkeys, Michael Babcock and Heather Martin have been posting all sorts of nonsense targeting innocent social activists and others based on Kree Love’s paranoid delusions and lies.

He is instigating this targeting of numerous and increasing numbers of social activists by proxy. That is, through his shills, Thomas Schroeder (alias Thomas Cook), Christopher Joseph Erwin (alias Jason Steele), et al.

Through them he incites and manipulates fools like Michael Babcock, Heather Martin and others to target these social activists.

This way he can enjoy watching the fight without being subjected to any potential fallout.

Much like those truly sick individuals who organize dog and chicken fights.

He has numerous scams afoot and floats new one’s regularly.

He’s recently started being a little more careful about the public claims he makes regarding his qualifications as you can see by his Twitter profile change. The top one is newer, the bottom is the older one.

However, rumor has it that he’s still claiming he has those skills and at those levels.

Yet he has to bribe hackers to target Kitty Hundal by putting her name on a Proscription List and offering BTCoins to ‘erase her from the Internet’. Lol.

Yes he’s an Internet Loon. No question.

Kree Love finally changes his skill set.

Kree Love finally changes his skill set.


Kreepys alleged qualifications

Kreepys alleged qualifications


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